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         Jeffreys Sir Harold:     more books (37)
  1. Operational Methods in Mathematics (Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics) by Sir Harold Jeffreys, 1964-12
  2. Scientific Inference by Sir Harold Jeffreys, 1956
  3. Collected Papers of Sir Harold Jeffreys by H Jeffreys, 1974-01-01
  4. Earth Today: A Collection of Papers Dedicated to Sir Harold Jeffreys.... by n/a, 1961-01-01
  5. Collected Papers of Sir Harold Jeffreys on Geophysics and Other Sciences Volume 4 by Sir Harold Jeffreys and Bertha Swirles, 1975-01-01
  6. British Geophysicists: Robert Were Fox the Younger, Harold Jeffreys, Sydney Chapman, Nigel Anstey, Sir James Hall, 4th Baronet, Edward Bullard
  7. Bayesian Analysis in Econometrics and Statistics: Essays in Honor of Harold Jeffreys
  8. The Edinburgh review: or critical journal, Volume 30 by Lord Francis Jeffrey Jeffrey, Macvey Napier, William Empson, Sir George Cornewall Lewis, Henry Reeve, Arthur Ralph Douglas Elliot (Hon.), Harold Cox Sydney Smith, 2009-08-19
  9. Interpreting Probability: Controversies and Developments in the Early Twentieth Century (Cambridge Studies in Probability, Induction and Decision Theory) by David Howie, 2002-08-26

41. Patrick Pollak - Authors Index
The Hixon Symposium. jeffreys, sir harold and SWIRLES, Bertha (Ladyjeffreys). Methods of Mathematical Physics. JELLINGER, Kurt.
Plymouth Road
South Brent
Tel: 01364 73457
Fax: 01364 72918

B C ...
Der anatomische Aufbau des peripheren neurovegetativen Systems. JACKSON, Alan. Amateur Photomicrography with Simple Apparatus. JACKSON, C. M. The Effects of Inanition and Malnutrition upon Growth and Structure. JAKOB, Christfried. Atlas des Gesunden und Kranken Nervensystems nebst Grundriss der Anatomie, Pathologie und Therapie. JAMESON, Dr. Leander Starr. [1853 - 1917] Dr. Jim. JAMESON, Surgeon-General. [1837 - 1904] Army Medical. JAMMER, Max. Concepts of Space. JAMMER, Max. Der Begriff der Masse in der Physik. JANISCH, Ernst. Das Exponentialgesetz als Grundlage einer vergleichenden Biologie. JAQUEROD, Marc. Hæmoptysis in Pulmonary Tuberculosis. JARCHO, Saul (ed.). Human Palaeopathology. JEAFFRESON, J. Cordy. A Book About Doctors. JEFFRESS, Lloyd A. (ed.). Cerebral Mechanisms in Behavior. The Hixon Symposium. JEFFREYS, Sir Harold and SWIRLES, Bertha (Lady Jeffreys). Methods of Mathematical Physics. JELLINGER, Kurt.

42. Patrick Pollak - Titles Index
Methods of Mathematical Physics. jeffreys, sir harold and SWIRLES, Bertha (Ladyjeffreys). Microscopic Researches on the Formative Property of Glycogen.
Plymouth Road
South Brent
Tel: 01364 73457
Fax: 01364 72918

B C ...
Machines Who Think.
MCCORDUCK, Pamela. The Macleay Memorial Volume. FLETCHER, J. J. (ed.). Macromolecules and Behaviour. ANSELL, G. B. and BRADLEY, P. B. (eds.). Macromolecules and the Function of the Neuron. LODIN, Z. and ROSE, S. P. R. (eds.). Magnificent Money-Makers. WANTOCH, Hans. The Main Afferent Fiber Systems of the Cerebral Cortex in Primates. POLIAK, Stephen. Makers of Chemistry. HOLMYARD, Eric John. Malformations Associées de la Tête et des Extrémités. TRIDON, P. and THIRIET, M. Malformations et Tumeurs Vasculaires de Cerveau. PLUVINAGE, Roger. Malformations of the Face. WALKER, D. Greer. Malignant Disease of the Throat and Nose. NEWMAN, David. Malted Milk. HORLICK, Mr. James. The Mammalian Cerebral Cortex. BURNS, B. Delisle. Man Before Metals. JOLY, N. Man in Evolution. SAHNI, M. R. The Man of Genius. LOMBROSO, Cesare. Management for Health Service Administrators. ALLEN, David and HUGHES, James A. (eds.). The Management of Neurosyphilis.

