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  1. Bibliotheque Sainte-Genevieve Science Et Astrologie Au XVI Siecle. Oronce Fine Et Son Horloge Planetaire by Bibliotheque Sainte-Genevieve, 1971
  2. First Book of Solar Horology by Oronce Fine, 1990-03
  3. Naissance à Briançon: Luc Alphand, Oronce Fine, Jean-Antoine Morand, Cédric Boldron, Sébastien Rohat, Claude Sylvestre Colaud, Pierre Vaultier (French Edition)
  4. Studies on Oronce Fine (1494-1555). Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, in the Faculty of Philosophy, Columbia University by Richard Peter. Ross, 1975
  5. People From Hautes-Alpes: Roger Trinquier, Jean-Christophe Lafaille, Albert Spaggiari, Oronce Finé, Luc Alphand, Jean-Louis Pons
  6. Oronce Fine's Second Book of Solar Horology Interpreted in English
  7. Cartographe Français: Louis Albert Guislain Bacler D'albe, Jean-Baptiste Courtalon, Jean-Baptiste Berthier, Hubert Jaillot, Oronce Fine (French Edition)
  8. The Worlds of Oronce Fine: Mathematics, Instruments and Print in Renaissance France
  9. Oronce Finé: Mathematician, France, Cartography, Briançon, Paris, Francis I of France, Longitude
  10. Oronce Fine: La theorique des cieux et septs planetes: Published at Paris in 1607 by Marie A Sahm, 1907

41. Le Collezioni - Orologi
1524 oronce fine (XVI secolo) Donazione di Piero Portaluppi, 1978.
L’importantissima collezione di orologi del Museo Poldi Pezzoli, una delle più rappresentative del suo genere esposte in Italia, è in grande parte di formazione recente: al collezionismo di Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli, fondatore del museo, risalgono soltanto pochi pezzi, fra cui alcune pendole e, il pezzo più conosciuto, l’ orologio a carro trionfale con automi tedesco degli inizi del XVII secolo, noto come "Carro di Diana".
L’avvenimento che trasforma la collezione risale al 1973, allorchè Bruno Falck dona al museo oltre cento straordinari esemplari della sua raccolta (esposti nella sala allestita per l’occasione). Si tratta di centoventinove orologi meccanici (dal XVI al XIX secolo), insieme ad alcuni orologi solari e a una sfera armillare.
Accanto ai numerosi orologi meccanici rinascimentali e barocchi di produzione prevalentemente tedesca, sono ben rappresentati nella collezione Falck gli orologi decorati di smalti policromi, gli orologi da viaggio cosiddetti da carrozza con le casse ornate a sbalzo, gli orologi con automi e quelli di fantasia, in forme diverse oppure inseriti in altri oggetti.
Nel 1978 segue la donazione al museo di oltre duecento orologi solari raccolti e appartenuti a Piero Portaluppi (1888-1967), una collezione di primissimo ordine, che illustra la gnomonica in gran parte dei suoi numerosissimi aspetti.

42. Norbert R. Adami / Bibliographia Astrologica / Alphabetisches Verzeichnis - F
fine, oronce Coelestinus, Claudius De his que mundo mirabiliter evenivnt.Lutetiae Parisiorum apud S. Colinaeum, 1542. 52 Bl. Par oronce fine
Home Dr. Norbert R. Adami
Bibliographia Astrologica
Gesamtverzeichnis des astrologischen Schrifttums
F Stand: 14. April 2002 [Faber, W.] Nostradamus
Fabia : The book of fortune-telling : how to tell character and the future of palmistry, cards, numbers, phrenology, handwriting, dreams, astrology, etc. Ed. by Madame Fabia. Folkstone : Bailey and Swinfen, 1972. 512 S., Ill. ISBN: 056100160X
Facoury, Eddy Facoury, Eddy Facoury, Eddy
Faery, Tinia Faery, Tinia R. Gordon Hallett Faery, Tinia R. Gordon Hallett
Fage, John : Speculum aegrotorum : the sicke-mens glasse, or, A plaine introduction wherby one may giue a true, and infallible iudgement, of the life or death of a sicke bodie, the originall cause of the griefe, how he is tormented and afflicted, what thinges are medicinable to the diseased person ; and the day and houre in which he shall recouer, or surrender his vitall breath. Whereunto is annexed treatise of the foure humors, and how they are ingendered and distributed in our humane bodies ; with certaine and manifest signes to discerne of whate complexion any man is: and the operation that eating, drinking, rest and exercise, worketh in euery person ; with certain speciall preseruatiues for the eye-sight. Composed by John Fage. London : Printed for W. Lugger, 1606. [72] S.
Fairchild, William

