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         Fine Oronce:     more detail
  1. Bibliotheque Sainte-Genevieve Science Et Astrologie Au XVI Siecle. Oronce Fine Et Son Horloge Planetaire by Bibliotheque Sainte-Genevieve, 1971
  2. First Book of Solar Horology by Oronce Fine, 1990-03
  3. Naissance à Briançon: Luc Alphand, Oronce Fine, Jean-Antoine Morand, Cédric Boldron, Sébastien Rohat, Claude Sylvestre Colaud, Pierre Vaultier (French Edition)
  4. Studies on Oronce Fine (1494-1555). Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, in the Faculty of Philosophy, Columbia University by Richard Peter. Ross, 1975
  5. People From Hautes-Alpes: Roger Trinquier, Jean-Christophe Lafaille, Albert Spaggiari, Oronce Finé, Luc Alphand, Jean-Louis Pons
  6. Oronce Fine's Second Book of Solar Horology Interpreted in English
  7. Cartographe Français: Louis Albert Guislain Bacler D'albe, Jean-Baptiste Courtalon, Jean-Baptiste Berthier, Hubert Jaillot, Oronce Fine (French Edition)
  8. The Worlds of Oronce Fine: Mathematics, Instruments and Print in Renaissance France
  9. Oronce Finé: Mathematician, France, Cartography, Briançon, Paris, Francis I of France, Longitude
  10. Oronce Fine: La theorique des cieux et septs planetes: Published at Paris in 1607 by Marie A Sahm, 1907

61. Weltkarten I
Translate this page oronce fine, Paris, 1536 Recens et integra orbis descriptio Die äußerstseltene herzförmige Weltkarte gilt mit ihrer herrlichen, architektonisch

Geo Infos Internet Infos Projekt ...
Cartographic Images

Deise Homepage ist eine der besten Seiten, die über Karten und Kartengeschichte berichtet. Der Katalog ist einfach und sehr wissenschaftlich aufgebaut. Also, ein Muss für allen Kartenliebhabern.
Sprache: Englisch
Stichwörter: Weltkarten, Karten, Atlanten, Beschreibungen etc. Historischelandkarten
Hier finden Sie einen Webkatalog mit Suchmaschine nur für Webseiten mit historischen Landkarten aus aller Welt.
Sprache: Deutsch, Englisch
Stichwörter: Weltkarten, Karten, Atlanten, Sammlungen, Links etc. Atlas of Cyberspaces Beschreibung: This is an atlas of maps and graphic representations of the geographies of the new electronic territories of the Internet, the World-Wide Web and other emerging Cyberspaces. These maps of Cyberspaces - cybermaps - help us visualise and comprehend the new digital landscapes beyond our computer screen, in the wires of the global communications networks and vast online information resources. The cybermaps, like maps of the real-world, help us navigate the new information landscapes, as well being objects of aesthetic interest. They have been created by 'cyber-explorers' of many different disciplines, and from all corners of the world. URL:

62. , Antiquariaat Forum
The fine arabesque title borders were probably designed by the author himself,oronce Finé (14941555), mathematician and astronomer, and professor at the

63. OPE-MAT - Historique
Translate this page Leonardo Fueter, Karl Gräffe, Karl Fields, John Fuller, R Buckminster Gram, JorgenFincke, Thomas Fuss, Nicolaus Grandi, Luigi fine, oronce Grassmann, Hermann

