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         Airy George:     more books (100)
  1. Report of the Astronomer Royal to the Board of Visitors, read at the Annual Visitation of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, 1854, June 3. N.p., n.d. with: Regulations of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. by Greenwich] AIRY, George Biddell (1801-1892). [Royal Observatory, 1852-01-01
  2. On the movement of the solar system in space. by George Biddell (1801-1892). AIRY, 1860-01-01
  3. The lady of the lake by Walter Scott, George Biddell Airy, et all 2010-09-09
  4. On Sound and Atmospheric Vibrations with the Mathematical Elements of Music 2nd Edition by George Biddell Airy, 1871-01-01
  5. Gravitation: An Elementary Explanation of the Principal Perturbations in the ... by George Biddell Airy, 2008-08-21
  6. Gravitation: An Elementary Explanation Of The Principal Perturbations In The Solar System (1884) by George Biddell Airy, 2010-09-10
  7. An elementary treatise on partial differential equations, designed for the use of students in the un by George Biddell Airy, 2009-11-18
  8. On The Undulatory Theory Of Optics: Designed For The Use Of Students In The University (1866) by George Biddell Airy, 2009-04-02
  9. Notes On The Earlier Hebrew Scriptures (1876) by George Biddell Airy, 2010-09-10
  10. On The Undulatory Theory Of Optics: Designed For The Use Of Students In The University (1866) (French Edition) by George Biddell Airy, 2010-09-10
  11. Mathematical Tracts On Physical Astronomy, The Figure Of The Earth, Precession And Nutation, And The Calculus Of Variations (1826) by George Biddell Airy, 2010-09-10
  12. On The Algebraical And Numerical Theory Of Errors Of Observations: And The Combination Of Observations (1875) by George Biddell Airy, 2010-09-10
  13. Gravitation: An Elementary Explanation Of The Principal Perturbations In The Solar System (1884) by George Biddell Airy, 2010-09-10
  14. Popular Astronomy: A Series Of Lectures Delivered At Ipswich by George Biddell Airy, 2010-09-10

81. Maryland Ghost & Spirit Association - Maryland Hauntings - Prince George's Count
Mount airy Plantation is located in Upper Marlboro in Prince george's County at thejunction of Highway 301 and Highway 4. The plantation restaurant is located
Prince George's County Home Page About Us Maryland Hauntings Investigations ... Search
You are here: Home Maryland Hauntings > Prince Georges County Location: Adelphi
Ghost Name(s):
Description: This home was built in 1700's or 1800's and was used as a slave home. The staff has made numerous sightings over the years. The home is used as an assisted living home for the elderly. Ghosts are seen that are from the distant and not so distant past are often seen here.
Location: Bladensburg (Dueling Grounds)
Ghost Name(s): Stephen Decatur, Colonel John M. McCarty, Congressman Jonathan Cilley, and Daniel Key
Location: Bowie
Ghost Name(s): Goatman
Location: Clinton (Surratt Tavern) Ghost Name(s): Description: This is the tavern where John Wilkes Booth plotted the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Footsteps and the sounds of glasses and conversations are reported. Location: Upper Marlboro (Mount Airy Plantation) Ghost Name(s): Description: Location: Clinton Ghost Name(s): Mary Surratt Description: Location: Laurel (Oakland Mansion) Ghost Name(s): Description: The mansion once was set on over 1000 acres of land. The mansion was built in 1700 as a wedding gift to the daughter of Richard Snowden. This house has a reputation for being the most haunted house in Laurel. At least five ghosts live in this mansion. The Staggart family who still owns it today purchased the mansion in 1920's. Several members of the Staggart family have seen the ghost of Richard Contee, who was one of the mansion's early owners. He still walks the grounds.

