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         Leger Emile:     more books (33)
  1. Cardinal Leger and his Endeavours / Le cardinal by Paul-Emile Cardinal; Verret, André Léger, 1972-01-01
  2. Our Destiny by Divine Design by Emile Leger, 2009
  3. Theology of Renewal - Vol 1: Renewal of Religious Thought; Vol 2: Renewal of Religious Structures
  4. Toute la Messe vécue by O.F.M. Richer-Marie Beaubien, 1957
  5. Renewal of Religious Thought by Paul-Emile Cardinal Leger, 1968-01-01
  6. Theology of Renewal - Renewal of Religious Thought Vol 1 by Ed. Paul Emile Cardinal Leger - L. K. Shook, 1968
  7. Un Bon Exemple De Charite Paul-emile Leger by Anne Minguet-Patocka, 1983
  8. Histoire d'une retraite prechee par le Pere P.-E. Leger (French Edition) by Susanne Hamel-Michaud, 1998
  9. Un Bon Exemple De Charite by Paul-Emile Leger, 1983
  10. The Value of Charity: The Story of Paul-Emile Leger (A Valuetale Book)
  11. The Value of Charity. The Story of Paul-Emile Leger
  12. Vatican II: Les seize documents conciliaires Texte integral
  13. Paul-Emile (Cardinal) Leger
  14. Historique De 95E Régiment D'infanterie De Ligne (20E Léger) 1734-1888 (French Edition) by Émile Bloch, 2010-03-26

21. Marcel LEGER 1932 Fils De François Emile LEGER (
Translate this page Marcel leger (Mon père)1932 fils de François emile leger (1904-1963).et Julie GUILLOT (1907-1993). Raymonde GUILLOT (Ma mère) 1936
Marcel LEGER (Mon père)1932 fils de et Julie GUILLOT Raymonde GUILLOT (Ma mère) 1936 fille de Joseph Emile GUILLOT Et Simone Alice DURANDARD

22. Genealogy Index For Surnames Beginning With L
Translate this page 1828 Lillebonne, SEINE-MARITIME - ) leger, Clarisse Louise (29 June 1881 - ) leger,Daniel André (14 August 1886 - ) leger, Edouard emile (03 February 1840
Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with L
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LEDUC, Elise Anna
(20 July 1835 Bolbec, SEINE-MARITIME
LEDUC, Emile Abraham
(09 February 1826 Bolbec, SEINE-MARITIME
(12 March 1841 Bolbec, SEINE-MARITIME
(before 1825 - after 27 March 1842)
LEDUC, Guillaume
(before 18 October 1818 - after 18 October 1818)
LEDUC, Henri

(before 1805 - before 26 December 1846)
(before 1785 - )
LEDUC, Jean Baptiste
(BET 1740 AND 1749 - )
LEDUC, Jean Baptiste
(05 July 1821 Bolbec, SEINE-MARITIME LEDUC, Jean Baptiste (before 1805 - ) LEDUC, Jean-Baptiste Abraham (17 December 1809 Bolbec, SEINE-MARITIME LEDUC, Louis Daniel (before 1787 - after 22 February 1819) LEDUC, Marie Constance (11 January 1808 Bolbec, SEINE-MARITIME LEDUC, Marie-Anne Marthe (before 1804 - ) LEDUC, Marthe (before 1804 - before 10 October 1836) (before 17 March 1816 - after 17 March 1816) (04 February 1831 - ) LEDUC, Pierre Nicolas Augustin (before 1786 - ) LEDUC, Pierre Paul (17 April 1803 Bolbec, SEINE-MARITIME (29 July 1805 Bolbec, SEINE-MARITIME

