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         Leger Emile:     more books (33)
  1. People From Montérégie: Gerald Bull, Jack Layton, Georges St-Pierre, Jules Léger, Bat Masterson, Paul-Émile Borduas, Corey Crawford
  2. Boudeau II: [monnaies gauloises (French Edition) by Emile Boudeau, 2001
  3. Dans la tempete (French Edition) by Micheline Lachance, 1986
  4. Le dernier voyage, t. 2 [3], Montreal, Ed. de l'Homme, 2000, 361 p.(Review) (book review): An article from: Historical Studies by Denise Robillard, 2001-01-01

41. Emile's Reisverslagen: Thailand, Laos, Bolivia, Peru, USA En Meer
We een verkeerde afslag van de snelweg genomen, want we zaten gelijk opeen leger basis ) Mount Rainier. Groeten,. emile Facts Figures

42. Base Joconde - Artistes
Translate this page LEBOSSE, LECERF Louis Alexis, LECOMTE VERNET emile, LEFEBURE Celina, LEFRANC Jules. Louis,LE CLERC Jean, LECURIEUX Jacques Joseph, LEFEBVRE Jean Baptiste, leger.
Base Joconde
Liste des artistes

PDAP and the FilipinoCanadian Community Joins in the Celebration ofthe 20 th Anniversary of the Jules et Paul-emile leger Foundation

PDAP Canada Board and PDAP Philippines Board Joint Committee Meeting Held in Davao City, Philippines The annual Joint Committee meeting of PDAP Canada Board and PDAP Philippines Board was held on November 6-9, 2001 at the beautiful verdant Malagos Garden Resort at the foot of Mt. Apo, just 45 minutes by road from Davao City, Philippines. The PDAP Group, representatives from CIDA, representatives from PDAP partner organizations and members of the secretariat gathered on the first evening for a reception and welcome dinner at the resort. The welcome reception featured a photo exhibit on Promoting Participation in Sustainable Enterprises (PPSE) activities in organic farming, water system development, land tenure improvement and farm enterprises. A cultural dance, depicting Mindanao Muslim rituals and indigenous tribal community ceremonies, was excellently performed by a Davao- based cultural dance troupe, with elaborate ethnic costumes and instruments. Bright and early the next day

44. New Page 1
under the Enterprise Fund into the Year 6 budget, thus absorbing the programmedCanadian NGO contribution from Jules et Paul emile leger Foundation, World
NEWSLETTER: APRIL 2002 Visit of the Canadian Ambassador to the Philippines His Excellency Robert Collette, Canadian Ambassador to the Philippines visited Ottawa on 13 February 2002 to speak at a Breakfast Forum organized by the Canada-Philippines Business Council at Export Development Canada, culminating in a Filipino Canadian Community gathering in the evening.
Ambassador Collette posed with PDAP staff. L-R: Ioanna Martin, Gloria Goodine, Peachy Forbes, Ambassador Collette, Clarissa Flores, Onalee Wyman, Theody Corton Breakfast Forum
Ambassador Collette expressed his admiration for the Philippine President as she tries to rebuild the government with strong visions for the future on enterprise development, poverty alleviation and social equity. He lauded Pres. Macapagal-Arroyo’s successful negotiation in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao, government stability in balancing power, significant GNP, GDP growth, her focus on poverty alleviation, and investment opportunities. The Ambassador encouraged business people to invest in the Philippines and in the President’s thrust towards social and economic reform.

45. Ratelkrant - De E-zine Van Emile Ratelband
Rode Kruis, De Zonnebloem, de Gehandicaptenraad, Vluchtelingenwerk, het leger desHeils initiatief van de goeroe van het positieve denken, emile Ratelband, die
28 juni 2001 Jaargang 1 nummer 6
Digitaal Magazine van: Emile Ratelband Deze week:
- Oplossingen raadsel
- Oproep
- Spreuk van de week
- Nijmeeegse
ambtenaren op hete
- Reactie
- Wedstrijd - Uitnodiging - Regenboog Gala - Aan tafel met ... Aan- en afmelden Aanmelden voor deze nieuwsbrief kunt u op onze aanmeldingspagina. Afmelden Reageren Reacties, tips, complimentjes en kritiek kan je mailen naar Hosting Acomp Vragen / problemen Zit je met een lastig probleem of wil je zomaar iets kwijt? Oplossingen raadsel In de Ratelkrant van vorige week stond een raadsel. Hier volgen een paar antwoorden die wij de afgelopen week ontvingen: langzaam afremmen en dan de brandweerauto laten passeren en dan naar links gaan en helemaal afremmen. (van Jean-Pierre)