43. Special Catalogue 11:Time
27. Author fine, oronce Title Solaribus horologiis Publisher/Date Paris WillamCavellat Stephan Casellas 1560? Dealer B L Rootenberg ~ fine Rare
Visit WorldPrintDealers Welcome to WorldBookDealers Sign in Register You have 0 items in your Shopping Basket Your Wishes Your Account Themed Catalogue An infinite subject, in 2001 Words on Time we pay homage to some of the great writings it has inspired
Special catalogue 11:Time Item Description Price Options Author: Feuillet, Raoul Auger
Golden Legend, Inc.
View Item
Author: FINE, Oronce
Title: Solaribus horologiis
Publisher/Date: Paris : Willam Cavellat [Stephan Casellas] [1560?]
View Item
Title: Publisher/Date: Paris (Jules Labitte), N.d. [1842]. Dealer: The Book Block View Item Author: Fox, John. Title: Time and the end of time, in two discourses: the first about the redemption of time; the second about the consideration of our latter end. Publisher/Date: London: printed for J. Pickard, and sold by M. Hotham, 1721. Dealer: Ximenes Rare Books Inc. ($80 approx). View Item Author: [GALILEO]. CAMPANELLA, T. Title: Apologia pro Galileo, mathematico florentino. Publisher/Date: Frankfurt : Godfried Tampach 1622 Dealer: View Item Author: Galiot, Thomas.

44. Solaribus Horologiis
Author fine, oronce Title Solaribus horologiis Publication Paris Willam CavellatStephan Casellas 1560? Price Book Sold Reference No 3684 Make an
Visit WorldPrintDealers Welcome to WorldBookDealers Sign in Register You have 0 items in your Shopping Basket Your Wishes Your Account Dealer click here Summary Author: FINE, Oronce
Title: Solaribus horologiis
Price: Book Sold
Reference No:

Book Description 4to. [xvi], 223, [1] pp. Title within allegorical woodcut border, printer's device on title and last leaf, decorative woodcut initials and 58 text illustrations. Complete with the rare large folding diagram (often lacking from this work). Contemporary limp vellum; occasional browning. First separate printing, much enlarged from its first appearance as the fourth part of the Protomathesis (1532). It was mistakenly described by Emmanuel Poulle (DSB) as unknown to exist in this format. The treatise deals with horology and contains the measurement and mathematics of time, including a detailed description of the author's own invention of a Clepsydra or Water-Clock, a sundial with a multiple dial and a "navicula," designed by Fine and signed "Opus Orontii F."
Need a paper copy?

45. Power In Cyberspace
2, no. 3, p.27. return to xpage page. power8 page Decorative lettersdesigned by fine, oronce, the mathematician, Paris, 1532. Compiled
The Flow of POWER Through Visual Space
Pictorial Image Credits
shown by power page number within URL
powerpaper cover page
VAN GOGH,Vincent; 1853-1890, Dutch, The Starry Night (1889). Oil on canvas, 29 x 36 1/4" in. Collection, The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Animation by AimINK. (Ya hoooo!! ) return to powerpaper cover page
power page:
VAN GOGH,Vincent; 1853-1890, Dutch, The Starry Night (1889). Oil on canvas, 29 x 36 1/4" in. Collection, The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Chinese Horse , detail of the ceiling of the cave paintings in the Axial Gallery, Lascaux, c. 15,000 to 10,000 B.C. Approx. 56" long. Dordogne, France. Colorphoto Hinz, Basle. From Gardner, Louise. Art Through the Ages , 6th ed., Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, New York, 1975, p. 30. "Glen Rice", advertisement for Nautica atheletic gear from beyond the wall, Ads as Art campus circular, vol. 8, Fall 97, p.7. return to power page
power2 page:
Preble, Duane and Sarah. "Pictographs to Writing, East and West," a chart from Artforms , 4th ed., Harper and Row Publishers, New York, 1989, p. 262.

