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         Euclid Of Alexandria:     more detail
  1. Les trois livres de porismes d'Euclide, rétablis pour la première fois, d'après la notice et les lemmes de Pappus, et conformément au sentiment de R. Simon ... de ces propositions; (French Edition) by Euclid Euclid, 2010-05-14
  2. Hellenistic Egyptians: Euclid, Ptolemy, Eratosthenes, Hero of Alexandria, Origen, Caesarion, Plotinus, Ptolemy I Soter, Alexander Helios
  3. Les Trois Livres De Porismes D'euclide; (French Edition) by Euclid, Pappus of Alexandria, 2010-09-28
  4. Les Trois Livres De Porismes D'euclide, Retablis Pour La Premiere Fois, D'apres La Notice Et Les Lemmes De Pappus, Et Conformement Au Sentiment De R. Simon ... De Ces Propositions; (French Edition) by Euclid, Pappus of Alexandria, 2010-10-13
  5. The Commentary of Pappus on Book X of Euclid's Elements: Arabic Text and Translation by Pappus of Alexandria & William Thomson, 1930
  6. Geometers: David Hilbert, Archimedes, Euclid, Pythagoras, Eratosthenes, Augustin-Louis Cauchy, Hero of Alexandria, Alfred Russel Wallace
  7. Selections Illustrating The History Of Greek Mathematical Works..2 Volume Set..Vol. 1:Thales To Euclid:Vol.2:Aristarchus To Pappus Of Alexandria...Loeb Classical Library

41. Academics Network
euclid of alexandria His peers attacked his work becauseha!-it was too thorough. ;For more information on euclid of alexandria Ivan Petrovich Pavlov


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Brainy Biographies: Part II
By Brittany Griffin Student Correspondent
still don't have to memorize any of this for your next academic tournament! Euclid of Alexandria:
  • Best known for his treatise, "The Elements." Also known as the "Father of Geometry." Developed "common notions" that served as general assumptions about mathematics. No one knows when and where he was born! His peers attacked his work because-ha!-it was too "thorough." For more information on Euclid of Alexandria:
  • Ivan Petrovich Pavlov: Won 1904 Nobel Prize for his works in the field of medicine. Linked physiological studies with psychology in his study of "conditioned reflexes." Before his interests in science, his original choice of profession was that of a priest. Cambridge University awarded him an honorary doctorate in 1912. For more information on Pavlov: Franz Kafka: Received his doctorate in law in 1906 from the University of Prague.

42. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Euclid (Biographies)
Biographies Euclid. World Book Online Article on EUCLID; Brief biography;euclid of alexandria; Introduction to the works of Euclid. Privacy
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  • World Book Online Article on EUCLID
  • Brief biography
  • Euclid of Alexandria
  • Introduction to the works of Euclid ... Contact Us
  • 43. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Biographies (Mathematicians)
    Article on EUCLID; Brief biography; euclid of alexandria; Introductionto the works of Euclid EUDOXUS OF CNIDUS; Brief Biography; Eudoxus
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  • Works

  • Archimedes' Inventions ... Contact Us
  • 44. The Cosmologic Timeline
    333331 - Alexander the Great conquers Palestine, beginning the Hellenistic Period. c. 325 bce - euclid of alexandria is born. c. 322 bce - Aristotle dies.
    This timeline is distilled down from a more general timeline originally created for Phurba. It is meant to give a better idea of the linear history of the topics discussed in Cosmologic. Some dates given are simply there to give a better grasp of the timeperiods, comparatively. This document will be expanded and fleshed out heavily in time.
    I have cut the timeline back to 1000 ce as the endpoint, as we will be concentrating on the timeperiod of the first few centuries of the common era for quite some time.
    Items related to current discussion are rendered in bold print.
    c. 1948 bce - Abram (later Abraham) was born.
    c. 1400 bce - Moses was born.
    c. 624 bce - Thales of Miletus is born.
    c. 610 bce - Anaximander or Miletus is born.
    586 bce - The conquest of Judah by Babylon.
    c. 587-538 bce - The Babylonian Captivity.
    c. 569 bce - Pythagoras of Samos is born. c. 547 bce - Thales of Miletus dies. c. 546 bce - Anaximander or Miletus dies. c. 535 bce - Pythagoras goes to Egypt. c. 475 bce - Pythagoras of Samos dies.