43. AGU On Line Book Catalog: Relating Geophysical Structures And Processes: The Jef
Honors sir harold jeffreys' pioneering work in mastering simple representationsto produce mathematical models of complicated geophysical structures and

44. IUGG XXI HomePage: Vienna And Vancouver Assem. Publications
Honoring sir harold jeffreys' pioneering work in mastering simple representationsto produce mathematical models of complicated geophysical structures and
Topics on This Page:
  • IUGG Union Lectures
  • Publications From the IUGG Assembly, Vienna, Austria.
  • Publications From the IUGG Assembly, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Ordering Information The International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics Series, published jointly by IUGG and AGU, is based on work presented at the Union Symposia as part of the IUGG General Assemblies held in Vienna, Austria, and Vancouver, Canada. These volumes were produced collaboratively in order to provide peer-reviewed and expertly published scientific material of wide interest to those in the fields represented by IUGG.
    IUGG Union Lectures
    Edited by P. Melchior A collection of four lectures given in Vienna by H. K. Moffat, A. S. Monin, Siegfied J. Bauer, and Paul Melchior. Published by IUGG. Distributed as an AGU Special Publication, 1992. 96 pages, softbound; ISBN 0-87590-461-0, AGU Code SP0394610. Special Offer price - US$15.00 (With purchase of any other book)
    Publications From the IUGG Assembly, Vienna, Austria.
  • Sea Level Changes: Determination and Effects
  • Dynamics of the Earth's Deep Interior and Earth Rotation
  • Environmental Effects on Spacecraft Positioning and Trajectories
  • Evolution of the Earth and Planets ...
  • Nonlinear Dynamics and Predictability of Geophysical Phenomena
    Edited by P. L. Woodworth, D. T. Pugh, J. G. DeRonde, R. G. Warrick, and J. Hannah
  • 45. Bayesian Photos
    Education Villa in Frascati, Italy in 1968. sir harold jeffreys and wifeBertha jeffreys. IJ Good. Tom Leonard (ISBA's first Editor of
    Here are photos of some Bayesians of note. Many of these were taken at meetings of the ISBA.

    46. Portraits Of Statisticians
    IRWIN, Joseph Oscar 1898. ISHAM, Valerie. jeffreys, sir harold 1891-1989. JEVONS,William Stanley 1835-1882. JORDAN Károly 1871-1959. KALLIANPUR, Gopinath 1925-.
    Click here for information about sources
    Click here for information about the life and work of statisticans
    A B ... Z
    Complementary information can be found at
  • ABBE, Ernst
  • ADRAIN, Robert
  • AIRY, Sir George Biddell ...
  • ANDERSON, Oskar Nikolayevich 1887-1960 = ANDERSON, Oskar Johann Viktor
  • ANDERSON, Roy Malcolm
  • ANDERSON, Theodore Wilbur
  • ANDERSON, Virgil
  • ANSCOMBE, Frank J ...
  • BOSKOVIC, Rudjer Josip, S.J. 1711-1787 = BOSCOVICH, Ruggiero Giuseppe = BOSCOVICH, Roger Joseph
  • BOWLEY, Sir Arthur Lyon
  • BOX, George Edward Pelham
  • BRADLEY, Ralph A
  • BRAVAIS, Auguste ...
  • CHEBYSHEFF, Pavnutii Lvovich 1821-1894 = TCHEBYCHEFF, Pafnuty Lvovitch = CEBYSEV, Pafnuty Lvovitch
  • CHERNOFF, Herman
  • CHETVERIKOV, Nikolai Sergeevich
  • CHIANG, Chin Long
  • CHUPROV, Alexander Alexandrovich 1874-1926 = TSCHUPROW, Alexander Alexandrovich
  • COCHRAN, William Gemmell
  • CONDORCET, Marquis de 1743-1794 = CARITAT, Marie-Antoine-Jean-Nicolas
  • COURNOT, Antoine Augustine
  • COURTNEY, Leonard Henry, Lord Courtney
  • COX, Sir David (Roxbee)
  • COX, Gertrude Mary ...
  • HUDDE, Jan 1628 or 1629-1769
  • HURST, Harold Edwin
  • 47. Yong Mao - History Of St John's
    jeffreys, sir harold, (18911989), astronomer and geophysicist, work on planetsand earthquakes earned him the Gold Medal of the Royal Society (1937) and the
    The Cambridge College of Saint John the Evangelist
    - a brief history
    Some Famous Past Johnians
    • Cecil , William, (1520-98), Lord Burghley, chief secretary of state and principal adviser to Queen Elizabeth I, a master diplomat and politician.
    • Edward de Vere , 17th Earl of Oxford, (1550-1604), English lyric poet, patron of writers; married Anne Cecil, daughter of Lord Burghley; was proposed in the 20th century as a strong candidate for the actual authorship of Shakespeare's plays.
    • Cecil, Robert, (1563-1612), son to William, 1st Earl of Salisbury, succeeded his father as the chief secretary in 1598 and skillfully directed the government during the first nine years of the reign of King James I, gave continuity to the change from Tudor to Stuart rule in England.
    • Purchas, Samuel, (1577-1626), compiler of travel and discovery writings who continued the encyclopaedic collections begun by the British geographer Richard Hakluyt in Purchas his Pilgrimes
    • Wentworth, Sir Thomas, 1st Earl of Strafford, (1593-1641), leading adviser of England's King Charles I; his attempt to consolidate the sovereign power of the king led to his impeachment and execution by Parliament.
    • Cavendish, William, 1st Duke of Newcastle(-upon-Tyne), Royalist commander during the English Civil Wars and the patron of the likes of Ben Jonson, John Dryden and René Descartes.

