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         Mcclintock John:     more books (102)
  1. Cyclopaedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature, Volume 1 by John McClintock, James Strong, 2010-06-08
  2. The Voyage of the "Fox" in the Arctic Seas A Narrative of Discovery of the Fate of Sir John Franklin and his Companions by Captain McClintock, 1860
  3. Lectures by the late John M'Clintock on theological encyclopaedia and methodology by John McClintock, 1873
  4. Mc Clintock and Strong Cyclopaedia (Volume 8) by John Mcclintock, 2010-03-13
  5. Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature by John McClintock, James Strong, 1982-04-01
  6. Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature - Volume 4 - H-J by John; Strong, James McClintock, 1981
  7. Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature - Volume 5: K - Mc by John; Strong, James McClintock, 1981
  8. Theological Institutes: Or, a View of the Evidences, Doctrines, Morals, and Institutions of Christianity, Volume 1 by Richard Watson, John McClintock, 2010-03-09
  9. Sketches Of Eminent Methodist Ministers by John McClintock, 2007-09-12
  10. History Of The Council Of Trent by L. F. Bungener, 2010-09-10
  11. Mc Clintock and Strong Cyclopaedia (Volume 10) by John Mcclintock, 2010-07-24
  12. Discourse delivered on the day of the funeral of President Lincoln by John McClintock, 1969-12-31
  13. Cyclopædia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature, Volume 5 by John McClintock, James Strong, 2010-06-13
  14. Theological institutes: or, A view of the evidences, doctrines, morals, and institutions of Christianity by Richard Watson, John McClintock, 2010-08-16

61. Convention Highlights
The mcclintock Gang From left to right, Norm Walker, District Chief of Staff, AssemblymanTom mcclintock, john Stoos, Senior Consultant and Executive Director

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Volume 32, No. 1 May / June 1999 CRA Convention Highlights
Immediate Past CRA President and new CRP Executive Director Jon Fleischman visits with outgoing CRA Vice President Phil Stump. Newly elected Assembly GOP Leader Scott Baugh addresses CRA delegates during Saturday morning general session. The McClintock Gang: From left to right , Norm Walker, District Chief of Staff, Assemblyman Tom McClintock, John Stoos, Senior Consultant and Executive Director of the Committee to Stop the Car Tax, Dr. Kirk Hutson, Chief of Staff, and Russ Hopkins, Field Representative. CRA President John Courtney with A.C. Green of the NBA Dallas Mavericks at the Friday evening reception honoring presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan. Assemblyman Tom McClintock talks about his "Stop the Car Tax" initiative during the Saturday banquet honoring presidential hopeful Gary Bauer. Steve Forbes, CRP Chair John McGraw, and Assemblyman Rico Oller share a laugh at the head table during the Saturday luncheon honoring presidential hopeful Steve Forbes.