    45. Euclides
    euclid of alexandria da History of Mathematics della Clarck University.
    Incerta la cronologia di Euclide.
    Sicuramente fu anteriore ad Archimede e con ogni verosimiglianza dovette essere attivo all'epoca del primo Tolomeo (306-283 a.C.).
    La sua opera fondamentale Gli elementi Numerosi le fonti, primarie e secondarie, reperibili su Internet in relazione ad Euclide:
    Gli Elementi sono consultabili in una eccellente edizione curata da David E. Joyce della Clarck University. Si tratta di una traduzione e di un ampia guida basata sulla traduzione 'canonica' di Heath The thirteen books of Euclid's Elements translated from the text of Heiberg with introduction and commentary. Three volumes. University Press, Cambridge, 1908. Second edition: University Press, Cambridge, 1925. Reprint: Dover Publ., New York, 1956. Reviewed: Isis 10 (1928), 60-62.) che, a sua volta, seguiv l'edizione critica del testo greco di Heiberg-Menge
    Joyce, oltre alla guida e al commento, ha fornito la sua edizione ipertestuale anche di un notevole numero di figure, che costituiscono forse il pregio maggiore di quest'opera.
    La traduzione e il commento di Heath ed anche il testo greco originale degli Elementi sono consultabili presso il Perseus Projects della Tufts University.

    46. Euclid The Father Of Geometry
    Euclid The Father of Geometry. euclid of alexandria. Euclid (ca. 325ca. 270 BC).Euclid. Introduction to the Works of Euclid. Euclid biography. Euclid and Proofs.
    Euclid: The Father
    Geometry Euclid of Alexandria Euclid (ca. 325-ca. 270 BC) Euclid Introduction to the Works of Euclid ... The Elements Comments? Feedback?

    47. Essays And Essays Writing Essays On Mathematics - 136-010
    The Life and Works of euclid of alexandria send me this essay This 10page paper gives a brief overview of the Greek mathematician, Euclid.
    We have thousands of essays in this area! Below is a list in order of relevance to your search query. All of the following documents are ready for delivery TODAY and priced at only $ /page with a free bibliography! Use the Send Me This Essay link to access our fast, easy order form and receive any essay on this list TODAY!!!... Papers On Mathematics
    Page 11 of 13 The Evolution of Algebra
    send me this essay

    5 pages in length. In this paper the history of Algebra is presented and the role that it plays in mathematics today. There is also discussion on some of the mathematicians who played a key role in the advancement of Algebra as well as examples of applications in which Algebra is used. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
    Filename: JGAalgbr.wps
    The Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Mean in Art
    send me this essay

    A 6 page paper discussing the history and development of the Fibonacci sequence; the development of associated ratios; and their applicability to visual images. Fibonacci published his sequence in 1202, and da Vinci used the concept of "thirds" in much of his work as did some other artists of the period. The paper provides the mathematical basis as well as illustration. da Vinci's "The Annunciation" is used for example purposes. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
    Filename: KSfibonacci.wps