46. Emile Lahner: Stained Glass
Picasso, Matisse, Jean Cocteau, Rouault, leger, Chagall and Lahner were amongthe celebrated artisans called on to design chapels, produce stained glass
Following World War II many churches in France and in its territory were constructed or significantly remodeled. Picasso, Matisse, Jean Cocteau, Rouault, Leger, Chagall and Lahner were among the celebrated artisans called on to design chapels, produce stained glass, create frescoes and church windows. Lahner was commissioned by the Averseng family to design a small whitewashed chapel in El Affroun in Algiers. In the chapel there is a clerestory of stained glass running along the upper portion of the walls; there are no other windows in the building and Lahner seems to have chosen this approach in order to keep the illumination inside the chapel subdued.
The Algerian chapel was dedicated to Saint Martina (Sainte-Martienne), an obscure early Christian martyr who was miraculously spared by a lion. Lahner chose to depict the moment of her salvation in this series of chapel windows. Neither the lion nor Sainte-Martienne are defined well enough to portray the event realistically. Instead, Lahner tells the story through the use of light and color.

47. Emile Lahner: Between Montparnasse And Montmartre 1924-1931
The prominent place Lahner accords the colors of red, blue, yellow, and green mayowe something to a familiarity with the work of leger.23 Lahner also made
Many of the Ecole de Paris artists chose to convey their distress in their work, and Lahner made at least one attempt to follow their example. The painting generally known as Les Immigrants shows a pair of men stumbling about, one with a bottle in hand, in an undefined setting. The men's expressions and working class attire explain their social situation rather to the point of caricature, but the muddy brown tonalities of the picture counteract the element of humor. Lahner, who first took a room on the rue de Sommerard in the Latin Quarter upon his arrival in Paris, did not have to go far to find the kind of subject matter depicted in Les Immigrants What is remarkable about this and subsequent periods in the artist's career is that there are no other pictures like this one. Instead, Lahner's work consists mainly of still lifes, landscape, and female subjects, either as nudes or as disembodied heads with an air faintly reminiscent of classical sculpture. Lahner's disinclination for the depiction of social realities in his work can in one sense be regarded as an artist's preference for the good things in life synonymous with beauty. His paintings are also an eloquent testimony to the artist's own retreat from a problematic external world to a more private one, free from pain and responsibility, and thoroughly infused with a cultivated ateliers libres where artists could practice their drawing and sketching from a model for a modest fee and with a minimum of supervision.

48. Indice Dei Cognomi Che Iniziano Con T (Discendenti Pagine)
Translate this page MILLOT-TREMAUX) , (MUNIER-TAPRET) , (POTELOT-ROBERT) TREMAUX, emile Francois (n.8 JUN 1844 - m. 12 APR 1928) , (GUENY-PICARD) , (leger-MAITROT) , (MILLOT

49. Emile Zola En De Affaire Dreyfus
emile Zola (2 april 1840 28 september 1902) en de Affaire Dreyfus. In de ogen vanZola zijn het leger en de Kerk twee reactionnaire krachten waarvoor gewaakt
Emile Zola (2 april 1840 - 28 september 1902) en de Affaire Dreyfus
Ten tijde van de rechtszaak tegen Dreyfus hield Zola zich vooral bezig met de kwalijke invloed die de pers uitoefende. Volgens hem ondermijnde het antisemitisme de Republiek. Terwijl in Frankrijk na het Panamaschandaal het antisemitisme steeds meer salonfähig werd, nam Zola het op voor de Joden. Op 16 mei 1896 verschijnt van zijn hand Pour les Juifs. In de ogen van Zola zijn het Leger en de Kerk twee reactionnaire krachten waarvoor gewaakt moet worden, maar daarmee is hij nog geen dreyfusard. Pas als Leblois - vriend en raadsman van Picquart - en vice-president van de Senaat Scheurer-Kestner met Zola spreken, gaat Zola 'om' en stelt hij zich vierkant acher Dreyfus. Belangrijke overweging is de dreiging die uitgaat van de nationalistische krachten en antisemitische elementen die de Republiek bedreigen Aan de vooravond van het jaar 1898 is Zola voor zijn tijdgenoten binnen en buiten Frankrijk een beroemd schrijver. In zijn jonge jaren had als zoon van een uit Venetië afkomstige ingenieur het niet gemakkelijk. In 1870 start de cyclus Les Rougon-Maquart . Hij wordt een gevierd schrijver met de publikatie van deel zeven L'Assommoir (1877) over de ellende van de werkende bevolking in de voorsteden van Parijs. Zijn schrijversroem maakt hem een welgesteld man.