62. I3700: John O. MCCLINTOCK ( - )
john O. mcclintock. john O. mcclintock INDEX,
Family 1 Harriet E. COBURN
  • Marriage : 29 AUG 1876
  • Walter M. MCCLINTOCK John O. MCCLINTOCK ... Family Reunion
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  • 63. Contest Date Location Contest Winner Season Leader 01 February 18
    05, March 18, Darlington, john Hanna, Jon mcclintock. 06, March 25, Bristol,Dirk Douma, Jon mcclintock. 09, April 22, Talladega, john K. Sullivan, Jon mcclintock.
    2001 Winston Cup Pik-5 Contest Race By Race Results
    Contest Date Location Contest Winner Season Leader February 18 Daytona John Ballin John Ballin February 25 Rockingham Neil Myerscough John Ballin March 4 Las Vegas Jon McClintock Jon McClintock March 11 Atlanta Bill Dunnett Jon McClintock March 18 Darlington John Hanna Jon McClintock March 25 Bristol Dirk Douma Jon McClintock April 1 Texas Scott Fisher Jon McClintock April 8 Martinsville Jared Kobe Maurice Cummings April 22 Talladega John K. Sullivan Jon McClintock April 29 California Tom Attaway John Ballin May 5 Richmond Mickey Dubret John Ballin May 27 Charlotte Ron Fleshman John Ballin June 3 Dover Cameron Fisher John Ballin June 10 Michigan Bill Dunnett John Ballin June 17 Pocono David Ostaszewski John Ballin June 24 Sears Point Chip Geissler John Ballin July 7 Daytona Randy Wolfe John Ballin July 15 Chicago John Dunnett John Ballin July 22 New Hampshire Chris Dunnett John Ballin July 29 Pocono Dave Chess John Ballin August 5 Indianapolis Chip Geissler John Ballin August 12 Watkins Glen Craig Rubright John Ballin August 19 Michigan Jennie Fisher John Ballin August 25 Bristol Janet Geissler John Ballin September 2 Darlington Tom Seymour John Ballin September 8 Richmond Sue Dunnett John Ballin September 23 Dover Tom Seymour John Ballin September 30 Kansas Michael Whitney John Ballin October 7 Charlotte Helen Rubright John Ballin October 14 Martinsville Sharon Wolfe John Ballin October 21 Talladega Rita O'Neil John Ballin October 28 Phoenix Bobby Chang and John Ballin John Ballin November 4 Rockingham Mary Simpson John Ballin November 11 Homestead Pat Kinney John Ballin November 18

    64. ILTweb - Publications
    Etexts and links to other resources.Category Society Philosophy Online Texts...... Copyright renewed 1944 john Dewey. HTML markup copyright 1994 ILT Digital Classics. mcclintockPower and Pedagogy mcclintock, R. Power and Pedagogy.
    Digital Text Projects
    Aristotle Bentham Berkeley Descartes ... Other Digital Text Projects on the Internet
    On ILT Web
    The Emile Project
    Rousseau, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Jean Jacques, 1712-78, Swiss-French philosopher and political theorist; b. Geneva. A member of DIDEROT's circle, he was one of the great figures of the French enlightenment and probably the most significant of those who shaped 19th-cent. ROMANTICISM, influencing such figures as Kant, GOETHE, ROBESPIERRE, TOLSTOY, and the French revolutionists. Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics
    Translated by W. D. Ross
    Oxford, Clarendon Press.
    Dante: The Divine Comedy
    ILTweb Digital Dante Project

    Original text in Italian. Written c. 1306-21.
    English translation by H. W. Longfellow.
    Multimedia translation begun 1994, ILT Digital Classics.
    Dewey: Democracy and Education
    Locke: Of the Conduct of the Understanding

    Teachers College Press Classics in Education Series Foreword by Lawrence A. Cremin

    65. I1534 Mary CONLY ( - )
    1B/4B On the marriage record of Thomas Morrow and Margaret mcclintock, James is BIRTH1926 1147. Father john Joseph MCFEELY Mother Margaret GRANT Family 1

    66. John McCausland Of Glenduglas: Sixth Generation
    She married john mcclintock in Ireland, 4 December 1728. (219) john was born inCo. (222). Rebecca Mccausland and john mcclintock had the following children
    Rebecca Mccausland Robert Andrew ... John was born in Newtown Limavady, Co. Derry, Ireland 4 August 1711. She married John Mcclintock in Ireland, 4 December 1728. John was born in Co. Tyrone, Ireland about 1712. John was the son of William Mcclintock and Elizabeth Harvey. John died 31 May 1791 in Riverstown, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, at 78 years of age. Rebecca Mccausland and John Mcclintock had the following children: 100 i. William Mcclintock . William died after June 1759. 101 ii. Rebecca Mcclintock + 102 iii. Lydia Mcclintock 103 iv. Elizabeth Mcclintock. She married Rowley Heyland. (Additional notes for Rowley Heyland 104 v. Jane Mcclintock . Jane died 27 February 1802. 105 vi. John Mcclintock was born in Ireland. John died after June 1759. + 106 vii. Robert Mcclintock was born 1734. + 107 viii. Hannah Mcclintock was born about 1741. Return to Table of Contents or Index Go to Next Page Go to Previous Page