64. World Affairs
World Maps Map of the World by oronce fine, 15341536. Home to PouletGauche Bibliography. Spain. Bolstered by the unprecedented flow
World Affairs
World Maps: Home to Poulet Gauche Bibliography
Bolstered by the unprecedented flow of wealth from the New World, Spain is the greatest power in Europe. Under the 43-year rule of Philip II, the cold, somber, fanatical and Most Catholic of Majesties, it became the first empire in history to stretch around the globe after Philip acquired the Portuguese throne in the 1570s. Philip is committed to exterminating heresy and restoring a Catholic and orthodox Europe. The Netherlands, the economic jewel of his empire, has been swept by a Lutheran and Calvinist tide. Although his father Charles V (Holy Roman Emperor) preferred a live taxpayer to a dead Protestant, Philip cannot hold to such a practical stance and has taken brutal measures. Spain is allied with the House of Guise against Henri IV. William of Orange (William the Silent) nearly succeeded in uniting the Netherlands against Spain, but religious discord wrecked this dream and he ended up with only the Northern provinces, who declared him hereditary stadtholder (he was assassinated in 1584, but the House of Orange still rules). Although the might of Spain is formidable, there are cracks in its invincibility. The kingdom is mortgaged and over-extended, the wealth of the New World has gone into making war. English Sea Dogs and Dutch Sea Beggars raid its sea trade (the French do their share when they can), and the English defeated the Armada in 1588. Philip is near the end of his reign died in 1598, the same year that the Peace of Vervins will be signed between France and Spain. This treaty will mark the beginning of peace and prosperity in France and the rise of French power in Europe.

65. Naissance De La Culture Française: En Route Vers L'absolutisme
Translate this page 74. oronce fine (1494-1555), Mappemonde, 1534-1536 Département des Carteset Plans, Rés. Le travail d'oronce fine n'en est que plus intéressant.
En route vers l'absolutisme:
Puis, de 1562 à 1598, le royaume s'égare dans les convulsions internes des guerres de religion. Contestation au plan théologique du "sens" du christianisme et de sa pratique, la Réforme génère dans le même temps une controverse politique sur le statut légal des églises réformées. Cette dimension politique s'exacerbe en France, quand, à la faveur des troubles, la noblesse cherche à s'emparer d'un pouvoir affaibli. En 1594, le roi doit reconquérir Paris, et chasser, en 1597, les Espagnols du royaume. Avec Henri IV, la royauté retrouve finalement légitimité et autorité. Protestant converti au catholicisme, le nouveau souverain reconnaît aux protestants une existence légale et leur accorde la liberté du culte.
, Ouest de la France, vers 1430
Parchemin Obsecro te
Parchemin Jean d'Arras,
A l'extrême fin du XIVe siècle, le duc Jean de Berry, comte de Poitou (1340-1416), et frère du roi Charles V, fit composer par Jean d'Arras un roman généalogique à la gloire de la famille poitevine des Lusignan. Une légende très ancienne la faisait remonter à la fée Mélusine, la "Mère-Lusine". Jean d'Arras a su mêler dans son récit deux thèmes traditionnels de la littérature populaire et orale, celui de la transgression d'un tabou et celui de la déesse-mère. Il crée ainsi un roman de type nouveau, bien différent des nombreuses mises en prose contemporaines inspirées par Charlemagne ou le roi Arthur. Ici, malgré l'interdit, Raimondin épie sa femme au bain. Il découvre que son corps se termine par une queue de serpent.

66. Creating French Culture (Library Of Congress Exhibition)
Map of the World74. oronce fine (b. 1494d. 1555), Map of the World, 1534-36,Department of Maps and Plans, Rés. Ge DD 2987 (63), Paper.
HOME Introduction - Path to Royal Absolutism
Rise and Fall of the Absolute Monarchy
From Empire to Democracy
The Path to Royal Absolutism:
The Renaissance and Early 17th Century
(end of the 15th first half of the 17th centuries) T he political and cultural history of France from 1498 to 1661, that is, from Louis XII's accession to the throne to Louis XIV's personal assumption of power, can be divided into three major phases. The first, up to the death of Henry II in 1559, looked to Italy as a land ripe for conquest and as an inspiration for France's own Renaissance. T he second period (1562-1598) saw the realm convulsed by eight civil warsthe Wars of Religionas France grappled with the Protestant Reformation. The Reformation was both a theological dispute about the proper understanding and practice of Christianity and a political controversy about the legal status of the new Reformation churches. In France, the conflict took on a further political dimension when members of the high nobility attempted to take advantage of the chaos to wrest power from the king. Factions tore each other apart. The weakened monarchy had to reconquer Paris (1594) and drive the Spanish from the kingdom (1597). Henry IV finally reestablished the monarchy's legitimacy when he legally recognized French Protestants and gave them freedom of worship.