82. Master Cemetery Index - Graham, Clarence L.-Gregoire, Eugemi
Graves, Fannie A. Harris, 1912, Union Corners. Graves, george, 1905, Mt. airy. Graves,Heinrich, 1908, St. Paul Lutheran (Petersberg). Graves, Isabel, 1918, Mound Grove.
Master Cemetery Index
Graham, Clarence L. Gregoire, Eugemi
Previous Master Cemetery Index Main Page Next
Cemetery Locations
Name Year of Death Cemetery Graham, Clarence L. Nichols (Six Mile Grove)
Graham, Florence Mound Grove
Graham, George W. Nichols (Six Mile Grove)
Graham, Henry Mound Grove
Graham, Irene Momence Protestant
Graham, James Nichols (Six Mile Grove)
Graham, Janich Mound Grove
Graham, Jennie Mound Grove
Graham, John R. Nichols (Six Mile Grove)
Graham, Lucy E. Nichols (Six Mile Grove) Graham, Luellen T. Mound Grove Graham, Martha W. Mound Grove Graham, Mary Nichols (Six Mile Grove) Graham, Nancy May Mound Grove Graham, Susana St. Joseph Graham, William G. Momence Protestant Grahm, James Nelson Nichols (Six Mile Grove) Gramatikos, Pet Mound Grove Gramfire, Clara St.George Grand Jesen, Mary Angeline St. Anne Catholic Grandejean, Marie Elizabeth St. Anne Catholic Grandger, Henry St.George Grandger, Julie Marie St.George Grandger, Marie E.(Brosseau) St.George Grandjean, Victor St. Anne Catholic Grandpre, Arselie Matenity BVM New Grandpre, Emma Matenity BVM New Grandpre, Louis

83. Master Cemetery Index - Dufault, Louise-Ehrich, Henry W.
Dufault, Rosalie, 1891, St. Rose. Duffy, James, 1865, DuFrain, Arilla,1907, Mt. airy. DuFrain, Claud Everett, 1904, Mt. airy. Dufrain, Edward, 1917, MoundGrove.
Master Cemetery Index
Dufault, Louise Ehrich, Henry W.
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Cemetery Locations
Name Year of Death Cemetery Dufault, Louise St.George
Dufault, Lucy Roy St. Rose
Dufault, Nelson St. Rose
Dufault, Peter St. Rose
Dufault, Rosalie St. Rose
Duffy, James St.George
DuFrain, Arilla Mt. Airy
DuFrain, Claud Everett Mt. Airy
Dufrain, Edward Mound Grove
DuFrain, Gertie Mt. Airy DuFrain, Harold Mt. Airy DuFrain, Harry Mt. Airy DuFrain, Henry Mt. Airy DuFrain, Infant Aroma Park DuFrain, Mary Mt. Airy DuFrain, Napolian Mt. Airy Dufresne, Marceline Mound Grove Dufresne, Roderique Mound Grove Dugan, Burton Aroma Park Dugan, George Aroma Park Dugan, Jessie Aroma Park Dugan, John Aroma Park Dugay, Tousant Aroma Park Duguay, George H. Momence Protestant Duight, Huldah Mound Grove Dumais, Antoine St. Anne Catholic Dumais, Edgar St. Anne Catholic Dumais, Etienne St. Anne Catholic Dumais, Mary St. Anne Catholic Dumais, Mary St. Anne Catholic Dumais, Odile St. Anne Catholic Dumais, Simon St. Anne Catholic Dumas, Solomon Mt. Hope (Pilot twp) Dumond, Mound Grove Dumont, (not listed)

84. OnlineAthens: Obituaries: George H. Thompson 09/26/02
george Hoyt Thompson, 85, died Tuesday, Sept wife, Irene Vinson Thompson; two daughters,Miriam Moore, Cornelia, and Sue Carnes, Mount airy; seven grandchildren



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Athens Magazine

Story last updated at 9:29 p.m. on Wednesday, September 25, 2002 George H. Thompson Mount Airy George Hoyt Thompson, 85, died Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2002. A native of Rabun County, Mr. Thompson was a son of the late Cleveland and Lassie Lovell Thompson. He was retired from Chicopee Manufacturing with 28 years of service and attended Baldwin Church of God. Services will be at 4 p.m. today at Whitfield Funeral Home, South Chapel, Baldwin, with Pastors Mike Franklin and Larry Carnes officiating. Burial will be in Yonah Memorial Gardens. Survivors include his wife, Irene Vinson Thompson; two daughters, Miriam Moore, Cornelia, and Sue Carnes, Mount Airy; seven grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren. The family will receive friends from 9-11 a.m. today at the funeral home. Memorials may be made to Baldwin Church of God Building Fund, P.O. Box 965, Baldwin, GA 30511. Athens Banner-Herald, Thursday, Sept. 26, 2002