    67. John McCausland Of Glenduglas: Ninth Generation
    344 ii. Alice mcclintock. She married john Acheson Smyth 17 April 1860. (866) (Additionalnotes for john Acheson Smyth (867) ) john died 24 July 1874. (868).
    Robert Mcclintock William Robert ... John was born in Dunmore, Co. Donegal, Ireland 13 December 1804. Robert died 6 December 1859 at 54 years of age. He married Margaret Macan 30 December 1833. Margaret was the daughter of Robert Macan. Margaret died 1893. Robert Mcclintock and Margaret Macan had the following children: 343 i. Letitia Mcclintock. 344 ii. Alice Mcclintock. She married John Acheson Smyth 17 April 1860. (Additional notes for John Acheson Smyth ) John died 24 July 1874. 345 iii. Emma Mcclintock. She married John Goold Adams 23 September 1878. (Additional notes for John Goold Adams ) Occupation: Rev. 346 iv. Anna Mary Mcclintock. She married Henry Stevenson 27 June 1876. Occupation: Rev. 347 v. Isabel Mcclintock. She married Baptist Johnston Barton 29 July 1875. (Additional notes for Baptist Johnston Barton ) Occupation: Col. 348 vi. Margaret Elizabeth Mcclintock was born about 1830. She married Holt Waring 20 May 1862. Holt is the son of Henry Waring. + 349 vii. Robert Mcclintock was born 27 June 1838.

    68. People - Irish Narrow Gauge
    ? McCarthy, Thomas. 1886 stationmaster Blackrock. !? mcclintock, john. 18981899L LSR director. !? mcclintock, Thompson Macky. 1861-1873 L LSR director. !?

    69. Alumni Gazette - June 1999
    john Scott mcclintock is now the proud father of Ana Marie mcclintock.john Scott continues his private practice in plastic and

    70. Page Title: UI Health Care
    mcclintock, john T. The College of Medicine 18701945. The Medical Bulletin, July1, 1945. mcclintock, john T. One Hundred Years of Iowa Medicine, 1850-1950.
    Medical Museum Home Exhibitions Home Century of Caring Home Introduction ... Medical Museum Hours - UI Health Care's digital library
    Send comments and questions to

    University of Iowa
    Medical Museum A Century of Caring: The Health Sciences at the University of Iowa, 1850-1950
    Aydelotte, Myrtle Kitchell. "Trends in Nursing Specialization and their Impact Upon the Surgical Patient." Paper presented at a surgical conference, University of Iowa, May 1968. Anderson, Lee. Iowa Pharmacy, 1880-1905: An Experiment in Professionalism. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 1989. Bierring, Walter. A History of the Department of Internal Medicine, State University of Iowa, College of Medicine 1870-1958. "The Body Snatching." Iowa City Republican. 18 January 1871. "Breaking Ground for the New Medical Plant." Iowa City: State University of Iowa, 17 June 1924. Bynum, W.F. Science and Practice of Medicine in the Nineteenth Century. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1994.