46. La Commission Des Cadrans Solaires Du Québec
Translate this page fine, oronce (1494-1555) Opere di Orontio Finco des Delfinato - Moxon,Joseph (1703) Mechanick exercises or The doctrine of handy-works
Bibliographie particulière
auteurs anciens sur les cadrans solaires et la Gnomonique.
- Bion, Nicolas (1652?-1733), (LSH)
, voir tome 3, additions sur la Gnomonique.
Regle horaire universelle pour tracer des cadrans solaires...
- Houzeau et Lancaster , 1885. (Physique)
- Lopez de Arenas, Diego (c. 1579)(LSH).
Breve compendio de la Carpinteria de lo blanco...

- Clavius, Christophorus (1538-1612)
Fabrica et usus instrumenti ad horologioriorum... - Fine, Oronce (1494-1555) Opere di Orontio Finco des Delfinato - Moxon, Joseph (1703) Mechanick exercises: or The doctrine of handy-works... - Ferguson, James (1805) Ferguson's lectures on select subjects... - Ferguson, James (1806) Ferguson's lectures on select subjects... - Roberts, George (1882) Topography and natural history... telnet:// ariane - Carr, Frank (1834-1894) The Book of Old sundials... - Gervais de la Prise, Jacques (1781) - Carr, Frank (1834-1894), et dessins par Hogg, Harrington, (1914) The Book of Old Sundials and Their Mottoes

47. ESI-References
Looks like Medieval education in math and science was better than ours ifthis is representative! fine, oronce. Second Book of Solar Horology.
Humboldt State University Department of Chemistry
Richard A. Paselk
Medieval Science Scientific Instruments
History of Science in the Middle Ages
Crombie, A. C. Medieval and Early Modern Science the text for decades. Much is now obsolete, but Crombie is still useful in the details it provides - many of the individuals mentioned or discussed in Crombie do not show up in the more recent treatments below.
Evans, James. Oxford University Press, Oxford (1998). A wonderful new book which looks at ancient (particularly Greek, but spanning Babylonian to Medieval Europe) astronomy in context. Not only does the author provide many translations of how astronomy was actually done by the ancients, he also explains how to make observations of the celestial sphere using ancient tools and home-made modern counterparts. Tools explained range from the very simplest (the gnomon) to the complex (armillary spheres, astrolabes, planetary equatoria). An appendix even provides diagrams for photocopying to make an astrolabe and an equatorium for Mars.
Grant, Edward.

48. Biograf2
Translate this page FAULHABER, JOHANN (1580-1635). FERNEL, JEAN (1497-1558). fine, oronce (1494-1555).FIORAVANTI, LEONARDO (1518-1588). FLUDD, ROBERT (1574-1637).
PARA QUE UN APOSENTO PAREZCA LLENO DE CULEBRAS:Toma una culebra y métela en una olla con cera virgen y ponla al fuego hasta que se deshga y después deja secar aquella cosa y haz una vela della, la qual ardiendo parecerá que el aposento está lleno de culebras. Receptario sacado de D. Alejo Piamontés y de otros authores y de otras muchas recetas que me han dado Biblioteca Nacional, ms. 9226, 156v. ACOSTA, CRISTÓBAL (1515-1594) ACOSTA, JOSÉ (1540-1600) AGRÍCOLA, GEORGE (1494-1555) AGRIPPA, CORNELIUS (1486-1535) ALBERTO MAGNO (1193-1280) ALDERETE Y SOTO, LUIS ALDROVANDI, ULISES (1524-1607) ÁLVAREZ, JUAN (1563-1588) ... ÁLVAREZ, MIGUEL (1563-1597) ALVAREZ CHANCA, DIEGO ANDREAE, JOHAN VALENTIN (1586-1654) ARENZANO, SEBASTIÁN DE (1576-1592) ARIGÓN, JOSÉ (1555-1585) ARIGÓN, JUAN DE (1539-1592) ARIGÓN, RAFAEL DE (1561-1592) ... BACON, ROGER (1211-1294) BARBA, ALONSO (1569-1662) BARCHUSEN, CONRAD (1666-1723) BAHUIN, GASPAR (1560-1624) BECHER, JOHAN JOACHIM (1635-1682) BEGUIN, JEAN (1604-1660) BERIGARD,CLAUDE GUILLERMET (1578-1665) BIRINGUCCIO, VANUNCIO (1480-1539) BOERHAAVE, HERMANN (1668-1738) BOHN, JOHAN (1640-1718) ... BOODT, ANSELMUS BOETIUS DE (1550-1632) BOREL, PIERRE (1608-1675) BORRICHIUS, OLAUS (1626-1690)

