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         Erdelyi Arthur:     more books (16)
  1. Tables of Integral Transforms, Vol. 2
  2. Tables of Integral Transforms, Vol. 1
  3. Asymptotic Forms of Whittaker's Confluent Hypergeometric Functions (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society) by Arthur Erdelyi, C.A. Swanson, 1957-12-31
  4. Operational Calculus and Generalized Functions by Arthur Erdelyi, 1966
  5. Higher Transcendental Functions by Arthur Erdelyi, 1981-06
  6. Asymptotic expansions by Arthur Erdelyi, 1956
  7. Higher Transcendental Functions Volume 2 by Arthur Erdelyi, 1953
  8. Mult Jelen Jövo: Democratiai Röpirat (Hungarian Edition) by Arthur Erdélyi, 2010-02-14
  9. Higher Transcendental Functions **3 Volumes** by Arthur Erdelyi, Harry Bateman, 1953-11-01
  10. Operational Calculus & Generalized Funct by Arthur Erdelyi, 1962
  11. Operational Calculus and Generalized Fuctions. by Arthur Erdélyi, 1962
  12. Higher Transcendental Functions Volume 2 by Arthur Erdelyi, 2007-11-19
  13. TABLES OF INTEGRAL TRANSFORMS, VOLUMES 1-2: Based, in part, on notes left by Harry Bateman and compiled by the Staff of the Bateman Manuscript Project, under Contract No. N60nr-244 Task Order XIV with the Office of Naval Research, Project No. NR 043-045. by Arthur; Magnus, Wilhelm; Oberhettinger, Fritz; Tricomi, Francesco G.; Erdelyi, 1954-01-01
  14. Lectures on Mikusinski's theory of operational calculus and generalized functions by Arthur Erdelyi, 1959

41. New Page 1
Katalin 69 UNKNOWN erdelyi Timothy 1 1985 ERICSON Anthony 80 1979 ERICSON LindleyNils 70 1992 ERICSON Max Bonython 1 1926 ERICSON Nils arthur 72 1968
Deaths in Western Australia SURNAME FORENAME AGE DIED EAYRS Claude George William 93 1973 EAYRS Claude William 83 1986 EAYRS Eleanor Jean <1 1974 EAYRS Ethel Gladys 79 1984 EAYRS Ethel Mary 92 1975 EAYRS Helen 67 1969 EAYRS Kathleen Mabel 81 1994 EAYRS Lilian Fanny 77 1992 EAYRS Lorraine 46 1992 EAYRS Warren Ernest Paul 72 1978 EAYRS William James 76 1986 EBERHARD Frank Aubrey 57 1932 EBERHARD Mary 79 1960 EBERHARD Peter Norman <1 1989 ECKARDT Charles Gustav 77 1964 ECKRICH Stefan 54 1968 ECONOMO Pamela Dianne 22 1969 ECONOMO Rosemary Shelagh 37 1986 EDEMA Ethel Foy 64 1956 EDEMA Frederick Andree <1 1912 EDEMA Frederick William 67 1955 EDENBURG Laurens 79 1998 EDER Anthony 74 1963 EDER Carl Franz 41 1931 EDER Elizabeth 64 1926 EDER Franz 63 1914 EDER Maria Grunet 61 1963 EDERVEEN Martinus 80 1994 EGBERTS Cornelis 76 1988 EGLITE Andrejs 80 1972 EGLITE Meta 82 1979 EHLERT Lewis Bergenhaven 53 1949 EHRENSTEIN Kurt Michael 39 1960 EICHINSKI Leontine Antonie Carola95 2001 EICHINSKI Michael 63 1969 EICHNER Maximillian 94 1995 EIROSIUS Joseph 84 1997 EKAMPER George 79 1989 EKEROTH Francois Patrick 65 1996 EKIS Baiba 15 1956 EKSANOW Kamil David