World Map in the shape of a heart by oronce fine. This map was printedin 153436 and shows the newly discovered lands of America.

68. Early Mapping Of Southeast Asia By Thomas Suarez Click Thumbnails
light on fundamental questions of cartographic history, offering, for example, freshinsight into the important image of world proposed by oronce fine in 1531

69. History Of Astronomy: Unsorted Links (8)
Denison University OHIO OBSERVATORIES Information Use in Astronomy DGC Homepageoronce Finé AltaVista Simple Query +oronce +fine Melanchthons Astrologie
History of Astronomy Unsorted links
Unsorted links (8)
Please note that the links were found some time ago and may be outdated meanwhile. This list is not a permanent one. Any link may be moved or deleted without special announcement, and also this file may be deleted.
Lycos Homepage > Wissenschaft_und_Technik > Astronomie > Kalender_und_Zeitrechnung
Unser Kalender - Ein Wandelgang durch die Zeiten
``If it's not on the Web, it doesn't exist at all'': Electronic Information Resources - Myth and Reality
The Value of Archives in Writing the History of Astronomy ...
Special Astrophysical Observatory RAS
Astro Space Center, Moscow
Space Research Institute(IKI) Home Page
State Public Historic Library, Moscow
Museum of Aviation and Astronautics (in Russian)
Museum of Aviation and Astronautics (where?)
Russian emigrants - scientists and engineers (in Russian)
Universitätsarchiv Tübingen: Astronomisches Institut
Hans Kopfermann 1895-1963 [Physiker] ...
INMAN, JAMES (1776-1859)
From The Dictionary of National Biography, Vol X
Henrietta Swan Leavitt
Mary Watson Whitney
Williamina Fleming
Al-Bitruji (Alpetragius), Died 1204 C.E.

Translate this page complete annotated bibliographies of all publications (and not just maps) for astronomerssuch as Peter Apian, Philipp Apian, oronce fine, Gemma Frisius and
*************************************************************************** * * * ELEKTRONISCHE MITTEILUNGEN ZUR ASTRONOMIEGESCHICHTE * * * * Herausgegeben vom Arbeitskreis Astronomiegeschichte * * in der Astronomischen Gesellschaft * * * * Nr. 42, 21. Juli 1999 * * * * Redaktion: Wolfgang R. Dick and/or

71. Lebensdaten Von Mathematikern
Translate this page Fibonacci (Leonardo von Pisa, um 1170 - um 1240) Fields, John (14.5.1863 - 9.8.1932)Fincke, Thomas (1561 - 1656) fine, oronce (1494 - 1555) Finsler, Paul
Diese Seite ist dem Andenken meines Vaters Otto Hebisch (1917 - 1998) gewidmet. By our fathers and their fathers
in some old and distant town
from places no one here remembers
come the things we've handed down.
Marc Cohn Dies ist eine Sammlung, die aus verschiedenen Quellen stammt, u. a. aus Jean Dieudonne, Geschichte der Mathematik, 1700 - 1900, VEB Deutscher Verlag der Wissenschaften, Berlin 1985. Helmut Gericke, Mathematik in Antike und Orient - Mathematik im Abendland, Fourier Verlag, Wiesbaden 1992. Otto Toeplitz, Die Entwicklung der Infinitesimalrechnung, Springer, Berlin 1949. MacTutor History of Mathematics archive A B C ... Z Abbe, Ernst (1840 - 1909)
Abel, Niels Henrik (5.8.1802 - 6.4.1829)
Abraham bar Hiyya (1070 - 1130)
Abraham, Max (1875 - 1922)
Abu Kamil, Shuja (um 850 - um 930)
Abu'l-Wafa al'Buzjani (940 - 998)
Ackermann, Wilhelm (1896 - 1962) Adams, John Couch (5.6.1819 - 21.1.1892) Adams, John Frank (5.11.1930 - 7.1.1989) Adelard von Bath (1075 - 1160) Adler, August (1863 - 1923) Adrain, Robert (1775 - 1843)

72. Antique Maps Of France Old French Prints
28 x 14 cm, good condition with original colour. Price on request. The mostprominent French cartographer in the 16th century was oronce fine.