85. Der Regenbogen
Translate this page Tropfeninneren. Dies wird in der unteren Skizze für die Farben rotund blau verdeutlicht. 3.2 Die Theorie von george airy. Nach
Der Regenbogen
1. Einleitung 2. Auftreten und Sichtbarwerden des Regenbogens 3. Entstehung des Regenbogens
3.1 Theorie von Descartes
4. Literaturverzeichnis
1. Einleitung
In dieser Ausarbeitung habe ich mich beschränkt auf die "klassische" Theorie von René Descartes (1596 - 1650) und Sir Isaac Newton (1643 - 1727) und schließlich auf die sogenannte "halbklassische" Theorie von George Airy (1801 - 1892).
2. Auftreten und Sichtbarwerden des Regenbogens
Der Winkel zwischen der Achse "Sonne - Beobachtungspunkt" und der äußersten Farbe des Regenbogens beträgt ungefähr 42°. Die Farbfolge von außen nach innen reicht von rot, orange, gelb, grün, blau bis violett. Diesen soeben beschriebenen Regenbogen nennt man auch primären Regenbogen bzw. Hauptregenbogen. Die Bezeichnungsweise läßt bereits vermuten, daß es daneben noch mindestens einen Nebenregenbogen gibt. Dieser liegt außerhalb des primären Bogens und schließt mit der Achse "Sonne - Beobachtungspunkt" den Winkel von ca. 53° ein. Die Farbfolge ist genau umgekehrt zu der des primären Bogens, also von außen nach innen: violett, blau, grün, gelb, orange, rot. Dieser Nebenbogen erscheint wesentlich schwächer als der primäre Regenbogen und ist manchmal auch gar nicht sichtbar.
3. Entstehung des Regenbogens

86. The Art Of George L.Paige
8'wx 5'hx 1 1/2'd Lite airy will be on display at the Springfield Art Museum fromNovember 17th December 30th. Copyright ©2000 george L. Paige All Rights
8'w x 5'h x 1 1/2'd

Mount airy High School 1011 North South Street Mount airy, NC 27030 Phone336789-5147Fax336-789-9008. Current Job, Principal- Mount airy High School.

Contact me!
Mount Airy High School
1011 North South Street
Mount Airy, NC 27030
Our School and Technology Education BA Pfeiffer College-Health, Physical Education, Recreation
MA Gardner-Webb College-Physical Education
MA Gardner-Webb College-School Administration Current Job Principal- Mount Airy High School Other Jobs In the past five years I have been the Assistant Principal at Mount Airy High School. Before taking this position I was the Lead Teacher at the Mount Airy Alternative School for three years. Passions I love to read, watch sporting events, travel, and most importantly I enjoy spending time with family and friends. Must Reads A Coach's Life -Dean Smith
You're Special -Max Lucado Quotes "Success is measured not so much by the position that one has rendered in life as by the obstacles which he has over come while trying to succeed" Booker T. Washington "It's not enough to be good if you have the ability to be better." Alberta Lee Cox last modified: 01-15-03 Return to PATL Graduates

88. Leonids 2000 Meteor Gallery
These videos were captured by george Varros from Mount airy, Maryland. MD, capturedthese images of the same fireball that george recorded over Mount airy.
Leonids 2000 Meteor Gallery
back to Summary : A bright moon, city lights and scattered clouds weren't enough to keep the 2000 Leonid meteor shower at bay. Sky watchers who ventured outdoors after midnight on Nov. 17th and 18th enjoyed sporadic flurries of bright shooting stars numbering more than 200 per hour over parts of Europe, Africa, and the Americas. [ more information
Many of the videos in this collection appear in RealPlayer format.
Photographer, Location Images Comments George Varros , Mount Airy, MD #1 (slow motion) These videos were captured by George Varros from Mount Airy, Maryland. He used a Gen II image intensifier and a PC-23-C digital video camera. The field of view is approximately 55 degrees. Jupiter is the brightest object near the right hand side of these images, followed by Saturn and Aldebaran. Orion appears to the left. David Varros , Frederick, MD #1 (slow motion) George Varros's twin brother David, located 15 miles away in Frederick, MD, captured these images of the same fireball that George recorded over Mount Airy. Video #1 here corresponds to video #1 under George's entry , above. The brothers combined their images to produce