23. Genealogy Data
Female Birth before 1790 Death after 27 April 1817 Children leger, Marie Marthe LEMAITRE,Gustave emile Gender Male Birth 12 May 1822 in Bolbec, SEINE
Genealogy Data
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LEGER, Pierre Augustin
Gender: Male
Birth : before 1794
Family: Marriage: 08 February 1810 in Bolbec ER, SEINE-MARITIME
Spouse: RENAULT, Marie Rose
Gender: Female
Birth : before 1797
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LEGER, Pierre
Gender: Male
Birth : before 1781
Family: Marriage: before 1797
Spouse: EROUARD, Elisabeth-Rose Gender: Female Birth : before 1783 Children LEGER, Marie Rose
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LEGER, Thomas Gender: Male Birth : before 1787 Family: Marriage: before 1803 Spouse: BOIVIN, Marie Gender: Female Birth : before 1790 Death : after 27 April 1817 Children LEGER, Marie Marthe
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Gender: Male Birth : before 1858 Family: Marriage: Spouse: Gender: Female Birth : before 1861
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LEMAITRE, Pierre Daniel Gender: Male Birth : before 1792 Death : before 10 July 1824 Family: Marriage: before 1808 Spouse: LEGOUIS, Anne Marie Gender: Female Birth : before 1795 Children LEMAITRE, Pierre Daniel LEMAITRE, Isaac Edmond
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GAILLARD, Jean Isaac Gender: Male Birth : before 1817 Parents Mother: GAILLARD, Marthe

24. Pages De Données
Translate this page leger, Henriette Berthe × 1928 ROUX, Fernand, °25 avril 1906 Pontéba ( Algerie) - †28 LEMBLÉ, emile, Naissance 31 décembre 1888 à Thann 68 Décès 24
MURA, Nicolas

MURA, Jean Ulrich

, Veronique

MURA, Abraham HEINRICH, Matthieu
HEINRICH, Anne Marie


20 octobre 1727
Famille MURA - ILTISS Mariage: 19 novembre 1691

ILTISS, Anne Marie HERRGOTT, Apolline Naissance: Les 7 enfants du couple MURA - ILTISS MURA, Anne Marie St Amarin 68 Mollau 68 St Amarin 68 Husseren-Wesserling 68 MURA, Apolline Naissance: 10 avril 1699 MURA, Jean Jacques St Amarin 68 MURA, Joseph Naissance: 30 octobre 1708 Naissance: 30 octobre 1708 MURA, Joseph Naissance: 1 octobre 1710
ILTISS, Jacques Famille ILTISS - SCHEUBEL Mariage: 20 juillet 1633 SCHEUBEL, Mathias (Sosa 1056) SCHEUBEL, Barbe ZURLINDEN, Barbe (Sosa 1057) Naissance: 7 avril 1602
OHLINGER, Simon MUNSCH, Hans MUNSCH, Madeleine HALLER, Madeleine Naissance: Mollau 68 Famille OHLINGER - ILTISS ILTISS, Madeleine 10 juin 1723 Les 9 enfants du couple OHLINGER - ILTISS OHLINGER, Joseph Mollau 68 OHLINGER, Ursule Mollau 68 OHLINGER, Claire Naissance: 3 mai 1700 OHLINGER, Laurent Naissance: 26 mai 1738 Naissance: 5 avril 1682 OHLINGER, Jean Baptiste

25. Index Des Noms Commençant Par L
Translate this page MURA, Joseph LAFONT, Yvonne( °1914 - †1993 ) × BAUMELIN, emile LAFOURCADE, Genevieve 1901Pontéba ( Algerie ) - †Nice - 06 ) × leger, François Lucien
Index des noms commençant par L
A B C D ...
LACHER, Madeleine


LACHNER, Jean Jacques
Bitschwiller 68
LACHNER, Walburg
Bitschwiller 68
LAFONT, Yvonne