    48. Egypt Math Web Sites
    Apollonius of Perga; 21 Plato; 22 euclid of alexandria; 23 Archimedesof Syracuse; 24 Mohammad Abu'lWafa al'Buzjani; 25 Hipparchus of
    Egypt math web sites
  • Serenus
    Born: about 300 in Antinoupolis, Egypt Died: about 360. Serenus wrote On the Section of a Cylinder and On the Section of a Cone . He also wrote a commentry on Apollonius's Conics which is lost.
  • Ahmed ibn Yusuf
    Born: 835 in Baghdad (now in Iraq) Died: 912 in Cairo, Egypt. Ahmed ibn Yusuf wrote on ratio and proportion and it was translated into Latin by Gherard of Cremona. The book is largely a commentary on, and expansion of, Book 5 of Euclid's Elements . Ahmed ibn Yusuf also gave methods to solve tax problems which appear in Fibonacci's Liber Abaci . He was also quoted by Bradwardine, Jordanus and Pacioli.
  • Abu Kamil Shuja ibn Aslam ibn Muhammad ibn Shuja
    Born: about 850 in (possibly) Egypt. Died: about 930. Abu Kamil Shuja is sometimes known as al'Hasib and he worked on integer solutions of equations. He also gave the solution of a fourth degree equation and of a quadratic equation with irrational coefficients. Abu Kamil's work was the basis of Fibonacci's books. He lived later than al'Khwarizmi and his biggest advance was in the use of irrational coefficients.
  • Theon of Alexandria
    Born: about 335 in (possibly) Alexandria, Egypt. Died: about 395. Theon was the father of Hypatia and worked in Alexandria as a professor of mathematics and astronomy. He produced commentaries on many works such as Ptolemy's Almagest and works of Euclid. Theon was a competent but unoriginal mathematician. Theon's version of Euclid's Elements (with textual changes and some additions) was the only Greek text of the Elements known, until an earlier one was discovered in the Vatican in the late 19
  • 49. Number Theory And Euclid's Elements
    Boyer 116). The mathematician is a Greek known as euclid of alexandria,and the great work of mathematics is known as the Elements.
    Number Theory and Euclid's Elements
    The Greek mathematician Euclid was perhaps the greatest contributor to the advancement of mathematics. His Elements, a compilation of works on geometry, algebra and number theory, is one of the world's most well-read and studied work, second only to the Bible. Although the most commonly studied portion of Euclid's work in the Elements concerns geometry, Euclid's work in number theory was certainly as significant, if not more so, than his contributions in other areas. By exploring and proving parts of a deceptively simple section from Book VII of the Elements which shows how to find the greatest common divisor of two numbers by a process now known as the Euclidean algorithm, the foundations of number theory can be developed. Only one mathematician in all of history was able to compile everything that was known in mathematics during his lifetime into one work (Smith 104). If this alone is not awe-inspiring, consider that the same man, in addition to his skill as a compiler of data, made dozens of new developments in mathematics in his own right (Boyer 116). The mathematician is a Greek known as Euclid of Alexandria, and the great work of mathematics is known as the Elements. Although the Elements are among the most well-known and widely studied works in mathematics, surprisingly little is known about the life and personality of Euclid himself (Eves 141). According to Boyer, Euclid's life is so obscure that "no birthplace is associated with his name" (115) and many of his works were even attributed to another Euclid, Euclid of Megara, a student of Socrates who had little interest in mathematics and lived more than a century before the "real" Euclid (116).

    50. Sample Student Bibliographies
    Euclid. The New Encyclopedia Britannica Micropedia. 1984 ed. MacTutor Historyof Mathematics Archive. euclid of alexandria. euclid of alexandria Picture.
    Axiom Picture. [Online Image] Available BigPictures/Saccheri_quadrilateral.jpeg, February 13, 1997. "Euclid." The New Encyclopedia Britannica Micropedia. 1984 ed. MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive. Euclid of Alexandria. [Online Image] Available ~history/Mathematicians/Euclid.html, February 13, 1997. Euclid of Alexandria Picture. [Online Image] Available ~history/BigPictures/Euclid.jpeg, February 13, 1997. Euclid's Solution of x^2 + b^2 = ax. [Online Image] Available uc:80/~history/BigPictures/EuclidTheorem.gif, February 13, 1997. Lancon, Donald. An Introduction to the Works of Euclid with an Emphasis on the Elements. [Online] Available, February 13, 1997. Page, R. On Euclid's Fifth Postulate: al-Haytham's Innovative "Proof" and Omar Khayyam's Response. [Online] Available, February 13, 1997. A Picture from Euclid's Original Book. [Online Image] Available vatican.exhibit/exhibit/d-mathematics/images/math01.jpg, February 13, 1997.

    51. Greek Science
    useful summary. Brief biographies of Mathematicians Archimedes of Syracuse,euclid of alexandria, Ptolemy, Pythagoras of Samos. The Science Resource Page.htm

    Greek Astronomy
    Vesalius in English Document Exercise 1
    Other Web Resources
    Aristarchus of Samos
    A very good summary, with diagrams, of the heliocentric theory.
    Babylonian and Egyptian Mathematics
    A useful summary.
    Brief biographies of Mathematicians:
    Archimedes of Syracuse Euclid of Alexandria Ptolemy Pythagoras of Samos ...
    The Biting Truth: Aristotle on Teeth
    An interesting addition the the material on medicine!
    The Decline of the Library and Museum of Alexandria
    Ellen Brundige charts the history of the library, including a brief introduction, religion in Roman times and Augustan reforms.
    Greek Mathematics and its Modern Heirs
    Includes pictures of manuscripts (Euclid, etc.) with brief descriptions.
    History of Mathematics: Greece
    Maps, lists of places and people, an extensive bibliography and links to related material.
    Inventing the Solar System: Early Greek Scientists' Struggle to Explain How the Heavens Move
    Mythological explanations, Ionians, preSokratics and beyond.