42. Fellows Of The Royal Society
Fritz J Ursell 16 Mar 1972 Alan Baker 15 Mar 1973 HarishChandra 15 Mar 1973 StephenW Hawking 21 Mar 1974 Jean-Pierre Serre 25 Apr 1974 arthur erdelyi 20 Mar

43. Baars: A Cognitive Theory Of Consciousness
Paul Rozin, Richard Davidson, Ray Jackendoff, Wallace Chafe, Thomas Natsoulas,Peter S. White, Matthew erdelyi, arthur Reber, Jerome L. Singer, Theodore
A Cognitive Theory of Consciousness
Bernard J. Baars
Preface and Chapter 1
Full text (PDF and ascii) available at Baars's homepage
Bernard J. Baars
The Wright Institute
2728 Durant Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704 Published by Cambridge University Press, 1988-1998. Electronic version published by author ( B.J. Baars, 1998). Individual copies may be made for educational purposes. Please notify author of copies made electronically, . Republication not permitted without permission. This book is gratefully dedicated to the pioneers in cognitive science, who made it possible.
We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to come back to the place from which we came and know it for the first time. - T.S. E liot
Table of Contents Preface. Part I. Introduction Chapter 1. What is to be explained? Some preliminaries. We focus on the issue of conscious experience as such by comparing pairs of similar events that seem to differ only in that one event is conscious while the other is not. There are many such minimally contrastive pairs of well- established facts. Different models emerge depending on which set of contrasts we emphasize. Global Workspace (GW) theory captures most of the evidence in a single coherent framework.

44. Mountain View, Calgary: E
Erbe, Anna M. 18821978. Erbe, Roy, 1887-1968. erdelyi, Alyshia Julianna, 1989-1996.Erdmann, arthur E. 1884-1966. Erdmann, Eduard, 1886-1945. Erdmann, Emma, 1895-1974.
Canada BC Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Quebec Newfoundland New Brunswick Nova Scotia PEI YK NT
Birth Marriage Census Death Other
Contact: safemail("webster","","AFHS")
7 Dec 2002
Mountain View Memorial Gardens, Cemetery and Crematorium, Calgary, Alberta, 2002
This database is from Monumental information only and further information from the Burial records might be obtained from Mountain View Memorial Gardens at:
Box 0, Site 17, RR#7
17 Avenue S.E. at Garden Road
Calgary AB T2P 2G7
Telephone: (403) 272-9824 Name Birth-Death Eade, Arlo C. Eade, Josie I. Eadie, G. Irene Eadie, James Eagle, Mary M. Eagle, William (Bill) Earl, Edward L. Earle, Adeliza R. Earle, Herbert Eason, Estella Eason, Robert C. East, Edith E. East, Lloyd E. Easterbrook, Cyril Easterbrook, Vivian Eastgaard, Clara B. Eastgaard, Hans E. Eastgaard, Magdalena A.

45. Mountain View, Calgary: I
Inkin, Robert A. 19621963. Inkin, Sidney arthur, 1941-1984. Inkster, Betty,1930-. Issler, Ruhe Sanft Sophia, 1897-1957. Istvan, erdelyi, no dates.
Canada BC Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Quebec Newfoundland New Brunswick Nova Scotia PEI YK NT
Birth Marriage Census Death Other
Contact: safemail("webster","","AFHS")
7 Dec 2002
Mountain View Memorial Gardens, Cemetery and Crematorium, Calgary, Alberta, 2002
This database is from Monumental information only and further information from the Burial records might be obtained from Mountain View Memorial Gardens at:
Box 0, Site 17, RR#7
17 Avenue S.E. at Garden Road
Calgary AB T2P 2G7
Telephone: (403) 272-9824 Name Birth-Death Iddiols, Arthur Ikert, Marilyn Yvonne Iler, Ottis V. Iler, Virginia K. Illerbrun-Parsons, Charlotte Ann Mary Ilse, Leslie Paul Imbery, George J. Imbery, Helen Imbery, John P. Imbery, Marguerite E. Imlay, Georgina P. Imler, Constance J. C. Imler, Davina Imler, George T. Imler, Harold H. Imler, Harry Lee