... LAMASSOURRE, Jean Jacques Sidi-Bel-Abbes ( Algerie ) LAMASSOURRE, Jean Pierre Sidi-Bel-Abbes ( Algerie ) LAMASSOURRE, Julia LAMBERT, Jeannine Oued-Fodda ( Algerie ) LAMBOLY, Marcel Montgeron 91 LAMOUREUX, Marie Massignac 16 LANCE, Pascale Clarisse LANCIEN, Christine Lucienne Paris 75 LANCIEN, Raymond LANDIER LANDIER, Charles LANDIER, Charles ... LANDIER, Henriette (Sosa 22) LANDIER, Louise LANDIER, Lucie Nice - 06 LANDIER, Marie LANDIER, Victorine LANDIER, Virginie Antoinette (Sosa 11) Oued-Fodda ( Algerie ) LAPIERRE LAPIERRE, Paulette LAPLACE, Marie Louise LARGER, Anne Marie Ranspach 68 LARGER, Antoine Ranspach 68 LARGER, Barbara Ranspach 68 LARGER, Catherine Ranspach 68 LARGER, Christian Wildenstein 68 LARGER, Emilie Kruth 68 LARGER, Jean Kruth 68 LARGER, Laurent Ranspach 68 LARGER, Madeleine Husseren-Wesserling 68 LARGER, Madeleine

26. Gendarmerie Royale Du Canada - Les Oeuvres Du Cardinal Léger - Lancement De La
Translate this page FONDATION JULES ET PAUL-emile leger, FONDATION JULES ET PAUL-emile leger. NewsReleases. FONDATION JULES ET PAUL-emile leger has 4 releases in this database.
Canada NewsWire Give us your message. We'll give you the world. FONDATION JULES ET PAUL-EMILE LEGER A l'attention du directeur de l'information:
FONDATION JULES ET PAUL-EMILE LEGER has 4 releases in this database. General Inquiries -
Technical Issues -

27. Log Cabin Chronicles Peter Black's Cardinal Leger Column
But for Paulemile leger, the revered Montreal priest who left the cushy lifeof a cardinal to work among the lepers of Cameroon, the hideousness of the
Log Cabin Chronicles
Peter Black's Take on Quebec Affairs
Peter Black
is a newsman at CBC Radio's Quebec A.M. program, based in Quebec City, and a freelance writer. Black's previous columns are archived HERE Posted 12.14.00
Cardinal in the Land of Lepers Life among the lepers obviously would be no bed of roses. But for Paul-Emile Leger, the revered Montreal priest who left the cushy life of a cardinal to work among the lepers of Cameroon, the hideousness of the disease itself was almost the least of the ordeals he endured during his self-imposed missionary exile. At least that's the picture that emerges from a just-released book about Leger, Le Dernier Voyage , which deals with the cardinal;s 12-year stint as a missionary in Africa. The author, Micheline Lachance, waited nine years after Leger's death in November, 1991, before revealing the cardinal's private confessions to her about his experiences in Africa. What Leger told Lachance just about completely shatters the image people this side of the ocean may have had about a saintly healer moving peaceably through the jungle, bestowing his blessings among the adoring wretched and maimed of Cameroon. As it turns out, Leger found himself met by hostility from the local clergymen and abandoned by other religious orders he had counted on to support his missionary work.

28. Cardinal Leger Catholic School
community. The school is named after Paulemile Cardinal Léger of Montreal.His life served as a great role model for our students.
Home Students Parents Staff ... Search
Cardinal Léger Catholic School
600 Morrish Road, Scarborough, Ontario M1C 4Y1 School News Total enrollment Principal Marinella Antao
Tel: 416-393-5419 Fax: 416-393-5012 Superintendent Richard Tone
Tel: 416-222-8282 ext. 2353 Parish St. Joseph's Highland Creek
200 Morrish Road
Scarborough, Ontario
Local Trustee Mary Ann Robillard
Tel: 416-512-3417 Fax: 416-512-3417
e-mail: CSAC Chair Sandra Ramdial Cardinal Léger Catholic School was established in September 1988 at St. Malachy Catholic School, with which it shared facilities for its initial year. The new building was completed in 1989 and our excited school community took possession in September, 1989. Enrollment grew from 400 its first year to its current numbers. The new building is a unique design, having a large atrium as a centre for the school. A child care centre is a vital part of the building and it provides a much needed day care for children in the community. The school is named after Paul-Emile Cardinal Léger of Montreal. His life served as a great role model for our students. He lead a life of service to others, particularly in his profession as teacher, priest, servant for the poor and missionary. He was a great Canadian whose life work was to educate, to help those in poverty and those physically disabled by disease and to bring people closer to God. For all these reasons Paul-Emile Cardinal Léger remains an excellent role model for us as Catholics and Canadian citizens in a multicultural society.