50. Vinci
emile en Peter Hein daarentegen zaten elkaar behoorlijk dwars. emile was meteen groot leger in Iberië neergestreken, en verdreef daar Peter Hein.
Sessieverslag Rotterdamse Spellenvereniging "Spel a/d Maas" Vinci Sessies: 24 september 2002
24 september 2002
Terug naar het spellenoverzicht

51. Informations Généalogiques
Translate this page leger, Nicolas Famille Conjoint LELOIRE, Anne Jeanne Enfant(s) leger, Jean BaptisteJoseph SIMON, Louis emile Naissance 23 mars 1850 à Joeuf,54,,LOR,FRA
LIENART, Placide Joseph

Famille: Mariage:
Enfant(s) LIENART, Placide Joseph
Famille: Conjoint:
LEFEBVRE, Pierre Joseph

Naissance : 1702
Famille: Mariage:
Parents WERQUIN, Jean Jacques
LEFIEF, Henri Ambroise Parents LEFIEF, Charles Louis COVEMAECKER, Sophie Famille: Mariage: Conjoint: Parents LEPLAT, Charles Louis
LORAINE, Lucien Jules Joseph Parents LORAINE, Pierre Joseph Famille: Mariage: Conjoint: Parents LEGER, Isembart Joseph POLLET, Marie Claire Joseph Enfant(s)
LEGER, Charles Louis
Naissance : vers 1793 Famille: Conjoint: Naissance : vers 1791 Enfant(s)
LEGER, Isembart Joseph
Naissance : vers 1798 Famille: Conjoint: POLLET, Marie Claire Joseph Naissance : vers 1808 Enfant(s) LEGER, Maria Joseph LEGER, Charles Jean Baptiste
LEGER, Jean Baptiste Joseph Parents LEGER, Nicolas LELOIRE, Anne Jeanne Famille: Conjoint: MARESCAUX, Marie Christine Josephe Parents LEMAHIEU, Marie Joseph Enfant(s) LEGER, Charles Louis
Famille: Conjoint: VERNAY, Marie Barbe Enfant(s) LEGER, Albertine Joseph LEGER, Pierre Joseph
LEGER, Nicolas Famille: Conjoint: LELOIRE, Anne Jeanne

52. K.htm
Translate this page 1896-) leger-BOUZY, Marcelle Juliette (1897-) LEGRAND, Alice Elise (-) LEGRAND,Antoine (-) LEGRAND, Clément (-) LEGRAND, Coralie (-) LEGRAND, emile Paul

53. L'organigramme Des Personnels Du Lycée Emile Combes De PONS
Translate this page M. leger Gérard, ACCES RAPIDE.
Organigramme Accueil Le Lycée > Organigramme ORGANIGRAMME DU LYCEE Personnel Administratif
Proviseur M. LEGENTIL Pierre
Proviseur Adjoint M. FEAUVEAU Michel
Proviseur Adjoint, chargé du L.P. M. LEBRETON Bruno
Chef des Travaux M. LEFEBVRE Jacques
Conseillère Principale d'Education Mme RAINGUEZ Marie-Hélène
Conseiller Principal d'Education M. BOURNAZEAU Bernard M. LIBELLI Patrice
Intendant M. DIBAR Jean-Luc Agent Comptable, Gestionnaire
Attachée d'Administration Scolaire et Universitaire Mlle MANDROUX Béatrice Gestion matérielle, Dépenses
Secrétaire d'Administration Scolaire et Universitaire M. BARBE Jacques Recettes Mme FOUCHE Agnès Recettes Mme HAURY Hélène Recettes Mme REAUD Dany Secrétaire de Direction
Adjoints Administratifs Mme CAZABAN Nadine Dépenses Mme FEDY Dominique Administration, Secrétariat LT Mme GASQUET Danielle Traitements et Salaires Mme LOIZEAU Colette Dépenses, Alimentation Agents Administratifs Mme DALDOSS Catherine Administration, Secrétariat LP et B.T.S. Mme DEGABRIEL Aline Administration et intendance, Secrétariat du L.E.P.M.O. Mme LHOUMEAU Claudine Traitements et Salaires Personnel du GRETA de Saintonge Mme MILLET Elisabeth Directrice technique Mme HUBERT Geneviève Assistante de Gestion Mme ANDRE Chantal Comptabilité Mme LYS Véronique Secrétariat Antenne de Royan Mme MARTIN Ghislaine Secrétariat Antenne de Saintes Mme PEROCHAIN Pascale Secrétariat Services Communs et Antenne Sud-Saintonge Mme ROZ Denise Agent de Développement Médecin Scolaire Mme POTEVIN Marie Assistante Sociale Scolaire Mme PUJOL Martine Infirmier(e)s M. BERGERE Marc