    52. Tripod
    1. Alexandria Rising (TIME Magazine) 2. euclid of alexandria (University of SaintAndrews in Scotland) 3. Alexandria (Hellenic Electronic Center) 4. Treasures
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    53. Index Of Ancient Greek Philosophers-Scientists
    Euclid (Alexandria, 4th 3rd century BC). Links euclid of alexandria,University of St Andrews, Scotland, Euclid, Encyclopedia Britannica;
    Hellinistic/Alexandrian period (4th century B.C. - 5th century A.D.)
    This period marking advances in astronomy, mathematics and medicine. Hellinistic refers to the Greeks and others who lived after Alexander the Great's conquests, during which there existed a mixture of civilizations. Important schools of this period include Epicurianism, Stoiciscm , and Skeptisicm
    • Epicurus of Samos (341-270 B.C.). Founder of the philosophical school of Epicurianism which, similar to the Atomists, believed that atoms are fundamental parts of the real world. Believed that fate was governed by laws of nature and not some mysterious gods.
    • Straton (Lambsacus, 340-290 B.C.). Greek physicist. Conducted experiments leading him to discover that bodies accelerate when they fall. However, erroneously, he also believes that heavier bodies fall faster. Also studied the lever, but does not find it's law. His work emphasizes the use of experimentation for scientific research. Lived in Alexandria, then moved to Athens to head the Aristitle's Lyceum after Theophrastos.
    • Zenon of Citius (4th century B.C.).

    54. EUCLID
    THE WORSHIP OF euclid of alexandria (365275BC) Two worshipful illusionsabout Euclid belief in Euclid's great axiomatic achievement
    web hosting domain names email addresses related sites THE WORSHIP OF EUCLID OF ALEXANDRIA (365-275BC) Two worshipful illusions about Euclid:
  • belief in Euclid's great axiomatic achievement , whereas an axiom for order was not formulated until 1880 by Moritz Pasch (please see consequence at;
  • a satisfactory set of axioms for "Euclidean geometry" was not achieved until those of German mathematician, David Hilbert (1862-1943), in 1896, in his Grundlagen der Geometrie
  • acceptance of Euclid's demonstrations of congruence (the basic equivalence relation in geometry), whereas he allowed demonstration of congruence by moving a figure over and placing it upon another which is physics, not mathematics, resulting in circularity, because the physics depended upon the math which depended on physics which ....
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  • 55. Euclid
    Euclid, euclid of alexandria is wellknown for his great work, TheElements, which is a compilation of all the Geometry of his time.
    The Mathematics of Euclid (325-265 BC)(Greek)
    Euclid of Alexandria is well-known for his great work, The Elements , which is a compilation of all the Geometry of his time. However, Euclid's effort is more than just a simple compilation of previous works. It is the first systematic approach to Geometry; the first axiomatic approach of its kind. Although usually associated with Geometry, The Elements also contained some works on Number Theory. Although, the formal system advocated by Euclid is incomplete, for the majority of us Euclid's Geometry is good enough, because it is simple yet concise. In the 20th century, David Hilbert completed the system by increasing the number of axioms from 5 to 20, and proved that the resulting system is complete and consistent. However, Euclid's effort cannot be underestimated. In fact, The Elements remained the Geometry text for 2000 years and is still used because of its simplicity. An it is the fifth postulate of The Elements that sprout the various non-Euclidean Geometry known to us now.
    The Elements
    This great work contains 13 books.