    48. Harold Wolpe - ResearchIndex Document Query
    paradoxes often become simple in St. John's College some fifty yearsago, by sir harold jeffreys. He stated the general philosophy of Wolpe

    49. Untitled
    The summary for this Korean page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
    Á¦ÇÁ¸®½º (Sir Harold Jeffreys : 1891 - 1989)

    50. Áö±¸°úÇÐÀÚ ÀÎ¸í »çÀü
    1908 ). ?(? ?-?) (sir harold jeffreys 1891 - 1989). (TC Chamberlin 1843 - 1928).

    °¡¿ì½º (J. Gauss : 1777 - 1855)

    °¥¸®Ä£ (Boris B. Galitzin : 1862 - 1916)

    °¥¸±·¹ÀÌ (Galileo Galilei : 1564 - 1642)

    °Ô½º³Ê (Abraham Gesner : 1797 - 1864)
    Á¦ÇÁ¸®½º (Sir Harold Jeffreys : 1891 - 1989)

    (T.C. Chamberlin : 1843 - 1928)
    (William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin : 1824 - 1907)
    (Gaspard Gustave de Coriolis : 1792 - 1843)
    (Wladimir Peter Koppen : 1846 - 1940)
    (Rudolf Julius Emanuel Clausius : 1822 - 1988) (Gustav Robert Kirchhoff : 1824 - 1887) (William Ferrel : 1817 - 1891) (Klaudios Ptolemaeos : 85(?)-165(?)) (M. K. E. Ludwing Planck : 1858 - 1947) (Alfred Harker : 1859 - 1939) (Edwin Powell Hubble : 1889 - 1953) (Stephen William Hawking : 1942 - ÇöÀç) (Hipparchos : 190(?)-125(?) B. C.)

    51. Stephen Wolfram: A New Kind Of Science -- Relevant Books
    jeffreys, sir harold Bertha Swirles (Lady jeffreys) Methods of MathematicalPhysics, 3rd edition Cambridge University Press, 1972. ISBN 0521097231 .

    B C D ... I J K L M N ... W X Y Z
    Jackson, E. Atlee
    Perspectives of Nonlinear Dynamics, Vol. 1
    Cambridge University Press, 1989. [ISBN 0521345049 Jackson, E. Atlee
    Perspectives of Nonlinear Dynamics. Vol. 2
    Cambridge University Press, 1990. [ISBN 0521354587 Jackson, J.D.
    Classical Electrodynamics, 2nd edition
    Jacob, Christian
    Illustrating Evolutionary Computation with Mathematica
    Morgan Kaufmann, 2001. [ISBN 1558606378 Jacob, François
    The Logic of Life: A History of Heredity Princeton University Press, 1973. [ISBN 0691000425 Jacobi Canon Arithmeticus Typis Academicis, 1839 Jadczyk, Arkadiusz Fields and Geometry 1986. Proceedings of the XXIInd Winter School and Workshop of Theoretical Physics. (Karpacz, Poland, February 17-March 1, 1986.) World Scientific, 1986. [ISBN 9971501287 Vortices and Monopoles: Structure of Static Gauge Theories. (Progress in Physics, 2.) Birkhäuser, 1980. [ISBN 3764330252 Tables of Functions with Formulae and Curves Dover Publications, Inc., 1943 Management of Research and Development Organizations: Managing the Unmanageable Jamblichus of Chalcis In Nichomachi Geraseni Arithmeticam introductionem, et de Fato