46. Alphamusic - LMS105 Local
Translate this page Das wurde gerade bei uns bestellt arthur der Engel 2. erdelyi, Ivan LMS105 LocalSpectral Theory For Closed Buch BERTRAMS PRINT ON DEMAND Bestell-Nr.
Sehr geehrter Kunde,
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47. Elo's Chess Rating List From The Book: The Rating Of Chess Players
2425 Dufresne Jean NULL Germany 1829 1893 2370 NULL Dunkelblum arthur NULL Poland NULLEnglisch Berthold NULL Austria 1851 1897 2520 NULL erdelyi Stefan NULL
Elo's Chess Rating List from the book: The Rating of Chess Players
Simply cut off the header and the footers and insert into any spreadsheet program Here are links:

48. Faculty Of Science And Engineering : Prizes Etc. Open To Undergraduates
arthur erdelyi PRIZES Up to three prizes totalling £350 awarded annually on therecommendation of the Head of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics on


Latest News
The Directory of Experts The Prospectuses ... Contact Quick Links... Academic Units Alumni Computing Counselling Disability Office Events Exams Health Service Human Resources Library Maps News Prospectuses Students' Assoc. Student Guide Student Services Support Services Term Times
Faculty of Science and Engineering : Prizes etc. Open To Undergraduates
The value of certain prizes may be adjusted slightly from time to time according to the income available. (I) ENDOWMENTS HELD BY THE UNIVERSITY AMES PRIZE
£75. To be awarded annually to the most distinguished student in Environmental Chemistry 4. ANDERSON HENRY PRIZE
£125. Awarded triennially for the best essay on a botanical subject set by the Professor of Botany, the Curator of the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, and the President of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh, to an undergraduate who has attended the Botany class during any of the three years before the award. Essays to be lodged with the Dean by 6th June. The subject and date of the next competition to be announced. ARNOTT SCHOLARSHIP FOR EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS
£250 per annum, tenable for two years; awarded annually to the most distinguished student in the Physical Laboratory who must assist the Professor of Physics in the Laboratory during the ensuing session; if the Professor deems no such student worthy of the award, it may be given to a student for a degree in Arts who has passed the Physics examination with the highest distinction.

49. Department Profile
Delamater (associative learning; Pavlovian mechanisms) Matthew erdelyi (psychodynamicaspects behavior genetics; tests and measurements) arthur Reber (implicit
Brooklyn College
City University of New York
R. Glen Hass, Department Chair

Arthur S. Reber, Ph.D. Program Head

Bension Chanowitz, M.A. Program Head

Phyllis Gross, Administrative Assistant, Graduate Studies

Web Site: Brooklyn College is one of the senior colleges of the City University of New York (CUNY). Situated on nearly 30 acres of broad lawns ringed by Georgian-style buildings in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, the college is one of the nation's leading academic and research institutes with a total student population of roughly 15,000, some 12,000 of whom are undergraduates. The Department of Psychology is one of the largest in the college with 27 full-time faculty, more than 800 undergraduate majors, and over 150 graduate students. Currently our faculty hold in excess of four million dollars in research grants and contracts. The department has an interesting history. Over the years it has been the intellectual home for such illustrious psychologists as Abraham Maslow, Solomon Asch, Harry Helson, Heinz Werner, and Hal Proshansky. In its current incarnation, the department is broad-based with a deep commitment to research and teaching across a wide variety of areas in psychology. The primary focus is experimental but our sense of this term includes empirical and theoretical work in such diverse areas as basic and applied developmental psychology, social and evolutionary psychology, physiological foundations of behavior, health psychology, behavior genetics, color vision, psychology and the law, organizational behavior, cognitive and neurocognitive approaches to learning and memory, robotics, and psychoanalysis.