73. Index Des Noms De Personnes Et Ouvrages Anonymes C-F
Translate this page M. 1689 Fierz, Samuel 1621, 2116, 2985 Fillbrandt, Thomas 4040 Filli, Flurin201, 239, 522, 1150, 3816 Findlay, SR 1187 fine, oronce 3041 Fior, Michel
Bibliographia scientiae naturalis Inhaltverzeichnis
Retour à la table des matières
Personen- und Anonymen-Register Index des noms de personnes et ouvrages anonymes
Conzelmann-Auer - Fortschritte in der Floristik
(B) = Biographien Biographies Conzelmann-Auer, Cornelia: 464
Cop, Raoul: 3161, 3162, 3163
Copland, L.: 2272
Coray, Armin: 919
Corboud, Pierre: 547, 1595
Cordonier, Alain: 2893
Corfu, Fernando: 1355
Cornaz, P.-Alain: 2990
Cornaz, Samuel: 2110
Corti, Gabriele: 2273, 4263 Corvi, Marco: 1793 Cosca, Michael A.: 1285, 1331, 1349 COST Action 65 : hydrogeological aspects of groundwater protection in karst areas : guidelines: 1741a Costa, Wilson J.E.M.: 826 Costruire in montagna : radar meteorologico e ripetitore VHF Monte Lema: 2303 Cotti, Guido: 4427 Cotty, Alexandre: 884 Coullery, Pierre: 1683 Courvoisier, Hans W.: 1936 Covillot, Jeanne: 697 Craddock, J.H.: 3784 Crameri, Alberto: 4423 Crameri, Reto: 440 Crampton, S.L.: 1373 Crespo-Blanc, Anne: 1331 Crettenand, Narcisse: 4281 Creuses et le Marais de Sionnet: 502 Crevoisier, Olivier: 2620, 2756

74. Mathématiques
Translate this page disciple, le graveur Abraham Bosse. (présentation par Didier Bessot).oronce fine Géométrie Pratique L'étude des catalogues des
Extraits de bulletins parus depuis 1995 n°1 n°2 n°3bis n°6 ... retour Bulletin n°1 (Automne 1995) P r oj e t s s s s s Bulletin n°2 (printemps 1996) D e s N o u v e ll e s ? B o nn e N o u v e ll e Ecoles Schneider a priori Etienne-Jules Marey La Machine Animale 1) Henri Vincenot et les Routes de Compostelle (P. Guyot), 2) les ouvrages de Vauban (P. Regnard), 3) la question du volume des tonneaux dans le calcul et dans la pratique des artisans, Bulletin n°3bis (printemps 1997) M a th m a t i q u e s e n t e r r e d' I s l a m EXTRAIT DE Publications d'Ahmed Djebbar Cahiers d'Histoire et de Philosophie des Sciences Historia Mathematica , la Revue Arabe des Technologies ou Maghreb-Machrek (Nantes-Paris Sud, 1990) Histoires d'Algorithmes (1994) et l' Encyclopedia of the History of Science, Technology and Medecine in non-Western Cultures F e rm a t l e p r em i e r h o m m e d u M o n d e Du Bulletin n°6 (hiver 1998) S p cial : J o u r n A c a d m i q u e L'Homme est la mesure de toutes choses… F v r i e r 1998 L'Homme est la mesure de toutes choses Les mesures du temps Les polygones de Besson L' H o m m e e s t l a M e s u r e… , n°200 Lafuma, Paris, Seuil, 1963) L'A i r e d u T r i a n g l e (Paris, Vuibert, 1907), Emile Fourrey exhume un passage du papyrus Rhind :