    52. WKBJ Ray Theory Synthetic Seismograms
    WKBJ program was developed by Chris Chapman in the 1970's and named to honour GregorWentzel, Henrik A. Kramers, Marcel Louis Brillouin and sir harold jeffreys
    Theoretical Seismogram Calculations Using Ray Theory
    Written by: Chris Chapman
    Modified by: A.R. Gorman
    Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences
    University of British Columbia
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    November 1997
    This documentation has now been superseded by that of John Amor. The program, plotsec_wkbj, is now an intrinsic part of the PLOTSEC software package and documentation can be viewed here
    This hypertext document has been prepared by Andrew Gorman from notes originally obtained from Hanneke Paulssen at the Univeristy of Utrecht.
    Program Description
    The WKBJ program was developed by Chris Chapman in the 1970's and named to honour Gregor Wentzel Henrik A. Kramers Marcel Louis Brillouin and Sir Harold Jeffreys . See Chapman, C.H., A new method for computing synthetic seismograms, Geophys. J. R. astr. Soc. Since Sir Harold was the closest of these four to a seismologist, the routine is also sometimes called JWKB . The version of the program installed here is based on the original program of Chris Chapman, which was modified at the University of Utrecht and brought to UBC by Michael Bostock. It calculates synthetic seismograms for P-, SV- and SH-waves.

    53. About IGPP: Door Photo Collection - Cecil H. And Ida M. Green Institute Of Geoph
    319, FF Hoyle with climbing rope. 320, Erwin Huble. 321, Thomas Gold.322, sir harold jeffreys. 323, Frank Press shaving. 324, William A.Fowler.
    @ import "/CSS/IGPP_plus.css";
    Collection of Undistinguished Photographs on the Doors of IGPP
    Click on the room number to view the photo. Level 300 of the Judith and Walter Munk Laboratory, Top Floor Door Description Judith and Walter Munk Tapa cloth from Samoa that hangs in the Munk Lab Seminar Room Donal Hord, the artist who created "Spring Stirring" Lloyd Berkner, the "organization man" Lloyd Ruocco, the architect of the Judith and Walter Munk Laboratory of IGPP The Community House stood where the IGPP Munk Lab is today Architect's model of the new Revelle Laboratory of IGPP Panorama views of SIO in 1906 and 1965 Harald Sverdrup Avalon Harbor, Catalina Island, during a Southeaster Ben Green, former IGPP Custodian Marcia McNutt as a small child at the gates of SIO, inset of her after graduating from SIO 316-A Suess and Suess 316-B Elaine Blackmore cruising 316-C Holly Given, Dan Harkins, Frank Vernon, and others in the former USSR. 1987 Official TASS photo 317-A Bill Menard 317-B Jim Schneider, former IGPP custodian 317-C John Miles, Joe Watson, and Tom Hull in the Sierra Nevada, photo by Lea Rudee

    54. The Churchill Papers: A Catalogue
    1st Lord Ironside, and Mariot, Lady Ironside; 1st Lord jeffreys; sir Roderick Jones ReneMassigli French Ambassador to Great Britain; sir harold Mitchell and 1/53

    55. The Lamont Neighborhood
    Perhaps the most endearing was old sir harold jeffreys from Cambridge,already a legend as geophysicist. He settled for weeks into
    The Lamont Neighborhood
    by Sally Underhill Nafe (Mrs. John Elliott (Jack) Nafe) In the fall of 1954, on the day the Geochemistry Building was inaugurated, the Nafes moved onto the Lamont grounds. Doc and Midge Ewing were settling into their new glass house on the edge of the cliff, and we moved into their vacated cottage, a temporary move that lasted twenty-six years Across the courtyard lived Joe and Dottie Worzel and their children. Across the road were Frank and Billie Press and their duo. At the end of a winding, rutted road (now paved) was the house of Angelo and Lenora Ludas and their five children. In the Big House lived Alma Smith, the Lamonts’ former housekeeper, of long-core-cake fame. Across the fence dividing Lamont from the Fox estate was a small frame house. Chuck and Martha Drake and their small daughters lived there, and later Denny Hayes’s family. This added to the neighborhood on the hill. It was a neighborhood of mutual support, particularly as husbands went to sea on Vema, and of shared joy when we’d converge at the Piermont dock to welcome its return. The Big House was the center of the campus, a switchboard inside its front door (after you passed the stone fox), with Kitty Zinnell at the controls.