    71. I69: Bertha ARP (6 Dec 1841 - 23 Jul 1928)
    _+ INDEX. HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5bWIN95 (Jul 28 1998) on 01/05/03084054 . john James mcclintock. - . Father Samuel
    Bertha ARP
    6 Dec 1841 - 23 Jul 1928
    • BIRTH : 6 Dec 1841, Fiefbergen, Holstein, Germany
    • DEATH : 23 Jul 1928, Maysville, Scott Co., Iowa, USA
    • BURIAL : Maysville Cemetery, Maysville, Scott Co., Iowa, USA
    Father: Peter ARP
    Mother: Wiebke KRUETZFELD
    Family 1 Joachim ROEHLK
    • MARRIAGE : 17 Feb 1862, Scott Co., Iowa
  • Henry ROEHLK
  • William ROEHLK
  • Amelia ROEHLK
  • Emma Louisa ROEHLK ...
  • Joseph Joachim ROEHLK Family 2 Joachim GOETTSCH
    • MARRIAGE : 10 Feb 1886, Davenport, Scott Co., Iowa

    _Antje LADEHOFF
    Bertha ARP INDEX HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5b-WIN95 (Jul 28 1998) on 03/16/2003 05:25:13
    8 May 1867 -
    • BIRTH : 8 May 1867, Parkers, Harrison Co., West Virginia
    Father: Judson FITZ RANDOLPH
    Mother: Mary Elizabeth MORRIS
    Family 1 Daniel P. STROTHER
    Ettie May FITZ RANDOLPH INDEX HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5b-WIN95 (Jul 28 1998) on 03/16/2003 05:25:13
    Laura S. HAGEDORN
    Aug 1863 - 1944
    • BIRTH : Aug 1863, Scott Co., Iowa
    • DEATH
    • BURIAL : Pine Hill Cemetery, Davenport, Scott Co., Iowa
    Father: Peter H. HAGEDORN
    Mother: Elsie SCHWARTEN
    Family 1 Adolph D. MOHR
  • 72. Chase County Historical Sketches IV Index
    mcclintock, Florence Minerva, 600. mcclintock, JM, 360. mcclintock, john Thomas,600. mcclintock, Mildred Youtsey, 600. mcclintock, Robert Curren, 600. McCollugh,Dale Kay, 345.
    Chase Co. Kansas
    Historical Sketches
    Vol. IV
    Prepared fall of 2002 by Chase County Host
    Lorna Marvin

    McCarter Jim McCarter Lila McCarter Pamela McCarty C E Dr McCleave Howard McCleave Howard Randal McCleave Loma McCleave Pamela Louise McCleave Patrick Neal McClelland Charles McClelland Cindy McClelland Maude McClelland Maude I McClelland Nancy Isabel McClelland Rosa Mae McClelland Vera Maude McClenny Dan David McClintock Elizabeth Brothers McClintock Florence Minerva McClintock J M McClintock John Thomas McClintock Mildred Youtsey McClintock Robert Curren McCollugh Dale Kay McComb Margaret McConnaughy Daniel Carl McConnaughy Janice Lynn McConnell Carroll Peterson McConnell Ethel Mae McConnell Grace McConnell Hettie Belle Evans McConnell Mary Sophia Louise Ludwig McCord Anita Franz McCord Courtney McCord Durward McCord Maxine McCord Nettie McCord Nettie Stowers McCord Violet Smith McCord Walter McCoy Ocie McCracken Audeen Lamb McCracken Bohuny Shmidl McCracken Clarence Henry McCracken Forrest B McCracken Hattie McCracken Joe McCracken Mildred McCullough Dale Kay McCullough Harry McCullough Susan Klotz McCully Mary Homan Heseltine McCurry Buena McDaniel Phebie McDay Richele McDonald Gertrude McDonald Gertrude McDonald Ranch McDowell Farm McEuwen Charles McEuwen Eric Charles McEuwen Lori Ann McEuwen Sylvia Lu McFadden Clair May McFadden John McFadden May McGee Carroline Sue McGee Truman Morrice McGeorge Audeen McGeorge Roy McGinn Daniel Patrick McGinn Emily Ann McGinn Emily Anne McGinn Joseph Patrick McGinn Patrick John McGinnis Frank McGinnis Roberta Schoap McGinnis Sandra McGinnis Tom McGovern George McGovern Nettie Adare McGreevy Janice McGregor