50. NF > Reviews > Author Index
Ross Eckler • Umberto Eco • Ecologist • Economist • Sir arthur Eddington• Stefan Bruce Epstein • Joshua M. Epstein • A. erdelyi • Udo Erdmann
NF author index
A B C D ... Z
A-Z AA Amund Aarsten Emile Aarts ... Manoochehr Azmooden
Nils A. Baas Andre Bacard Emmon Bach James Bach ... Richard Byrne
Michel Cabanac Peter Cadogan Caere Artur Caetano ... A. Czirok
Patrik D'haeseleer Mark d'Inverno Desmond F. D'Souza Michael Dade ... I. E. Dzyaloshinski
E.P.Publishing Peter Eades Dorothy Eagle Office of Charles and Ray Eames ... Yaron Ezrahi
T. E. Faber Peter Fairley Joe Faith Alain Faivre ... Robert T. Futrell
Jostein Gaarder Eran Gabber Dennis Gabor Liane Gabora ... Richard K. Guy
Susan Haack S. Haas A. Nico Habermann Scot Hacker ... J. M. Hyslop
Hitoshi Iba Roland N. Ibbett IBM Jean D. Ichbiah ... Kiyoshi Izumi
Albert Jackson Bernie Jackson Daniel Jackson E. Atlee Jackson ... Charanjit S. Jutla
Jaap A. Kaandorp Eduardo Kac Mark Kac Johan Kaers ... J. G. Kyle
Jan D. van der Laan Guy Laffitte
Yves Lafont Manuel Laguna ... Gregory A. Lyzenga
M-Tec G. Bruce MacAlpine Rennie MacAndrew Malcolm A. H. MacCallum ... Laila Myking
R. Nabuurs Ted Nace Paul E. Nachtigall Toshiaki Nade ... Kristen Nygaard
D. E. O'Connor J.D O'Connor Colin M. O'Halloran Patrick O'Heffernan ... Muhsin Ozdemir
Anne Pacalet M. de Pace

51. A New Testament For Special Functions?
information on special functions. The task of bringing his manuscriptto completion was headed by arthur erdelyi. The project led to
A New Testament for Special Functions?
Barry A. Cipra
In contemplation of created things
By steps we may ascend to God.
-Paradise Lost, Book V The improbable intricacies of nature are the basis for a well-worn and, for many, compelling argument for the existence of a divine, if sometimes sadistic, creator. Could additional evidence be cited in the extraordinary mathematics of special functions? So far, theologicians have steered clear of mathematical alphas and omegas (not to mention the gammas and zetas), but that may be only for lack of access to in-formation about the remarkable properties of special functions. Some upcoming and ongoing projects for spreading the word about special functions were outlined last summer at the SIAM 40th Anniversary Meeting, in the minisymposium "Handbooks for Special Functions and the World Wide Web." The minisymposium was organized by Richard Askey of the University of Wisconsin and Willard Miller, Jr., who recently became director of the Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications at the University of Minnesota. Participants discussed the need for updated handbooks that reflect the field's progress in recent decades. One of the central themes was the question of how to utilize computer technology in creating future compendia of special functions for the myriad mathematicians, scientists, and engineers whose work they constantly bedevil.

52. American Psychological Society - Awards And Honors
erdelyi, Matthew H. City University of New York at Brooklyn College, Cognitive. Reber,arthur S. City University of New York at Brooklyn College, Cognitive.

53. APS Observer - Department Profile
Abramov Karen Ackroff Benzion Chanowitz Andrew Delamater Matthew erdelyi Jerri FrantzveFrank Ian McMahan Barton Meyers Eli Osman David Owen arthur Reber Nancy