    56. INFILTEC: HUMOR: Anecdotes About Mathematicians & Logicians
    Trinity High Table. It is recorded in sir harold jeffreys' ScientificInference , in a note to chapter one. jeffreys remarks that
    This page was created by David Saum

    57. Ask Jeeves: Search Results For "Theory E"
    Louis, MO 63130, USA Dedicated to the Memory of sir harold jeffreys,who saw the truth and preserved it. Fragmentary Edition .. E

    58. 600000 People Connected With European Royalty
    Children 1 M Benjamin jeffreys 1 2 3 4 5 Other Spouse Charles Cornwallis sir ( 1629)12 Sources. 25 harold Mike Spuegeon Lineage-fr. June Spurgeon,Oct 1990.
    SPECULATIVE TREE . Most of the information in this tree is unverified by me - it's been traded freely on the internet. All corrections and additions would be greatfully accepted.
    This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's likely you don't see the information you're looking for. If you go here you can use my index to find who you're looking for.
    Sign my guestbook
    or Send me an email It costs me $50.00 (US) a month to host It currently gets 3000 unique visitors a day. If only 10% of the people (300) donated .05 of their local currency each, I'd almost cover my costs. So if you can, please donate a bit to keep this place going! Thanks for your help! Rob Salzman
    4130 SW 117th Ave #415
    Beaverton, OR

    600000 people connected with European Royalty
    Husband John Moseley
    Born: Christened: Died: Buried: Married:
    Wife Mamie Jameson
    Born: Christened: Died: Buried: Children 1 F Mary Rebecca Moseley Born: 9 Sep 1888 - Anderson Co., SC Christened: Died: 1 Oct 1970 - Pickens Co., SC Buried: - Easley Cemetery, Pickens Co., SC

    59. Historical Manuscripts Commission | National Register Of Archives | List Of Pers
    Frederick (18481906) MP (1) jeffreys, George (1648-1689) 1st Baron jeffreys ofWem, judge (4) jeffreys, sir harold (1891-1989) Knight Astronomer (2) jeffreys

    JE JI JO ... JU List of Persons with surname beginning JE
    Jeaffreson, Christopher (d 1824) Lieutenant General

    Jeaffreson, Christopher (fl 1675-1686), Dullingham

    Jeaffreson, John Cordy (1831-1901) Novelist Biographer and Archivist

    Jeake, Samuel (1623-1690) Puritan Antiquary
    Jenkins, Richard (1785-1853) Chairman of the East India Co

    Jenkins, Richard Walter (1925-1984) see Burton Richard (
    Jenkins, Robert (1825-1894) Vice Admiral

    Jenkins, Robert Charles (1816-1896) Canon of Canterbury and Author

    Jenkins, Robert Thomas (1881-1969) Historian and Author
    Jenkins, Roy Harris (b 1920) Baron Jenkins of Hillhead, politician ... Jewson, Percy William (1881-1962) MP Mayor of Norwich Persons listed: back Search the NRA Browse Personal Names A B ... Archives in Focus Design by Reading Room Ltd Technology by Sherwood Government

    60. British Humanist Association | About The BHA | Distinguished Supporters
    Heath Professor sir Alex jeffreys FRs Professor Steve Jones Anish Kapoor sir LudovicKennedy Professor sir Hans Kornberg FRS Professor sir harold Kroto FRS sir

    humanism about the BHA who's who ... about the BHA distinguished supporters Distinguished Supporters of Humanism Distinguished supporters of Humanism include some of the most important scientists and physicians of modern times, and leading figures in many other fields. Humanists have made a powerful contribution to human wellbeing. Some supporters include: Jane Asher
    Sir Michael Atiyah OM FRS
    Professor Simon Blackburn
    Professor Colin Blakemore FRS
    Sir Thomas Blundell FRS
    Rt Hon Nick Brown MP
    Sir Roy Calne FRS
    Sir Arthur C Clarke
    Professor Bernard Crick
    Professor Francis Crick OM FRS Sir Richard Doll CH OBE FRS Professor R I M Dunbar FBA Sir Anthony Epstein CBE hon FRSE FRS Sir Raymond Firth FBA Lord Flowers FRS John Fowles Sir James Gowans CBE FRCP FRS Sir Francis Graham-Smith FRS Dr Anthony Grayling MA DPhil Professor John L Harper CBE FRS Professor Robert Hinde FRS Lord Hunt of Kings Heath Professor Sir Alex Jeffreys FRs Professor Steve Jones Anish Kapoor Sir Ludovic Kennedy Professor Sir Hans Kornberg FRS Professor Sir Harold Kroto FRS

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