54. The Popes And World Government / By Emile Guerry... ; Foreword By Paul Emile Car
by Paul emile Cardinal leger ; translated by Gregory J. Roettger
Notice bibliographique
Titre The popes and world government / by Emile Guerry... ; foreword by Paul Emile Cardinal Leger ; translated by Gregory J. Roettger...
Publication Montreal : Palm Publishers ; Baltimore [etc.] : Helicon, cop. 1964 (Baltimore : Garamond/Pridemark Press) Description xvi, 254 p. ; 23 cm Notes
Thème(s) Typologie Source QC - BNQ Cote(s) 233285 CON

55. Fiche
Translate this page leger Thérèse. Parents, Fratrie, Enfants. REITZER Jean. Unions, Evénements desunions. SANCHÉ emile, Mariage 1895. Retour à la page d'accueil. SANCHÉ emile.
LEGER Thérèse
Parents Fratrie Enfants REITZER Jean
Unions Evénements des unions REITZER Jean
Retour à la page d'accueil
Parents Fratrie Enfants REITZER Jean
LEGER Thérèse

Unions Evénements des unions WILMÉ Barbe
Retour à la page d'accueil
Parents Fratrie Enfants
Unions Evénements des unions REITZER Jean
Retour à la page d'accueil
Parents Fratrie Enfants Unions Evénements des unions REITZER Marie Anne Mariage: 1828. Retour à la page d'accueil
SEPTÉ François Joseph
Parents Fratrie Enfants Unions Evénements des unions REITZER Catherine Mariage: 1843. Retour à la page d'accueil
HAFFNER Anne-Marie
Parents Fratrie Enfants REITZER Joséphine Marie REITZER Marie Rosalie REITZER Françoise REITZER Marie Madeleine ... REITZER Joseph Unions Evénements des unions REITZER Joseph Mariage: 1832. Retour à la page d'accueil
REITZER Joséphine Marie
Parents Fratrie Enfants REITZER Joseph HAFFNER Anne-Marie REITZER Marie Rosalie REITZER Françoise ... REITZER Joséphine Unions Evénements des unions REITZER Jacques Mariage: 1869. Retour à la page d'accueil
REITZER Marie Rosalie
Parents Fratrie Enfants REITZER Joseph HAFFNER Anne-Marie REITZER Joséphine Marie REITZER Françoise ... REITZER Joseph Unions Evénements des unions RINGENBACH Joseph Michel Mariage: 1868.

56. Informations Généalogiques
Translate this page Retour à la page principale. Girard, leger Père Girard, Albert-emile MèreBoivin, Valentine Mariage Abitibi-Ouest Conjoint Bélanger, Jocelyne
Les descendants de Pierre Girard et de Suzanne DeLavoye
Dufour, Rénald
Conjoint: Girard, Huguette Père: Girard, Arthur
Mère: Beauchamp, Juliette
Retour à la page principale
Gagné, Marcel
Conjoint: Girard, Carmen Père: Girard, Arthur
Mère: Beauchamp, Juliette
Retour à la page principale
Tremblay, François-Nil
Lac Bouchette
Conjoint: Girard, Gilberte Père: Girard, Joseph
Mère: Tremblay, Rose-Anna
Retour à la page principale
Tremblay, Léonce
Lac Bouchette Conjoint: Girard, Juliette Père: Girard, Joseph Mère: Tremblay, Rose-Anna
Retour à la page principale
Hébert, Zacharie Mariage: Villebois, Abitibi-Ouest Conjoint: Girard, Yvette Père: Girard, Joseph Mère: Tremblay, Rose-Anna
Retour à la page principale
Girard, Albert-Emile Père: Girard, Joseph Mère: Tremblay, Rose-Anna Mariage: Abitibi-Ouest Conjoint: Boivin, Valentine Enfant(s) Girard, Sylvain Girard, Leger Girard, Paule Girard, Jocelyn ...
Retour à la page principale
Girard, Sylvain Père: Girard, Albert-Emile Mère: Boivin, Valentine