89. Untitled
2033 Varros Team (04/27/97 0112 UT) 8inSCT.EDC1000 5second exposures.Note thecomets rapid motion in just 3minutes.Dave and george Varros MT.airy Maryland

90. Thomas Jefferson's Family Tree - Pafg48 - Generated By Personal Ancestral File
in Mt. airy, Prince george, Maryland. She died on 28 Sep 1811. She 1777in Mt. airy, Prince george, Maryland. She died on 13 Jul 1854.
Thomas Jefferson's Family Tree
Alexander ELLIS .Alexander married Nancy BUSH. Nancy BUSH [ Parents was born in 1926. She married Alexander ELLIS. Charles Edward LUCKETT was born in 1860 in Jefferson Co, KY. He married Sarah Frances WHITLOCK. Sarah Frances WHITLOCK [ Parents was born in 1849 in Russeville, Franklin Co, AL. She married Charles Edward LUCKETT. They had the following children: F i Edith LUCKETT was born about 1899. John Parke CUSTIS [ Parents was born in 1755 in White House, New Kent, Va.. He died on 5 Nov 1781 in Eltham Plant., Yorktown, New Kent, Va.. He was buried in 1781 in Eltham Plant., , Va.. He married Eleanor CALVERT on 3 Feb 1774 in Arlington, Virginia. Eleanor CALVERT [ Parents was born in 1754 in Mt. Airy, Prince George, Maryland. She died on 28 Sep 1811. She married John Parke CUSTIS on 3 Feb 1774 in Arlington, Virginia. They had the following children: F i Elizabeth CUSTIS was born about 1766 in Virginia. She died about 1820 in Mount Vernon, Virginia. F ii Patsy CUSTIS was born about 1769 in Virginia. She died about 1820 in Mount Vernon, Virginia. F iii (Child) CURTIS was born about 1775 in Of, , Va..

91. George Krischke's Real Estate Update
george Krischke, February 2003 Go Providing You Excellent Client Service throughExperience Mount airy, a suburb of Philadelphia, and Mount Lebanon, a suburb of

92. Suche Nach Personen
Translate this page Friedrich (1858-1937) Ahrendt, Erdtelephonie WW 1 Ahrens, Wilhelm (1872-1927) Aigner,Alexander (1909-1988) airy, george (1801-1892) Akbar, Großmogul Agra
Suche nach Personen
A B C D ... Z
Abbe, Ernst (1840-1905)

Abdank, [Intergraph]

Abderhalden, Emil (1877-1950)

Abegg, Richard (1869-1915)
... Institutionen Ausgelesen am 29. Dezember 2002.

93. Four Seasons Hotel George-V Paris
tapestries, lovingly restored; and an Art Deco spirit that lives on in airy, thoroughlyreborn, highly advanced spaces, Four Seasons Hotel george V Paris has Paris/Four Seasons Hot
Home Hotels Vehicles Regional Info ... About Us
Four Seasons Hotel George-V Category: 5 Star Paris - Central Paris Paris Nearby Tours Regional Info Description
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Steps from the Champs-Elysées, with private terraces that command all of Paris; 18th-century tapestries, lovingly restored; and an Art Deco spirit that lives on in airy, thoroughly reborn, highly advanced spaces, Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris has redefined service in the City of Light. Each of the Hotel's 245 rooms is gracefully appointed with the comfort and luxury typical of Four Seasons. All feature marble bathrooms with soaking tub and separate shower. Rooms are decorated with classic French furnishings, combining Parisian style and sophistication with today's technology to optimise productivity and relaxation. Each of the spacious Four Seasons Executive Suites are ideal for meeting business associates or entertaining friends, with a comfortable sitting room connected to a bedroom. What could be more romantic than honeymooning in Paris? Four Seasons Honeymoon Suite is warm and intimate, a setting of utmost perfection for memories that last a lifetime. The Honeymoon Suite features a splendidly appointed sitting room, and its eighth-floor location allows especially romantic views of the Eiffel Tower, the Panthéon and St-Louis-des- Invalides. There are three beautiful Presidential Suites. Each includes a spacious living and dining room area with a luxurious residential ambience, and have views of the Marble Courtyard and the Avenue George V.