75. Neue Seite 1
Translate this page Fields, John (14.5.1863 - 9.8.1932). Fincke, Thomas (1561 - 1656). fine, oronce (1494- 1555). Finsler, Paul (1894 - 1970). Fischer, Ernst (12.7.1875 - 14.11.1954).
Abbe, Ernst (1840 - 1909) Abel, Niels Henrik (5.8.1802 - 6.4.1829) Abraham bar Hiyya (1070 - 1130) Abraham, Max (1875 - 1922) Abu Kamil, Shuja (um 850 - um 930) Abu'l-Wafa al'Buzjani (940 - 998) Ackermann, Wilhelm (1896 - 1962) Adams, John Couch (5.6.1819 - 21.1.1892) Adams, John Frank (5.11.1930 - 7.1.1989) Adelard von Bath (1075 - 1160) Adler, August (1863 - 1923) Adrain, Robert (1775 - 1843) Aepinus, Franz Ulrich Theodosius (13.12.1724 - 10.8.1802) Agnesi, Maria (1718 - 1799) Ahlfors, Lars (1907 - 1996) Ahmed ibn Yusuf (835 - 912) Ahmes (um 1680 - um 1620 v. Chr.) Aida Yasuaki (1747 - 1817) Aiken, Howard Hathaway (1900 - 1973) Airy, George Biddell (27.7.1801 - 2.1.1892) Aithoff, David (1854 - 1934) Aitken, Alexander (1895 - 1967) Ajima, Chokuyen (1732 - 1798) Akhiezer, Naum Il'ich (1901 - 1980) al'Battani, Abu Allah (um 850 - 929) al'Biruni, Abu Arrayhan (973 - 1048) al'Chaijami (? - 1123) al'Haitam, Abu Ali (965 - 1039) al'Kashi, Ghiyath (1390 - 1450) al'Khwarizmi, Abu Abd-Allah ibn Musa (um 790 - um 850) Albanese, Giacomo (1890 - 1948) Albert von Sachsen (1316 - 8.7.1390)

76. Stefano Caroti - Elenco Delle Pubblicazioni -
oronce fine ei mirabilianaturae , Memorie Domenicane , n. s VII-IX (1977-1978), pp. 355-410.
Personale docente Prof. Stefano Caroti

Corsi 1994- Elenco delle pubblicazioni A) VOLUMI: La critica contro l'astrologia di Nicole Oresme e la sua influenza nel Medioevo e nel Rinascimento , Atti dell'Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Anno CCCLXXI (l979), Memorie della Classe di Scienze morali, storiche e filologiche, Roma 1979. L'astrologia in Italia , Newton Compton, Roma 1983 ("Quest'Italia. Collana di storia, arte e folclore, 53"). , Edizioni Gonnelli, Firenze 1986 ("Documenti inediti di cultura toscana, VII"). I codici di Bernardo Campagna Medicina e filosofia alla fine del secolo XIV , Vecchiarelli Editore, Roma 1991 Nel segno di Galileo: erudizione, filosofia e scienza a Firenze nel secolo XVII. I "Trattati Accademici" di Vincenzio Capponi , S.P.E.S., Firenze 1993 ("Specimen, 10"). 6) Nicole Oresme, Questiones super de generatione et corruptione
B) VOLUMI IN COLLABORAZIONE: Lo scrittoio di Bartolomeo Fonzio umanista Fiorentino , Il Polifilo, Milano 1974 (in collaborazione con Stefano Zamponi). 2) Alberto Magno

77. Auctions
Ortelius 441. * oronce fine's map of the World is constructedon an unusual doublecordiform projection. The example on offer
Sotheby's: The Travel Sale:
Books, Maps, Atlases, Natural History
and Topographical Pictures
London, December 2nd 1999