29. USGenWeb Archives: Sallier Virtual Cemetery
LEDOUX, Hattie wife of Basile Benoit LEDOUX, Henrietta LEDOUX, J. Hugh LEDOUX,Joseph LEDOUX, Lillie LEDOUX, Rosailla LEE, David E. leger, emile leger, Vella
The USGenWeb Project
Louisiana Archives Index
of Calcasieu Parish
A Virtual Cemetery
Last updated: July 13, 1999.
Sallier Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Lake Charles. Under the iron archway leading to the cemetery is a plaque erected by Sallier Heirs.
It reads as follows:
SALLIER CEMETERY Believe to be the first in this vicinity, was a family cemetery prior to donation June 23, 1884 by Miss Severine Sallier October 24, 1816 - November 20,1884 daughter of Catherine LeBleu and Charles Anselm Sallier.
In memory of Charles Anselm Sallier born in Holy Trinity Parish diocese of Chambery Province of Savoy France first known white settler on Shell Beach. The lake and city were named for him. He married Angelica Fontenot January 31, 1792, later Catherine LeBleu August 9, 1802. He was the son of Jean Monmayer and Michel Sallier also of France.
Visit the tombstone of the person listed below and verify your information. Simply click on the name and the picture will appear!
These pictures were taken with a digital camera from February thru October of 1998. Each file is about 60k.

30. CVHS Annual Journal Index By Year
1983 issue Featuring Paulemile leger, Page, Title, Author. 1, Saint-Anicet et Paul-emileleger, d'un Patriote de 1837 a un Cardinal 1842-1920(F), André Bouchard.
Chateauguay Valley Historical Society
Annual Journal / Journal Annuelle
This is an index of the articles in the Chateauguay Valley Historical Society Annual Journals from 1968 to 2002 arranged by year. (See also alternative subject index .) Back issues or reprints are available for most of these journals from the Society for 5/10$Can + mailing depending on the year. Contact the Publications Manager for an exact cost quotation. Sorry - reprints or photocopies of individual articles are NOT available. As the Society is a bi-cultural organization in a bi-lingual part of the country, many of these articles are in the French language. These are marked with a (F) at the end of the title. Some articles have been published with both English and French texts - These have been marked in this index with a (E/F) in the title. Return to:
CVHS Info Page
ChatCo GenWeb Home
1968 issue Page Title Author Black's Church and Vicinity(E) J. Orville Gamble The Historical Significance of Coteau-du-Lac(E) George Ingram Russelltown United Church and Historical Sketch(E) The Editor 1969 issue Page Title Author The District Plowing Match of 1862(E) Robert Hill Old Photographs(E) Comment by Mrs. Evelyn Brutch

31. NH News - "Crop Of The 200-Year Harvest"
grow, but can be harvested for centuries. When Paulemile leger walksacross his land the ground literally moves under his feet.
Crop Of The 200-Year Harvest
Article and Photos
by Gary Martin
Peat moss never has to be planted, takes ages to grow, but can be harvested for centuries. When Paul-Emile Leger walks across his land the ground literally moves under his feet. His tractors are in constant danger of being pulled under the soft and sodden material that forms the major natural feature of this 3,000-acre farm. Leger is a peat moss farmer in eastern New Brunswick, Canada, and President of Beausejour Peat Moss, Inc. Each year he harvests but a tiny fraction of the seemingly limitless supply of high-quality "sphagnum blonde" peat moss found naturally in large bogs that dominate the landscape of his farm. Up to 500 semi-trailer loads of baled peat moss are shipped from Leger's farm every year. Each bale contains 55 cubic feet of the material, compressed from 130 cubic feet of milled peat moss. Most of it goes to mushroom farms in Pennsylvania, the heartland of the North American mushroom industry. Peat moss growing on the surface of a virgin bog is a host to other plants and exotic wildflowers.