54. Yale Psychology Department PH.D. Graduates
Jr. Gladstone, arthur; Keegan, Rev. Joseph S. 1969 erdelyi, Matthew; Adler,Marilynne J. Fein, Greta; Nelson, Keith; Sherman, A. Robert; Susskind
Front Page From the Chairperson General Character of the Program Programs of Study ... Affirmative Action PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT PH.D. GRADUATES
  • deWeerdt, Ole N. Spencer, Llewellyn T. Rexroad, Carl N. Pond, Millicent Adams, Donald K. Ligon, Ernest M. Crawford, Albert B. Louttit, Chauncey M. Scofield, Carleton F. Brown, Junius F. Cohen, Louis H. Cook, Thomas W. Lord, Elizabeth E. McGinnis, John M. Washburn, Ruth W. Hilgard, Ernest R. Huang, I. Mitra, Panchanan Peak, Helen Youchelson, Samuel Anderson, Amos C. Castner, Burton M. Mitchell, Mildred Richardson, Helen M. Marquis, Donald G. Melton, Arthur W. Sackett, Robert S. Sears, Robert R. Elder, James H. Hilgard, Josephine R. Lindley, Stanley B Shipley, Walter C. Spence, Kenneth W. Behanan, Kovoor T. Forster, Milton C. Hayes, Samuel P. Jr. Ross, Robert T. Switzer, St. Clair A. Taylor, Harold C. Ward, Lewis B. Bennett, George K. Britt, Steuart H. Miller, Neal E. Spragg, S.D. Shirley Witmer, Louise R. Wolfe, Lillian S. Ames, Louise B. Gridley, Pearl F. Hovland, Carl I. Porter, James M. Jr. Rodnick, Eliot H.

55. Pseudonyms
Emil Hansen Emil Nolde Emile Herzog - Andre Maurois Eric arthur Blair - George Nelhams-Wright- Adam Faith Thankin Nu - U Nu Thomas erdelyi - Tommy Ramone
The real names of those famous personalities of screen, stage and ..... well .... other places
Following is a list of the famous and their real names. Some you'll know, others you wont (what a stupid statement that is) - anyway, if you have any additions to the list, please see the bottom of this page. Thanks to all who have sent me names . Hope this is of use for your pub quizzes.
Adolph Marx - Harpo
Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu - Mother Teresa
Albert Cernick - Guy Mitchell
Alberto Pincherle - Alberto Moravia
Aleksei Maksimovitch Peshkov - Maskim Gorki
Alex Hughes - Judge Dread
Alfred Hawthorne Hill - Benny Hill
Allen Stewart Konigsberg - Woody Allen
Allison Clarkson - Betty Boo Andre Friedman - Robert Capa Andrew Warhola - Andy Warhol Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli - Pope John XXIII Annie Mae Bullock - Tina Turner Antoine Dominom - Fats Domino Antoni Stanislaw Boleslawawich - Leopold Anthony Stokowski Archibold Alexander Leach - Cary Grant Arthur Jacob Arkshawsky - Artie Shaw Arthur Stanley Jeffercon - Stan Laurel Asa Yoelson - Al Jolson Beresford Romeo - Jazzie B Bernard Jewery - Shane Fenton - Alvin Stardust Billie Jean Moffitt - Billie Jean King Brenda Webb - Crystal Gayle Brian Arthur Haines - Denny Laine Brian Davis - Michael Ffolkes Brian Duffy - Jet Black (Stranglers) Brian Rankin - Hank Marvin Brian Robertson - Brian James Bruno Walter Schlesinger - Bruno Walter Camille Javal - Brigitte Bardor Caryn Johnson - Whoopi Goldberg Cassius Marcellus Clay - Muhammed Ali