57. Pseudos : L
Translate this page LEICHT (Markus) Jean Marc leger. LEMESLE (Marguerite) Dominique DUNOIS. LERN (Henri) André DUQUESNE. L'EROTIN Alphonse MOMAS. LEROU (emile) Pierre NAHOR.
SecondImage00='images/menu/+1.gif'; SecondImage10='images/menu/+2.gif'; SecondImage20='images/menu/+3.gif'; SecondImage30='images/menu/+4.gif'; SecondImage40='images/menu/+5.gif'; SecondImage50='images/menu/+6.gif'; SecondImage60='images/menu/+7.gif'; SecondImage70='images/menu/+8.gif'; Remonter
Pseudonymes francophones
L’HOTE-CRIE (Marie Josephe) : Josette LAURé (Metz, 1929) LA RAVOIRE (Jean) : Charles KURR LA BARTHE (Henri) : Détective ASHELBE LA BISBAL (Comte Marcel de) Marcel ROUSSELLE LA BRETE (Jean de) : Alice CHERBONNEL LA BRUYERE (M.) LA CLUNIERE (Alex de) : Frédéric DARD LA GLUNIERE (Alex de) : Frédéric DARD LA HATTAIS (Louis de) : Louis FOURNEL LA HIRE (Jean de) : Adolphe d'ESPIE de LA HIRE LA MARCHE (Marc) : Dr M. MARCERON LA NICOLLIERE (Marie de) : Gabrielle d'ETHAMPES LA PERIGNE (Jean de) : Arthur BERNEDE LA REYNIERE : Robert J. COURTINE LA TAILHEDE (Raymond de) : Raymond GAGNABE de LA TAILHEDE LA TARDOIRE (Jean de) : Henri Georges JEANNE LA TOMBELLE (Baronne de) : Camille BRUNO LA VARENDE (Jean de) : Jean MAILLARD LABAIGT (Laurent) : Jean RAMEAU LABATTU (Laurent) : Jacques LAURENT-CELY LABORDE (Jean) : Jean DELION Bob HARVEY Bob HERVEY Raf VALLET (Lyon 1918) LABOULAYE (L.)

58. Genealogy Data Page 111 (Family Pages)
Lucien Philippe Victor Gender Male Parents Father Papineau, emile Victor Mother leger,Gabriel Gender Male Family Spouse Papineau, Eva Gender Female
Genealogy Data Page 111 (Family Pages)
Individuals marked with a red dot are direct ancestors of Derik Austen Papineau
For privacy reasons, Date of Birth and Date of Marriage for persons believed to still be living are not shown.
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Papineau, Lucien Philippe Victor
Gender: Male
Parents: Father: Papineau, Emile Victor
Mother: Lagace, Laurette
Family: Spouse: Cassidy, Margaret Jean
Gender: Female
    Papineau, Kevin Michael
    Gender: Male
    Papineau, Mary Christine
    Gender: Female
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Papineau, Wilfred b. Not Shown Ottawa Gender: Male Parents: Father: Papineau, Alfred Mother: Villeneuve, Claudia Family: Marriage:Not Shown Ottawa St. Boneventure(?) Spouse: Dubroy, Dorothy Ann b. 27 MAY 1944 Ottawa d. 11 JUL 1982 Ottawa Gender: Female Children:
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Cornwall, Stefanie b. Not Shown Ottawa Gender: Female Family: Marriage:Not Shown Ottawa Spouse: Papineau, Daniel Wilfred b. Not Shown

59. Paul-Emile Janson
Paulemile Janson 30 mei 1872 Liberale partij (Parti Libéral) Regering Janson (23 open diende een wetsontwerp in betreffende het taalgebruik in het leger.
Paul-Emile Janson
30 mei 1872
Liberale partij (Parti Libéral)
Regering Janson (23 november 1937 tot 15 mei 1938)
Kath. - Lib. - Soc.
Paul Janson werd geboren te Brussel op 30 mei 1872. Hij was advocaat van beroep en werd in 1910 volksvertegenwoordiger in het Parlement. Van 1935 tot 1936 was hij senator. Als minister bekleedde hij verschillende functies (Landsverdediging, Justitie, Buitenlandse Zaken). Eerste Minister was hij van 1937 tot 1938. Het ging om een moeilijk tot stand gekomen regering in een politiek onstabiele periode, die nog verergerde door de groeiende internationale spanningen. De regering richtte een Nederlandse en een Franse cultuurraad op en diende een wetsontwerp in betreffende het taalgebruik in het leger. Paul Janson werd Minister van Staat in 1931 en stierf tijdens Wereldoorlog II in het concentratiekamp van Buchenwald in 1944.

60. KjunKutie's Pitre Ancestor Report Page
Translate this page 37 Leroy leger. .. 4 CelaniePitre 1828 -. .emile LeJeune 1823 -.
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