32. BolbecWeb - Pafg80 - Generado Por Personal Ancestral File
Translate this page M, v, Edouard emile leger nació el 3 Febrero 1840 en , Lillebonne,SEINE-MARITIME y tuvo su bautismo infantil el 1 Marzo 1840. emile
Los protestantes de Bolbec (XIXe siglo)
Ellos tuvieron los hijos siguientes: F i Pulchérie Estelle LEGER nació el 15 Diciembre 1825 en , Lillebonne, SEINE-MARITIME y tuvo su bautismo infantil el 1 Enero 1826 en , La Trinité du Mont ER, SEINE-MARITIME. F ii Clarisse Laure LEGER nació el 20 Febrero 1828 en , Lillebonne, SEINE-MARITIME y tuvo su bautismo infantil el 28 Febrero 1828. M iii Garçon LEGER nació en 1831 en , , SEINE-MARITIME y tuvo su bautismo infantil el 1 Enero 1832 en , St Antoine la Forêt ER, SEINE-MARITIME. M iv Adolphe Lucien LEGER nació en Enero 1837 en Le Becquet, Lillebonne, SEINE-MARITIME y tuvo su bautismo infantil el 29 Enero 1837. M v Edouard Emile LEGER nació el 3 Febrero 1840 en , Lillebonne, SEINE-MARITIME y tuvo su bautismo infantil el 1 Marzo 1840. Emile Ernest LEGOUIS nació antes 1845. Él se casó con Clémence Célina SERVILLE el 1 Agosto 1871 en , St Antoine la Forêt ER, SEINE-MARITIME. Clémence Célina SERVILLE nació en 1837. Ella murió en Octubre 1882 en , Mélamare, SEINE-MARITIME y se le sepultó Le 20, Mélamare, SEINE-MARITIME. Clémence se casó con Emile Ernest LEGOUIS el 1 Agosto 1871 en , St Antoine la Forêt ER, SEINE-MARITIME. Ellos tuvieron los hijos siguientes: M i Henri Emile LEGOUIS nació el 31 Marzo 1872.

33. Index Des Noms Commençant Par L
Translate this page février 1828 Lillebonne, SEINE-MARITIME - ) leger, Clarisse Louise (29 juin 1881- ) leger, Daniel André (14 août 1886 - ) leger, Edouard emile (03 février
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LEDUC, Elise Anna
(20 juillet 1835 Bolbec, SEINE-MARITIME
LEDUC, Emile Abraham
(12 mars 1841 Bolbec, SEINE-MARITIME
LEDUC, Guillaume

LEDUC, Henri

(avant 1785 - )
LEDUC, Jean Baptiste
(entre 1740 et 1749 - )
LEDUC, Jean Baptiste
(05 juillet 1821 Bolbec, SEINE-MARITIME
LEDUC, Jean Baptiste
(avant 1805 - )
LEDUC, Jean-Baptiste Abraham
Bolbec, SEINE-MARITIME LEDUC, Louis Daniel LEDUC, Marie Constance (11 janvier 1808 Bolbec, SEINE-MARITIME LEDUC, Marie-Anne Marthe (avant 1804 - ) LEDUC, Marthe (avant 1804 - avant 10 octobre 1836) LEDUC, Pierre Nicolas Augustin (avant 1786 - ) LEDUC, Pierre Paul (17 avril 1803 Bolbec, SEINE-MARITIME (29 juillet 1805 Bolbec, SEINE-MARITIME LEDUC, Rosalie Sophie Bolbec, SEINE-MARITIME Bolbec, SEINE-MARITIME (04 mai 1806 Bolbec, SEINE-MARITIME LEDUC, Virginie Constance (23 janvier 1802 Bolbec, SEINE-MARITIME LEDUC, Zacharie Alexandre (20 novembre 1811 - ) (11 janvier 1814 Bolbec, SEINE-MARITIME LEDUC, Zulma Amanda (09 septembre 1837 - ) (avant 1888 - ) (avant 1837 - ) LEFEBVRE, Jacques