94. Manfred Boergens - Briefmarke Des Monats Juli/August 2001
george Biddell airy
Briefmarke des Monats Juli/August 2001
Michel 996
Scott 1061
Die Briefmarke entstammt einem Satz mit vier Werten, der zur 100-Jahr-Feier der internationalen Anerkennung des Greenwich Meridian ausgegeben wurde. Greenwich Mean Time Royal Observatory
George Biddell Airy (1801 - 1892) Trinity College . Er wurde als bester Mathematiker seines Jahrgangs ausgezeichnet und erhielt schon mit 25 Jahren den Lucasian Chair , den Lehrstuhl, den einst Isaac Newton innehatte und auf dem heute Stephen Hawking arbeitet. Von 1835-1881 bekleidete Airy die Position des Astronomer Royal Krater Airy , der genau auf dem 0. Marsmeridian liegt.
George Biddell Airy
Mathematiker und Physiker kennen die Airy'sche Differentialgleichung
Airys Teleskop Airy baute 1850 an der Sternwarte in Greenwich das Transit Telescope National Maritime Museum ist.
Airy und Babbage Difference Engine durch die Regierung aus und behinderte so den Fortschritt der Informatik in England.
George Biddell Airy

zur Leitseite
Mathematische Philatelie

95. Tenn WWI Veterans : Sequatchie County
Smith, Arthur W. 27, Mt. airy, TN, 11. Smith, george, 1895, Mt. airy, TN,11. Smith, Gilbert A. 27, S. Pittsburg, TN, 12. Smith, Maddison T. 1896, Dunlap,TN, 12.
Tennessee State Library and Archives
Historical and Genealogical Information
Last Name First Name Age or DOB Birth Place Notes Page Acuff James Cumberland Co., TN
Ammons Ezra Oliver
Sailors Austin Amos L. Mt. Airy, TN Dead Austin Chaos Victoria, TN
Austin Geo. B. Mt. Airy, TN
Barker Claude A. Dunlap, TN
Bowman George W. Bledsoe Co., TN Deserted Bowman Hobert Mt. Airy, TN
Bowman Oscar Dunlap, TN
Bowman Prady Sale Creek, TN
Brown James David Sequatchie Co., TN
Brown Victor Dunlap, TN Brumley Alfred McMinosa, TN Brumley James H. McMinnville, TN Bryant Robert L. Grundy Co., TN Carden Earnest P. Manchester, TN Carden Terrill A. Hillsboro, TN Wounded Clark Charlie L. Pailo, TN Clark Dallas Mt. Airy, TN Clark Jessie C. Beldsoe Co., TN Cooley Frances Marion Sailors Cordell Frank Dunlap, TN Cordell Travis Dunlap, TN Davenport Thomas Steve Chattanooga, TN Marines Davis Walter J. Dunlap, TN Easterly Sam Alley Dunlap, TN Marines Elliot Anderson Dunlap, TN Dead Elliott Charles A. Cagle, TN Wounded Elliott Grover C. Sequatchie Co., TN Elliott Robert L. Dunlap, TN

96. Genealogy Data
Dent, Margaret Louise Gender Female Family Spouse Wray, Ralph george Birth 6Jan 1910 Mount airy, Surry County, North Carolina Death 3 Jan 1993 Richmond
Genealogy Data
Back to Main Page
Gender: Female
Family: Marriage: , Surry County, North Carolina
Spouse: Marion, Bartholomew
Birth : 1755 , Albemarle County, Virginia
Death : 10 Jul 1833 , Surry County, North Carolina
Gender: Male
Parents: Father: Marion, John
Mother: Sanders?, Mary
Children: Marion, Daniel
Marion, Robert
Marion, Adam Marion, William ... Marion, Mildred Marion, Girl Gender: Female Marion, Girl Gender: Female Marion, Girl Gender: Female
Back to Main Page
Reeves, Sallie Locke Birth : 9 May 1805 Death : 24 Aug 1889 Gender: Female Family: Marriage: 19 May 1824 Spouse: Marion, Adam Birth : 23 Oct 1801 Death : 26 Sep 1890 Gender: Male Parents: Father: Marion, Bartholomew Mother: Harrison, Children: Marion, Richard Elwell Marion, Jubal Early Marion, Franklin Jones Marion, John Durden Marion, Jeremiah (Miah) Birth : 1842 Gender: Male Marion, Lazarus Sidney Marion, Lewis Newton Marion, Sarah Ann (Sally) Marion, Augustus Eugene ...
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Alberty, Mary (Polly) Birth : 1801 , Surry County, North Carolina Gender: Female Parents: Father: Alberty, Frederick