    73. KANSAS: Cyclopedia - 1912
    McClellan, CB, 1230, mcclintock, George, 1138, mcclintock, john Calhoun,176, 589, 589. McColloch, Robert P. 470, 307, 307. McCollough, Robert P.sic,307.
    Transcribed from Kansas: a cyclopedia of state history, embracing events, institutions, industries, counties, cities, towns, prominent persons, etc. ... / with a supplementary volume devoted to selected personal history and reminiscence. Standard Pub. Co. Chicago : 1912. Edited by Frank W. Blackmar. Transcribed by Carolyn Ward. This set of books has several variations in Volume 3. Please help us determine if there are more than we've found. To do this, I've prepared web pages with the index from the various versions combined and identifying which version that they are in by using the microfilm number from the Kansas State Historical Society files. If you have a version that includes a name not listed, please contact Margaret Knecht at the Kansas State Historical Society, or myself, Carolyn Ward Name
    Mabie, Lot D. MacFee, George W. Mack, Jacob Mackey, George Herman Mackey, Richard Fairfax Mackey, William D. Mackie, David Mackie, George K. MacLennan, Frank Pitts Macy, Frederick S.

    74. Washburn College, Topeka, KS, 1910
    Lindsay, William S. Lindsey, Katherine W. Longdon, Gertrude Magee, Robert SorrenMason, Henry F. McCabe, Arthur J. mcclintock, john C. McEachron, Duncan

    75. I134082: Elizabeth ( - )
    BIRTH 3 JUL 1736; DEATH 18 MAR 1818, ,Lancaster,Pennsylvania. Father john Ephrata LANDIS Mother Margaretha NAAS Family 1 Johan Jacob William mcclintock.
    Family 1 John A CLODFELTER
    • MARRIAGE : Bef 1854, ,,Illinois