49. Flibros
Translate this page del Aduanista enmascarado, Madrid, 1687. fine, oronce, Margarita philosophica,Basilea, 1535. Libri de his quae mundo mirabiliter
F Faber, Petrus Johannes Alchimista christianus in quo deus rerum author analogiae chimicas et figuras explicantur , Tolosae, Petrum Bosch, 1632. Manuscriptum ad serenis holsatiae d'Hermes , París, Manget, 1653. Chirurgia spagyrica , Tolosae,1627. Myrothecium spagyricum sive pharmacopae chyimica: occultis naturae arcanis et hermeticorum scriniis depromptis abundé illustrata , Tolosae, Petrum Bosch, 1628 Alchimia christiana , Toulouse, 1632. Hercules psichymicus , Toulouse, 1634. Abregé des secrets chimiques , París, Billaine, 1636. Accurtissimi de celeberrimi philosophi... Operum soluminibus duobus , Francofurti, 1652. Universalis sapientiae seu panchymia, tomus ultimus , Tolosa, Bosch, 1654. Fabri, Honoré Phisica, id est, scientia rerum corporeaurum in decem tractatus distributa , Lugduni, Laurentii Anisson, 1669. Fabrici, Girolamo l'Allegoria del drago , Roma, Bartolomeo Grassi,1588. Fabricio, Ioannes Historia bibliothecae fabricianae , Wolfebutelli, Godofredi Freytagii, 1718. Bibliotheca Graeca , Hamburgo, 1724, 12 vols.

50. Galilee
Translate this page Petri Apiani Cosmographia, per Gemmam Phrysium , denuo restituta. oroncefine. - Le sphere du monde, proprement ditte cosmographie. fine (oronce).
Introduction Johannes de SACRO BOSCO. -Sphaera Joannis de Sacrobosco emendata. Petrus APIANUS. - Petri Apiani Cosmographia, per Gemmam Phrysium ..., denuo restituta. Oronce FINE. - Le sphere du monde, proprement ditte cosmographie. ... John FLAMSTEED. - Atlas coelestis. By the late Reverend Mr. John Flamsteed, ... - London : 1753. INTRODUCTION De Revolutionibus orbium caelestium l'Atlas coelestis SACRO BOSCO (John Hollywood, dit Joannes de) SCD Toulouse 1, Res Mn 11205 Reliure parchemin. Auteur du De Algorismo De Computo ecclesiastico De Sphaera Le De Sphaera De revolutionibus l'Astronomia nova De Sphaera Compendium in sphaeram de Petrus Valerianus. APIANUS (Peter Benewitz, dit Petrus) Petri Apiani Cosmographia, per Gemmam Phrysium ..., denuo restituta. Additis de eadem re ipsius Gemmae Phry. libellis, quos sequens pagina docet. - Vaeneunt Antverpiae : in Pingui Gallina Arnoldo Berckmano, 1540. - In-4. SCD Toulouse 1, Resp Mn 11298 Reliure moderne. Astronomicum Caesareum Sa Cosmographia FINE (Oronce) Demi-reliure moderne. Ex-libris manuscrits sur page de titre : "Duthoron" (?), "Decause" (?)