This is the first of the London Book Department's catalogues to be laid out in the new Sotheby's house-style of three columns to the page. It would seem the style came from the Fine Art / Paintings catalogues. I have to wonder, however, if any one stopped to think about the difficulties of enforcing one style on different catalogues. As far as the Book Catalogues for the major sales go, it produces a very ugly layout, with a narrow outer margin, and a wide inner margin. Coupled with this, Sotheby's have also introduced lower production standards; the binding of this and subsequent catalogues is quite simply inadequate. My example of the catalogue fell apart during viewing.
Medina: Lot 191
Durrell: Lot 187 Most unusually, Sotheby's were able to offer several maps from the Jansson-Visscher sequence of maps of New England, with most of the maps from this sequence bearing one of two views of New York, either as the city appeared in about 1650, or as it was after the Dutch recapture of the city in 1673 (the so-called 'Restitutio' view). Sotheby's illustrated four of the maps on a double-page spread, and three details of the inset view on a third page.
Visscher: 206
White: 236
Ptolemy 1490: 360
De Jode: 282 Ortelius: 441 Cellarius: 404 Blaeu: 420 Willdey: 416 Visscher: 418 Homepage

78. [EMLS 4.2 / SI 3 (September, 1998): 13.1-18] Early Modern Cartographic Resources
1590), Mappemonde à projection cordiforme, by oronce fine (Paris, 1536), and Sphèrearmillaire selon Ptolémée, by Jean Martinot (Paris 17 th century).
Early Modern Cartographic Resources on the World Wide Web Rhonda Lemke Sanford University of Colorado Sanford, Rhonda Lemke. "Early Modern Cartographic Resources on the World Wide Web." Early Modern Literary Studies Map Libraries World Wide Exhibitions On-line Discussion ... Tips for Finding Early Modern Cartographic Resources on the World Wide Web
    Early Modern Cartographic Resources on the World Wide Web
    Map Libraries: World Wide
    • Amsterdam University Library Biblioteca Nacional (Portugal) This web site tells the history of the library and describes the main components of its special collections in cartography. Several excellent on-line images are available, including a nautical chart of the Atlantic (ca. 1550), a world map from the 1513 Ptolemy, and the frontispiece from Ortelius's Theatro de la Tierra Universal (1588). Hours and access to the library are given as well as contacts. A link to "Porbase," the national bibliography base, is also provided. (Portuguese) (Paris) The Maps and Plans Collection th century). Hours and contacts are given. (English and French)

M $6.00 0408 fine, oronce. 15302. _Epithoma musice instrumentalis _ A lutetutor diagrams and writing in Latin. M $6.00 0236 FIORINO, GASPARO.

80. "Regi Modernek" (SZENTPETERI Marton)
32 fine, oronce, Protomathesis. Opus varium, ( nunc primum inlucem ( ) emissum ( ) Paris, 1532. OSzK Ant. 9168. Clavius

"Régi Modernek"
Mesterem, Horváth Iván születésének napja 1948. április 4-ére esik, "felszabadulásunk" harmadik évfordulójára, igen nehéz idõk hajnalán... c. Horváth Iván-szemináriumot. Sokan ismerjük a kilencvenes évek elején még forgalomban lévõ kisebb indexet, jól tudjuk, hogy még gyöngybetûs írással megáldott évfolyamtársnõink sem tudták a kicsi rubrikákba ízlésesen "bevezetni" az órák szükséges adatait. Talán így esett, hogy a rovatba csak annyit sikerült akkoriban írnom: "Horváth Iván nem Arisztotelész".

ot helyezhessen el cikkének tényleges elejére: "Könyvtáramban kutatva ismeretlen József Attila-gépiratra bukkantam, mely új fénnyel világítja meg a költõ freudomarxizmusának kérdését." , a Egy fentebb stílben írott tanulmánykezdõ mondat forrásvidékeinek vizsgálatakor tehát, az amúgy is mindig termékenyen ellentmondásos, izgalmas Horváth Iváni személyiség egy valóban látványos ambivalenciájára lehettünk figyelmesek: a magát scientistának, azaz a "transzcendens" vagy "fennkölt dolgokon fejét nem törõ" formalistának kikiáltó tudós platonizmusa, dekonstruktõr gesztusokat is megenged magának.

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