97. Agriculture In The Netherlands ~ MALTHA, D. J.
- ASTRONOMY - *Anoriginal coloured lithograph from ‘Vanity Fair’. Published Vanity Fair....... airy, SIR george Biddell. 1801 1892 Astronomy.
Plymouth Road
South Brent
Tel: 01364 73457
Fax: 01364 72918

Agriculture in the Netherlands
pp. 37, (v). 144 plates. Dust wrapper. Very good. *Dutch edition also available. Published: Contact Publishing. Amsterdam. Date Published: Stock #: Price: [ORDER]

98. AIRY
document.write(""); AIRY
AIRY physics and astronomy. The former are for the m6st part concerned with questions relating to the theory of light? "arising out of his professorial lectures, among which may be specially mentioned his paper " On the Diffraction of an Object-Glass with Circular Aperture." In 1831 the Copley medal of the Royal Society was awarded to bin) for these researches. Of his astronomical writings during this period the most important are his investigation of the mass of Jupiter, his report to the British Association on the progress of astronomy during the rgth century, and his memon1 On an Inequality of Long Period in the Motions of the Earth and Venus. One of the sections of his able and instructive report was devoted to " A Comparison of the Progress of Astronomy in England with that in other Countries," very much to the .disadvantage of England. This reproach was subsequently to a great extent removed by his own labours. The formidable undertaking of reducing the accumulated planetary observations made at Greenwich from 1750 to 1830 was already in progress under Airy's supervision when he became Astronomer Royal. Shortly afterwards he undertook the further laborious task of reducing the enormous mass of observations of the moon made at Greenwich during the same period under the direction, successively, of J. Bradley, N. Bliss, N. Maskelyne and John Pond, to defray the expense of which a large sum of money was allotted by the Treasury. As the result, no less than 8000 lunar observations were rescued from oblivion, and were, in 1846, placed at the disposal of astronomers in such a form that

99. Home Page Of Capital Bay Events Links
MOUNT airy. Type Mt. airy has scenic beauty enhanced by stretches of lowercountry on the east and the Blue Ridge Mountains on the west.

100. J. Lo Cleans Up In Airy ‘Maid In Manhattan’
J. Lo cleans up in airy ‘Maid in Manhattan’. Pop star plays a workin’gal who’s Latina, likable and proud — but also a bit of dull vanilla.
MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Search ... Money
J. Lo cleans up
Pop star plays a workin’ gal
By David Elliott
eDiets Diet Center
Yellow Pages Loan Center Newsletters ... Celebrity photos
J.Lo is very likable. That describes her entire performance. As Marisa, she is Latina and proud of it. She is also vanilla, and dull for it.
var fSucceed = false;
David Elliott is the movie critic of The San Diego Union-Tribune. © 2002 by the Copley News Service.
REVIEW: Logic takes a holiday in 'The Hunted'
REVIEW: Rats rule in 'Willard' remake REVIEW: 'Agent Cody Banks' is no teen Bond REVIEW: Willis shines in 'Tears of the Sun' ... Budget Travel: In Georgia O'Keeffe country GetColorboxData(73216); 'The Juice' from Jan Herman The literature of war, from Homer on Potter fan pays $8,000 for new book Fans can visit Lennon's early home Snoop Dogg sued over voice mail MSNBC Cover Page Stones cancel China concerts 'The Juice' from Jan Herman Movies: What's hot, what's not 'Thorn Birds' miniseries returns Moore tools up for another furor MSNBC Cover Page MSNBC is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer Windows Media Player MSNBC Terms,

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