34. Emile Zola
Translate this page Berthélemy, emile-Pierre 139 - Naufrage du Borysthène le 15 déc. 1865. 366- Route de Poissy. Chardin, Paul-Louis-leger 367 - Un Pâtre.
Paris Salon de 1866 Catalogues of the Paris Salon 1673 to 1888
Hg. v. H.W. Janson. New York, London 1977 EXPLICATION DES OUVRAGES DE PEINTURE
Aarestrup, Mlle. Marie
Abel, Marius
4 - Le miroir.
5 - Les petits appartements de Versailles, sous Louis XV. Achard, Jean
6 - La cascade du ravin de Cernay-la-Ville.
7 - Environs d’Ostende par un temps pluvieux. Achenbach, Oswald
Aguttes, Yves
9 - La falaise de Menivale.
10 - * La pieta. Aillaud, Alphonse Alboy-Rebouet, Alfred 13 - Portrait de Mlle. de B.... Alheim, Jean d’ 14 - Sous bois. 15 - Marine en Bretagne. Allain, Mme. Pauline 17 - Le matin Adolphe, Marie-Alexandre 19 - Portrait de l’auteur. Anastasi, Auguste 21 - * Cascatelles de Tivoli. Andrieu, Pierre Angeli, Henry 25 - Portrait de Mme. la comtesse de Salm. 26 - Portrait de Mme. la princesse Kinski. Anker, Albert 27 - Dans les bois. Anselma, Mme. Marie

35. The McKenzie Banner Online - Your GOOD NEWSpaper
Paul emile leger HUNTINGDON Mr. Paul emile leger, 90, died Friday,April 5 at the Huntingdon Health Rehabilitation Center. A

Weather Local News
Services for James Mattox, 80, were Saturday, March 30 at 2:00 p.m. at Brummitt Funeral Home with the Reverend Ron Harber officiating. Burial was in Hopewell Cemetery in Medina.
Mr. Mattox, a retired farmer and merchant marine, died Thursday, March 28 at Methodist Hospital in McKenzie.
He was born October 31, 1921 in Chester County to the late Irene Mattox Hesseltine and Dave Mattox. He was a member of the Woodmen of the World and a World War II coast guard veteran.
Survivors include his wife Beula Mattox; two daughters, Sandra Johnson of Lexington and Barbara Hayes of McKenzie; three sons, Mike Mattox of McKenzie, Warren Welch of Florida and Jimmy Mattox of California; one sister, Dora Patrick of Arkansas; and four brothers, J. D. Mattox of Memphis, Hiluard Mattox of Missouri, Franklin Mattox of Florida, and David Mattox of Texas; nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