51. Rare Mathematics Titles
Euler, Leonhard,, Institutiones calculi differentialis cum e, 1755.fine, oronce,, Orontii Finaei Delphinatis, regii mathemat, 1556. Gauss
From: A Treatise of the System of the World.
By Isaac Newton. London, 1728.
Author Date
UF Libraries Catalog Agnesi, Maria Gaetan Instituzioni analitiche ad uso della giove Allaize, Cours de mathematiques, a l'usage des ecol Angeli, Stefano degl Problemata geometrica sexaginta. Circa con Archimedes. Archimedis opera non nvlla Barnes, William, A few words on the advantages of a more co Barnes, William, A mathematical investigation of the princi Barrow, Isaac, Lectio reverendi et doctissimi viri D. Isa Bassi, D. Giulio. Dell' arimmetica pratica Bernoulli, Jean, Johannis Bernoulli ... Opera omnia, tam an Carisi, Pellegrino F Scuola d'aritmetica pratica Clark, Samuel, The laws of chance : or, A mathematical in Colburn, Warren, Arithmetic : being a sequel to First lesso Condorcet, Jean-Anto Essai sur l'application de l'analyse a la Davila y Heredia, An Demostrar la inteligencia de Archimedes, q Dilworth, Thomas, The schoolmasters assistant. Dupin, Charles, Mathematics practically applied to the use Euclid.

52. Rare Mathematics Titles
MATHEMATICS. 15001900 Date. Author. LC Dewey Index. WebLUIS UF Libraries Catalog.fine, oronce,, Orontii Finaei Delphinatis, regii mathemat, 1556. Archimedes.
From: A Treatise of the System of the World.
By Isaac Newton. London, 1728.
Date Author
UF Libraries Catalog Fine, Oronce, Orontii Finaei Delphinatis, regii mathemat Archimedes. Archimedis opera non nvlla Euclid. De gli Elementi d'Euclide libri quindici Vicentino, Silvio Be Quattro libri geometrici Oughtred, William, Arithmeticae in numeris et speciebus insti Potter, Francis, An interpretation of the number 666. Bassi, D. Giulio. Dell' arimmetica pratica Vossius, Gerardus Jo Gerardi Ioannis Vossii De qvatvor artibvs Vlacq, Adriaan. Tables de sinus tangentes, secantes: et de Ward, Seth, Idea trigonometriae demonstratae : in usum Angeli, Stefano degl Problemata geometrica sexaginta. Circa con Euclid. Euclid's elements of geometry / In XV. Bo Barrow, Isaac, Lectio reverendi et doctissimi viri D. Isa Euclid. Euclidis Elementorum libri XV breviter dem Davila y Heredia, An Demostrar la inteligencia de Archimedes, q Ozanam, Jacques, Tables des sinus, tangentes et secantes; e Euclid.

53. Bell Catalog - Fs
fine, oronce, 14941555. De mundi sphaera, sive cosmographia, primáve Astronomiaparte, Lib. 32 cm. Call Number 1542 fFi. fine, oronce, 1494-1555.
F.A. Brockhaus / Leipzig (Firm). Leipzig, F.A. Brockhaus, 1861. [12], 133 p. ; 22 cm.
Call Number: 1861 Fa F. S. The anatomy of a project for raising two millions. [London : s.n., 1698?] 8 p. ; 21 cm.
Call Number: 1698 Fs London, 1765. viii, 264 p. ; 19 cm.
Call Number: 1765 Ti Fabbroni, Adamo. Della economia agraria dei Chinesi. Venezia, Graziosi, 1802. 30 p., 19 cm.
Call Number: 1802 Fab Faber, Johannes, 1478-1541. Basileae : apud Ioannem Bebelium, 1526. [35] p. ; 21 cm.
Call Number: 1526 Fa Fabre, B. Marseilles, 25 November 1814. [21] p. ; 41 cm.
Call Number: 1814 fFa Fabre, Jacques. [n.p.] Veuve Lamesle [1762]. 33 p. ; 24 cm.
Call Number: 1762 France 3 Fabri, Felix, 1441 or 2-1502. [Frankfurt am Main : s.n.], 1556. 219 leaves ; 21 cm.
Call Number: 1556 Fa Fabri, Felix, 1441 or 2-1502. [Gedruckt zu Franckfort am Mayn : durch Johann Feyerabendt, in Verlegung Sigmundt Feyerabendts, 1584] leaves 122-188 ; 35 cm.
Call Number: 1584 fFe Fabri, Felix, 1441 or 2-1502. [Getruckt zu Franckfort am Mayn : bey Johann Saurn, in Verlegung Francisci Nicolai Rothen, 1609] p. 227-349 (vol. 1) ; 32 cm.
Call Number: 1609 fRe Fabricius, Christian Albrecht.