    56. Term Papers - Help Writing Term Papers And Help Researching Term Papers On Mathe
    The Life and Works of euclid of alexandria send me this paper This 10page paper gives a brief overview of the Greek mathematician, Euclid.
    Scroll down 2 search 4 papers! More than 50,000 research papers - READY for you to DOWNLOAD!!! Papers on-file are still only $ /pg and bibliography pages are 100% FREE! Make your selection below: Papers On Mathematics
    Page 8 of 9 [Previous] [Next] The History of Real Analysis
    send me this paper

    This 5 page paper delves into the concept of real analysis and looks at key people integral to the emergence of this mathematical field of study. Several mathematicians are named including Archimedes and Cauchy. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
    Filename: SA228ra.rtf
    The History of the Pythagorean Theorem
    send me this paper

    5 pages. An interesting research paper on the background of the Pythagorean Theorem that is used in algebra and geometry. Details the history of the theorem. This is actually a fascinating history and one that is not often discussed in the classroom. The Pythagorean Theorem was founded by a cult that actually worshipped numbers and felt that everything in the Universe was number-related. A very interesting history for a well-known math theory to say the least! Bibliography lists 2 sources.
    Filename: JApythag.rtf

    57. Euclid Of ALexandra
    euclid of alexandria euclid of alexandria is considered to be oneof the most prominent mathematicians of antiquity. He is best
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    Category: People Word Count: Essay Title: Euclid of ALexandra Essay Preview: This is only the first few lines of this paper. If you would like to view the entire paper you need to register here. If you are already a member then login here. Tired of looking through thousands of essays by hand?
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    58. EUCLID., The Elements Of Geometrie Of The Most Auncient Philosopher Euclide Of M
    Then follow the 464 leaves of the finely printed English text of the Elemants withbeautifully designed initials throughout.euclid of alexandria (325 ca.265
    Antiquariaat Forum BV
    EUCLID. The elements of geometrie of the most auncient philosopher Euclide of Megara. Faithfully (now first) translated into the Englishe toung, by H. Billingsley, citizen of London. Whereunto are annexed certaine scholies, annotations, and inventions, of the best mathematicions, both of time past, and in this our age. With a very faithfull praeface by M.I. Dee … London, John Daye, 1570. Folio (298x200mm.). Early 20th century blind-tooled roan, spine tooled in compartments with red morocco label lettered in gold, blue painted edges. Very good copy of this rare and influential edition of this first complete English translation. On the verso of the last leaf, next to the portrait of Day, there is an ownership's entry of George Wilson, dated 1598.- (Title a bit soiled and stained with some errased ownership's entries; some marginal soiling and waterstaining at places). This item is listed on Bibliopoly by Antiquariaat Forum BV ; click here for further details.

    59. LycosZone Directory > Homework > Math > Geometry And Trigonometry > Euclids Elem
    euclid of alexandria Comprehensive biography of Euclid, including details ofhis various findings, postulates, elements, etc. Grade Level 9-12 Euclid's and Trigonometry/Euclids Ele
    Search For: Lycos Zone Home Family Zone Teachers Zone What kind of Euclids Elements and Postulates Websites are you looking for? Euclid of Alexandria "Comprehensive biography of Euclid, including details of his various findings, postulates, elements, etc."
    Grade Level: 9-12
    Euclid's Elements
    "I'm creating this version of Euclid's Elements for a couple of reasons. The main one is to rekindle an interest in the Elements, and the web is a great way to do that. Another reason is to show how Java applets can be used to illustrate geometry."
    Grade Level: 9-12
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    60. Assign245/02/10/97
    The Greeks (pages 401404 euclid of alexandria ). Approximately 300BCE Euclid - probably first mathematician at Library of Alexandria,.
    [Today’s and Tuesday’s classes: Big quiz on Tuesday, worksheet on symmetry, worksheet on algebraic symbolism (syncopated algebra) of Diophantus, Robert Recorde’s use of = (equals) sign and other arithmetic and algebraic notation, Euclid’s Elements, idea of an axiomatic system, review of Euclidian geometry, especially as presented in Book I of Euclid’s Elements, straightedge and compass constructions, two-column proofs] Mathematics 115 Homework Assignment #9 Due Wednesday, January 23, 2002 – really! [Y]ou can never make a lawyer if you do not understand what 'demonstrate' means; and I left my situation in Springfield , went home to my father's house and stayed there till I could give any proposition in the six books of Euclid at sight. I then found out what 'demonstrate' means, and went back to my law studies. - Abraham Lincoln Prof. Beery's office hours this week Monday 1/21 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. 4-5 p.m.                                                             Tuesday 1/22 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. 4-5 p.m.                                                             Wednesday 1/23 4 – 5 p.m. (Sorry!)

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