36. Genealogiska Data
Michel Kön Man Född 21 November 1922 Föräldrar Fader BONFORT, emile ModerDUGUEYT DE CHAMPS DE SAINT leger, Bernard Kön Man Familj Gemål DUGUEYT
Genealogiska data
Tillbaka till startsidan
PONCET, Jacques Kön: Man
Född : 12 April 1908
Död : 26 Juli 1968
Föräldrar Fader: PONCET, Urbain
Familj: Gemål: Kön: Kvinna
Barn(en) PONCET, Chantal Kön: Kvinna
PONCET, Martine Kön: Kvinna
PONCET, Brigitte Kön: Kvinna
PONCET, Annick Kön: Kvinna
Född : 22 Maj 1940
Tillbaka till startsidan
BLANCHARD, Jean Kön: Man Familj: Gemål: Kön: Kvinna Född : 31 December 1911 Föräldrar Fader: PONCET, Urbain Moder: Barn(en) BLANCHARD, Dominique Kön: Man BLANCHARD, Bruno Kön: Man BLANCHARD, Claude Kön: Man BLANCHARD, Philippe Kön: Man BLANCHARD, Yves Kön: Man BLANCHARD, Pierre Kön: Man
Tillbaka till startsidan
CHARLET, Jacques Kön: Man Familj: Giftermål: 29 Augusti 1941 Gemål: BONFORT, Marie Kön: Kvinna Född : 9 Januari 1913 Föräldrar Fader: BONFORT, Emile Moder: DUGUEYT, Alice Barn(en) CHARLET, Odile Kön: Kvinna CHARLET, Chantal Kön: Kvinna CHARLET, Marie-Alice Kön: Kvinna CHARLET, Anne-Marie Kön: Kvinna Född : 29 December 1942 Kön: Kvinna Född : 13 April 1944 Död : 13 April 1944
Tillbaka till startsidan
PASSERAT DE LA CHAPELLE, Jean Kön: Man Familj: Gemål: Kön: Kvinna Föräldrar Fader: BONFORT, Emile

37. My Family
She was married to Paul emile Valade on 1 Jul 1948 in Notre Dame, Valleyfield, Beauharnois,PQ, Canada. leger Lemay Parents Pierre Lemay and Obeline Beaudet.


Joseph Alfred Lemay . Parents: Urbain Lemay and Adelaide Leboeuf Joseph Alphonse Lemay . Parents: Jean Baptiste Leonard Lemay and Philomene Lemay He was married to Georgianna Boisbriand on 6 Jul 1880 in Notre Dame de Quebec, PQ, Canada. Children were: Arthur Lemay Anne Marie Lemay Joseph Emile Lemay Joseph Aldred Adjutor Lemay He was married to Amelia Lemay on 23 Jul 1894 in Portneuf, Pointe aux Trembles, PQ, Canada. Joseph Calres Henri Clement Lemay was born on 6 Nov 1921 in Ste Croix, Lotbiniere, PQ, Canada. Parents: Joseph Lemay and Lydia Demers Joseph Edouard Lemay Parents: Jean Baptiste Lemay and Marie Genevieve Lemay He was married to Theotiste Blanchet on 16 Nov 1830 in St Louis, Lotbiniere, PQ, Canada. Children were: Jean Baptiste Lemay Joseph Emile Lemay Parents: Joseph Alphonse Lemay and Georgianna Boisbriand Joseph Frejus Lemay was born on 16 Oct 1869 in St Jean, Deschaillons, Lotbiniere, PQ, Canada. Parents: Onesime Lemay and Virginie Leclerc Joseph Ignace Lemay Parents: Joseph Louis Lemay dit Poudrier and Marie Genevieve Frechette He was married to Marie Josette Perusse on 16 Feb 1764. Children were:

38. My Family
Translate this page (8249) God Parents Josephat Laliberte and Palmire Bedard Parents emile RoiReaudit Laliberte and Joseph leger RoiReau dit Laliberte was born about Dec 1840.


Joseph Georges RoiReau dit Laliberte was born on 3 Nov 1904. He was baptized on 4 Nov 1904 in St James, Manville, Providence, RI. God Parents: Victor Tetreault and Delvina Laliberte Parents: Georges RoiReau dit Laliberte and Pomela Marcil He was married to Virginie Leclair about 26 Aug 1924 in St Jean Baptiste, Pawtucket, Providence, RI. Joseph Gerard RoiReau dit Laliberte was born in Jan 1912. He was baptized on 2 Jan 1912 or 7 Jan 1912 in St Augustin, Manchester, New Hampshire. God Parents: Josephat Laliberte and Palmire Bedard Parents: Emile RoiReau dit Laliberte and Elmire Delisle Joseph Henri RoiReau dit Laliberte was born on 18 Nov 1896. He was baptized on 20 Nov 1896 in St James, Manville, Providence, RI. God Parents: Victor Tetreault and Delima Laliberte Parents: Etienne RoiReau dit Laliberte and Marie Louise Tetreault Joseph Henri Armand RoiReau dit Laliberte was born on 16 Sep 1911 in Central Falls, Providence, RI. Parents: Louis Victor RoiReau dit Laliberte and Marguerite Cadorette He was married to Alvina Bouffard on 29 Mar 1934 in Notre Dame de la Consolation, Pawtucket, Providence, RI.