  • Charles M CLODFELTER
    Gayle Roberta ADAMS
    Father: Robert Keith ADAMS
    Mother: Norma Jane NORLING
    Family 1 STEWART
  • Jason STEWART
  • Kalyn STEWART
  • Reane STEWART ... INDEX This person is presumed living. EMAIL HOME HTML created by on Fri Jan 03 19:29:35 2003.
    Louie BATES
    Father: Robert BATES
    Mother: Ada LEWIS
    Family 1 Bertha ROBINSON
  • William Cecil BATES Louie BATES _Ada LEWIS ... INDEX
    !NAME: PASOUR BOOK, PG. 388. EMAIL HOME HTML created by on Fri Jan 03 19:29:35 2003.
    Agnes CARLSON
    Family 1 Walter R CARLSON
    !NAME: DON G RAVER, DONNER9332@AOL.COM. EMAIL HOME HTML created by on Fri Jan 03 19:29:35 2003.
    Connie CHEESBREW
    Father: John R CHEESBREW
    Mother: Louise Marie STURM
    Family 1 RABER
    !NAME: FATHER'S OBIT, CALHOUN CHRONICLE. EMAIL HOME HTML created by on Fri Jan 03 19:29:35 2003.
  • 76. I188331: John AUGENBAUGH ( - )
    _Bernard AUGENBAUGH _ _Anthony AUGENBAUGH _ _Margaret CatharineDIERDORFF _ john AUGENBAUGH _Peter Joseph Patricia Ann mcclintock.
    Father: Anthony AUGENBAUGH
    Mother: Mary LATSHAW
    !NAME: BRETHREN HERITAGE ALONG THE BIG CONEWAGO, PG. 29. EMAIL HOME HTML created by on Fri Jan 03 19:26:05 2003.
    Louis Franklin BENEDICT
    Father: Daniel M BENEDICT
    Mother: Isabella Price NORRIS
    _Daniel BENEDICT
    Louis Franklin BENEDICT _Thomas T NORRIS ... INDEX This person is presumed living. EMAIL HOME HTML created by on Fri Jan 03 19:26:05 2003.
    • BIRTH : 10 AUG 1883
    • DEATH : 17 AUG 1956
    Father: Daniel M DIERDORFF
    Mother: Tillie CAEN
    Family 1 MARSTON
    EMAIL HOME HTML created by on Fri Jan 03 19:26:05 2003.
    William Paul FERRIN
    Father: Eugene FERRIN
    Mother: Alma Tressie STEFFY
    Family 1
  • Kathryn Joann FERRIN
  • Paula Diane FERRIN
  • Daniel Kent FERRIN
  • Kevin Bruce FERRIN ... INDEX This person is presumed living. EMAIL HOME HTML created by on Fri Jan 03 19:26:05 2003.
    • BIRTH : 27 AUG 1879, ,Carroll,Maryland
    • DEATH : 27 JUN 1975, York,York,Pennsylvania
    Father: Levi GLATFELTER
    Mother: Anna Catherine BUPP Family 1 Levi Franklin BOWMAN
    • MARRIAGE : 25 FEB 1906, Glen Rock,York,Pennsylvania
  • 77. National Register Of Historical Places - ILLINOIS (IL), Jersey County
    mcclintock, john and Amelia, House (added 1994 Building - 94000019) Also knownas Country Corner;Methodist Church Parsonage 321 E. Main St., Grafton.
    U.S. Supreme Court rules segregation of races in public schools unconstitutional, reversing Plessy v. Ferguson decision (1896).
    ILLINOIS Jersey County Brainerd, Charles, House (added 1998 - Building
    420 E. Main St., Grafton Historic Significance: Architecture/Engineering Embley, William Architectural Style: Queen Anne Area of Significance: Architecture Period of Significance: Owner: Private Historic Function: Domestic Historic Sub-function: Single Dwelling Current Function: Vacant/Not In Use Duncan Farm (added 1982 - Site
    Address Restricted, Grafton Historic Significance: Information Potential Area of Significance: Prehistoric Cultural Affiliation: Early Woodland, Middle Woodland, Late Woodland Period of Significance: 7000-8999 BC, 5000-6999 BC, 3000-4999 BC, 1000-2999 BC, 1000 AD-999 BC Owner: State Historic Function: Domestic, Funerary Historic Sub-function: Graves/Burials, Village Site Current Function: Agriculture/Subsistence, Government, Landscape Current Sub-function: Park Elsah Historic District (added 1973 - District
    Also known as Jersey Landing
    N of McAdams Hwy., Elsah

    78. Hudgins Cemetery Index
    MADDUX, Thomas B. mcclintock, Emily M. mcclintock, HW. mcclintock, john W. McKINNEY,Whetchel D. SPEARS, Agnes A. SPEARS, William O. VADNAIS, Lucy E. 46.htm
    Home Search Surnames Sample Page How to Order ... Site Map CD-10 Hudgins Cemetery (Mooresville Christian Church Cemetery) - This cemetery is located in Section 16, Township 57, Range 25 of Mooresville Township in Livingston County, Missouri. It is located behind the Christian Church in Mooresville, MO. It is well maintained. (Photographed Summer 1999) BK-5 Hudgins, Mooresville, North and South Cemeteries - Name Index Book - This soft-covered book has an alphabetical listing and a listing by section, row and stone #. This is the same alphabetical listing that is on the CD-ROM. NAMES LISTED COMSTOCK, Lewis D. FAHEY, H. S. FAHEY, Inez F. FAHEY, James E. HOOVER, A. D. HOOVER, Anna D. HOOVER, Effie M. HOOVER, Fannie F. HOOVER, Jacob A. HOOVER, John J. HOOVER, Marion A. HOOVER, Susan E. HUDGINS CEMETERY` HUDGINS, Charlie A. HUDGINS, Erin Elizabeth HUDGINS, Fannie HUDGINS, Fannie Wallace HUDGINS, Henry Clay HUDGINS, Humphrey D.