54. Index, Bell Catalog - Fs
Translate this page Filson, John, 1753?-1788. Fin de la fine, oronce, 1494-1555. Fiott, John, d.1797. Fischer, Friedrich Christoph Jonathan. Fischer, Johann Eberhard.
F.A. Brockhaus / Leipzig (Firm).
F. S.

Fabbroni, Adamo.

Faber, Johannes
F.A. Brockhaus / Leipzig (Firm).
F. S.

Fabbroni, Adamo.

Faber, Johannes
Fracanzano da Montalboddo.

55. Inspection Académique Des Hautes-Alpes (05) > Adresses
Translate this page Site http// oronce-fine ECOLE PRIMAIRE Rue
Accueil (en construction)


Site :

56. Cartograaf F-M
FEUILLE, JACOB DE LA (zoon) 16681719 (Frankrijk) FEUILLE, PAUL DE LA (zoon) 1688-1727(Frankrijk) fine, oronce 1494-1555 (Frankrijk) FLINDERS, CAPTAIN MATTHEW
1. Achternaam 2. Voornaam 3. periode dat hij leefde of werkte 4. land van herkomst (Nederland staat voor de 17 Provincies)



FADEN, WILLIAM 1750-1836 (Engeland)
FARRER, JOHN …-165I (Engeland)
FER, ANTOINE DE 1640-52 (Frankrijk)
FER, NICOLAS DE 1646-1720 (Frankrijk)
FEUILLE, DANIEL DE LA (father) 1640-1709 (Frankrijk)
FEUILLE, JACOB DE LA (zoon) 1668-1719 (Frankrijk) FEUILLE, PAUL DE LA (zoon) 1688-1727 (Frankrijk) FINE, ORONCE 1494-1555 (Frankrijk) FLINDERS, CAPTAIN MATTHEW 1774-1814 (Engeland) FORLANI, PAOLO 1560-74 (Italie) FRANZ, JOHANN MICHAEL 1700-61 (Duitsland) FREYLOUIS, CLAUDE DESAULES DE CINET 1779-1842 (Frankrijk) FRICX, EUGENE HENRI 1706-c.1740 (Nederland) FRISIUS, GEMMA (REINER/REGNERUS) 1508-55(Nederland) FULLARTON, A. AND CO. 1840-70 (Engeland) GARDNER, THOMAS …-1719 (Engeland) GASPARI, ADAM CHRISTIAN 1752-1830 (Duitsland) GASTALDI, GIACOMO (JACOPO) c.1500-c.65 (Italie) GEELKERCKEN, NICOLAAS VAN 1610-35 (Nederland) GERRITSZ, HESSEL 1581-1632 (Nederland) GIBSON, JOHN 1750-92 (Engeland)

57. The History Of Cartography, Volume 3: Caption
CORDIFORM WORLD MAP OF oronce fine, CA. 1536. Although not printed until the mid1530s,oronce fine began work on this double-sheet woodcut in 1518-19.
Although not printed until the mid-1530s, Oronce Fine began work on this double-sheet woodcut in 1518-19. Notable characteristics include the joining of the North American continent with Asia and the presentation of a large south polar region. There are two extant examples known: one in Nuremberg (dated 1534-36), and this one in the Bibliotheque Nationale. Reproduced in America: Early Maps of the New World, ed. Hans Wolff (Munich: Prestel, 1992), plate 88 (page 73) and as a full-size facsimile with commentary by Monique Pelletier (German and French texts) in the Cartographica Helvetica "Sonderheft" series, vol 9 (November 1995). Size of the original: 52 x 59 cm.
By permission of the Bibliotheque Nationale , Paris [Res.Ge.DD.2987(63), undated].
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I Agree — Display Image Back to Information about the Series Back to Project Homepage Last Updated: 31 October 2000.