56. --- Nom De Guerre - R ---
punk rocker with The Ramones) Tommy Ramone Tommy erdelyi (punk rocker Rajonsky (jazztrumpeter/composer/arranger/bandleader) Sax Rohmer arthur Sarsfield Wade
Last Updated on 11/20/02
Sun Ra: Herman 'Sonny' Blount (jazz pianist/keyboardist/composer/bandleader, b1914 d1993) Raab Himself: Chris Raab (entertainer on MTV's Ozark Jubilee , b1925) Buck Ram: Samuel Ram (pop singer/manager/writer of 'The Platters') Rama V: Phra Paramindr Maha Chulalongkorn (King of Siam (1868-1910)/model for the film The Ramones ) Dee Dee Ramone: Douglas Colvin (punk rocker with The Ramones ) Joey Ramone: Jeffrey Hyman (punk rocker with The Ramones ) Johnny Ramone: John Cummings (punk rocker with The Ramones ) Marky Ramone: Marc Bell (punk rocker with The Ramones ) Paul Ramone: Paul McCartney (singer/musician/Beatle) Richie Ramone: Richard Reinhardt (punk rocker with The Ramones ) Tommy Ramone: Tommy Erdelyi (punk rocker with The Ramones Nazareth ) Ranking Roger: Roger Charlery (rock musician with The (English) Beat and General Public , b1961) Shabba Ranks: Rexton Rawlston Fernando Gordon (Jamaican dancehall reggae singer, b1966) Dana Ransom: Nancy Gideon (author) Raphael: Raffaello Santi (16th-century Italian painter/humanist) Ahmad Rashad: Bobby Morrow Red Hot Chili Peppers Guns 'N Roses Velvet Underground Superman Futuria Fantasia Nine Inch Nails Duran Duran Blow Monkeys Addams Family Hudec (actress/Enterprising computer voice) Jane Roe: Norma L. McCorvey (plaintiff in the

AK erdelyi, John 2 May 1877 W citizen of Hungary Douglas AK erdelyi, Julius 12 Apr IditarodAK Erickson, Aron 1 Jul 1884 W McCarthy AK Erickson, arthur F. 25

58. ../psych/faculty.htm - Psychology Deparment Faculty - Brooklyn College
Chanowitz, Benzion. Delamater, Andrew. erdelyi, Matthew. Grasso, Frank. Hainline,Louise. Owen, David. Rall, Marilyn. Reber, arthur. Romer, Nancy. Sapolsky, Allan.
Psychology Department Faculty
Abramov, Israel Ackroff, Karen Brannon, Robert Chanowitz, Benzion ... Weston, Peter Last Update: 2/12/00

59. Faculty Of The Cognition, Learning And Perception Ph.D. SubProgram
Chanowitz, Benzion. Delamater, Andrew. erdelyi, Matthew. Hainline, Louise. Halpert,Dorathea. Raphan, Theodore. Reber, arthur. Sailor, Kevin. Scarborough, Don. L.
Abramov, Israel
Ackroff, Karen Brooks, Patricia Chanowitz, Benzion ... Wiener, Richard Last Update: 10/15/00

60. Brooklyn College Bulletin - Divison Of Graduate Studies 2001 - 2004
Benito Ortolani Theater. arthur Reber Psychology. Viraht Sahni Physics. BernardH. Stern Professor in Humor. Matthew erdelyi Psychology. Mac Wellman English.
Brooklyn College Bulletin Emeriti and Named Professorships
Presidents Emeriti
John W. Kneller
Vernon E. Lattin
Provost Emerita
Ethyle R. Wolfe
Vice-President Emeritus
Hilary A. Gold
Associate Provost Emeritus
Mordecai L. Gabriel
Deans Emeriti Archie MacGregor Evan T. Williams Distinguished Professors Emeriti John Lawrence Ashbery
English H. Wiley Hitchcock Music Philip Pearlstein Art David H. Raab Psychology Martin P. Schreibman Biology Hans L. Trefousse History University Professor Emeritus Richard Trent Education Professors Emeriti Samuel Abrahamsen Judaic Studies Giovanna Abruzzi Modern Languages and Literatures R. Vivian Acosta Physical Education and Exercise Science Modern Languages and Literatures Sol Amato Education Agustin J. Anievas Music Anne Arnold Art Seymour Aronson Chemistry Leonard R. N. Ashley English Lucille Bacon Physical Education Fred Badalamenti Art Anna Banks Home Economics Abraham Bargman Political Science Michael P. Barnett

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