39. Our Lady Of Pompei Parish
of Montreal. October 12, 1961 Cardinal Paul emile leger decrees theconstruction of Our Lady of Pompei Church. October 17, 1961
History of Our Lady of Pompei Church

History of Scalabrinian Missionaries

History of Our Lady of Pompei
April 7, 1960
First Scalabrinian missionary, Father Giovanni Triacca, arrives in Montreal.
April 27, 1960
Our Lady of Pompei Italian mission was founded, with Father Triacca as director. Also called Montreal-North Italian Assistance center.
July 29, 1960
Second missionary, Father Bruno Zonta arrives.
October 9, 1960 First feast of Our Lady of Pompei in the St. Vital center of Montreal-North. October 20, 1960 Initiate plans for acquiring the land upon which to build the church. May 1961 Bought 4 lots of land, corner of Sauve and Emile (what is now called J.J. Gagnier), with financing from the Scalabrinian Missionaries. August 1961 Initiate work on the new Center (2875 Sauve east, Montreal). September 29, 1961 A third missionary arrives, Father Giovanbattista Sacchetti, with a scholarships which permits him to take sociology courses at the University of Montreal. October 12, 1961

40. Emile's Reisverslagen: Thailand, Laos, Bolivia, Peru, USA En Meer
lag. We een verkeerde afslag van de snelweg genomen, want we zaten gelijkop een leger basis ) Groeten,. emile Facts Figures Aktiviteit
Vancouver en Olympic National Park
Dag 4: dinsdag 20 maart
Op drie uur rijden van Seattle ligt Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada). Dit schijnt de mooiste en best leefbare stad ter wereld te zijn. Waar ze dit vandaan halen weet ik niet, want toen ik naar de bibliotheek keek moest ik spontaan janken. Hebben ze het Kolloseum in Rome nagebouwd. Debiele amerikanen, oeps, canadezen ook altijd. Maargoed, de stad ligt tussen de bergen aan het water. Veel woontorens en een hele exclusieve jachthaven. Voor mensen met veel geld is dit inderdaad goed vertoeven. Vanuit Vancouver hebben we de boot genomen naar Victoria. Dit ligt op een eiland (Vancouver Island) zo'n ander half uur varen vanuit zuid Vancouver. 's Avonds in de bar kwam Hester er achter dat ze Hoegaarden verkochten. Het glas wat ze kreeg was precies hetzelfde als in Nederland, maar dan 3 keer zo groot. Toen we dan ook de kroeg verlieten en naar het hotel liepen, liep Hester deze straal voorbij :-)
De kust bij La Push
Dag 5: woensdag 21 maart
Weer anderhalf uur op de boot gezeten naar Port Angeles (VS). Onderweg kwamen we nog een vliegdekschip tegen waar de F18's aan en af vlogen. Hier is het Olympic National Park. Je kunt niet echt door het park rijden, maar er omheen, met allemaal doodlopende wegen het park in. Allereerst zijn we naar Lake Crescent gereden. We waren nog maar een paar meter het park in en er sprongen meteen twee herten voor de auto. Vervolgens doorgereden naar de kust. (La Push) De kust is ruig en erg mooi. Rotsachtig en een strand vol met gestrande bomen. (niet zwemmen daar dus) Na een korte wandeling stonden we praktisch alleen op het strand. We zijn geëindigd in Forks. In hotel vroegen ze of een single bed wel ok was. Het was dus meteen duidelijk dat de trouwring van Hester en de ontbrekende ring aan mijn vinger het bewijs was voor een buitenechtelijke relatie :-)

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