58. December 2001
16 Viktor Yakovlevich Bunyakovsky, 17 Mary Cartwright, 18 Roger Lyndon,19 Leon Mirsky, 20 oronce fine, 21 John Ringrose, 22 Srinivasa Ramanujan.
December 2001
Can you identify the pictured Mathematicians? Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Christine Ladd-Franklin
Paul du Bois-Reymond
John Backus
Ludwig Bieberbach
Arnold Sommerfeld
George Uhlenbeck
Mary Ellen Rudin
Julia Bowman Robinson
Grace Hopper
Ada Lovelace Ludwig Sylow George Polya Tycho Brahe Viktor Yakovlevich Bunyakovsky Mary Cartwright Roger Lyndon Leon Mirsky Oronce Fine John Ringrose Srinivasa Ramanujan Georgii Pfeiffer Charles Hermite Antoni Zygmund John Conway Johannes Kepler John von Neumann Thomas Stieltjes Stanislaw Saks Carl Ludwig Siegel A quotation for December: Ada Lovelace (1815 - 1852) The Analytical Engine weaves algebraic patterns, just as the Jacquard loom weaves flowers and leaves. Quoted in D MacHale, Comic Sections (Dublin 1993) This calendar is available in a printable PDF format. Back to calendar page.

59. F Index
Richard (350*), Fibonacci, Leonardo (2223*) Fields, John (290*) Finck, PierreJoseph(367) Fincke, Thomas (213) fine, Henry (486*) fine, oronce (204) Finsler

60. Full Alphabetical Index
Translate this page 350*) Fibonacci, Leonardo (289*) Fields, John (290*) Finck, Pierre-Joseph-Etienne(367) Fincke, Thomas (213) fine, Henry (486*) fine, oronce (204) Finsler
Completo Indice Alfabetico
Cliccare su una lettera sottostante per andare a quel file. A B C D ... XYZ Cliccare sotto per andare agli indici alfabetici separati A B C D ... XYZ Il numero di parole nella biografia e' dato in parentesi. Un * indica che c'e' un ritratto.
Abbe , Ernst (602*)
, Niels Henrik (286*)
bar Hiyya (240)
Abraham, Max

Abu Kamil
Shuja (59)
al'Buzjani (243)
, Wilhelm (196)
Adams, John Couch

Adams, Frank

of Bath (89)
, August (114) Adrain , Robert (79) Aepinus , Franz (124) Agnesi , Maria (196*) Ahlfors , Lars (725*) Ahmed ibn Yusuf (60) Ahmes Aida Yasuaki (114) Aiken , Howard (94) Airy , George (313*) Aitken , Alexander (825*) Ajima , Chokuyen (144) Akhiezer , Naum Il'ich (248*) al'Battani , Abu Allah (194) al'Biruni , Abu Arrayhan (306*) al'Haitam , Abu Ali (269*) al'Kashi , Ghiyath (73) al'Khwarizmi , Abu (123*) Albanese , Giacomo (282) Albert of Saxony Albert, Abraham Adrian (121*) (158*) Alberti , Leone (181*) Alberto Magno, San (109*) Alcuin di York (237*) Aleksandrov , Pave (160*) Alembert , Jean d' (291*) Alexander , James (163) Amringe , Howard van (354*) Amsler , Jacob (82) Anassagora di Clazomenae (169) Anderson , Oskar (67) Andreev , Konstantin (117) Angeli , Stefano degli (234) Anstice , Robert (209) Antemio of Tralles (55) Antifone il Sofista (125) Apollonio di Perga (276) Appell , Paul (1377) Arago , Dominique (345*) Arbogasto , Louis (87) Arbuthnot , John (251*) Archimede di Siracusa (467*) Archita of Tarentum (103) Argand , Jean (81) Aristeo il Vecchio (44) Aristarco di Samo (183) Aristotele Arnauld , Antoine (179)

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