    79. I1074: John M. Wright ( - )
    JohnM. Wright Beverly mcclintock.
    John M. Wright
    Family 1 Bessie Salter Jost
    • Marriage : 21 SEP 1881
  • Vickers Wright
  • Roy Wright
  • Mabel Wright
  • Dora Wright ... INDEX Created by Sparrowhawk 1.0 (4/17/1996) on Fri May 24 21:50:08 1996
    Alexander McIntosh Vessie
    • Birth : 17 DEC 1910
    • Death : NOV 1986
    Family 1 Gladys Maud Jost
    • Marriage
  • Ian Alan David Vessie
  • Blair Vessie
  • Barbara Elizabeth Tremain Vessie Alexander McIntosh Vessie ... INDEX
    A chemical engineer. Created by Sparrowhawk 1.0 (4/17/1996) on Fri May 24 21:50:08 1996
    Bernard Mills
    Family 1 Deila Ada Hartell Teasdale
    • Marriage

    Bernard Mills
    INDEX Created by Sparrowhawk 1.0 (4/17/1996) on Fri May 24 21:50:08 1996
    Gladys Maude Jost
    • Birth : 21 JUL 1916
    Father: Christopher Arnaud Jost
    Mother: Hattie Maude Sinclair
    Family 1 Gordon Tremain Spurr
    • Marriage
  • Peter Tremaine Spurr
  • John Christopher Spurr _John Casper Jost Gladys Maude Jost ... INDEX
    ÒMaude,Ó or ÒMonnie,Ó. Monnie is now (1996) in a nursing home with multiple sclerosis. Created by Sparrowhawk 1.0 (4/17/1996) on Fri May 24 21:50:09 1996
    Mary (Longard)
    • Birth
    • Death
    Family 1 Jeremiah Longard
    • Marriage
  • George Jeremiah Longard Mary (Longard) INDEX Created by Sparrowhawk 1.0 (4/17/1996) on Fri May 24 21:50:09 1996
  • 80. Assessment List 1758 Lebanon Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
    Translate this page LICHTY, Dewalt LIGHT, Jacob LITTLE, Henry LOBSHEAR, Conrad LONG, Christian LONG,Herman mcclintock, john MAIRS, George MARON, Jacob MEESHY, Philip MENTZIGER
    1758 Assessment List - Lebanon Township, Lancaster County PA Taken from William Henry Egle's "History of Dauphin & Lebanon Counties PA"
    ACKERMAN, Nicholas ANDERSON, Frank ATKINSON, John BACHMAN, John BACHMAN, Michael BALMAN, Jacob BANDEK, Jacob BEAM, Jacob BECK, Philip BECKER, John BECKER, Jacob BECKER, Peter BENEDICT, Jacob BERGER, George BERNWALT, John BETTER, Christian BIAN, Jacob BLACKERS, Widow BLASER, Jacob BLAUTS, Matthias BLEGHER, William BLOUCH, Christian BOARST, Michael BOGER, Matthias BOLTZ, Michael BOND, John BOUGH, Adam BOWMAN, Henry BOYD, Robert BRAND, Adam BRAND, Adam, Jr. BRAND, John BRENIZER, Christian BRENIZER, Jacob BROWN, Conrad BRECHTBILL, Benjamin BRECHTBILL, John BRECKTBILL, Nicholas BURKHOLDER, Christian BURKHOLDER, Ulrich BURKHOLDER, William BYERS, Philip CLARK, Abraham CLARKE, John CLARKE, Thomas CLINGER, Philip CONRAD, Jacob (smith) CONRAD, Jacob CORNMAN, Abraham CRAIN, Richard CREES, Henrick CREESMAN, George CREESMAN, Jacob DEWALT, John DIEHL, George DIETRICK, George DIETZ, Jacob DILL, Jacob DILLMAN, George DINESH, Jacob

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