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         Airy George:     more books (100)
  1. Account of observations of the transit of Venus, 1874, December 8: made under the authority of the British government : and of the reduction of the observations by George Biddell Airy, George Lyon Tupman, et all 2010-08-28
  2. On sound and atmospheric vibrations, with the mathematical elements of music; designed for the use of students of the university by George Biddell Airy, 2010-08-28
  3. The lady of the lake.: With topography of the poem by the late Sir George Biddell Airy and notes by Andrew Lang. by Walter Scott, 2009-05-01
  4. Gravitation; An Elementary Explanation of the Principal Perturbations in the Solar System by Sir George Biddell Airy, 2009-12-22
  5. Popular Astronomy; A Series of Lectures Delivered at Ipswich by Sir George Biddell Airy, 2010-10-14
  6. A Treatise on Magnetism. Designed for the Use of Students in the University. By George Biddell Airy by George Biddell Airy, 1870-01-01
  7. Autobiography of Sir George Biddell Airy (Classic Reprint) by Sir George Biddell Airy, 2010-03-25
  8. A Treatise on Magnetism. Designed for the Use of Students in the University. By George Biddell Airy by George Biddell Airy, 2010
  9. The Autobiography Of Sir George Biddell Airy by George Biddell Airy, 2010-09-10
  10. Autobiography of George Biddell Airy by George Biddell Airy, 2009-06-06
  11. The Autobiography Of Sir George Biddell Airy by George Biddell Airy, 2010-09-10
  12. Autobiography of Sir George Biddell Airy by Wilfred; Airy, George Biddell Airy, 1896-01-01
  13. A treatise on trigonometry. By George Biddell Airy. by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-20
  14. On Sound and Atmospheric Vibrations with the Mathematical Elements of Music by George Biddell Airy, 2010-09-10

41. RASC Library - Title Index - Alphabet O
1834, 40, On the Undulatory Theory of Optics, airy, george Biddell,Optics, 535.1 A, London and Cambridge MacMillan Co. 1866, 274,On
The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Library
Title Index - Alphabet O
Home Library (special) A ... Z Title Author Subject heading Out Dewey Note Publisher Lyear L.C. Notes Observational Astronomy for Amateurs Sidgwick, John Benson unclassified 522.6 S London: Faber and Faber Observations of Comets, From B.C. 611 to A.D. 1640 Extracted From... Williams, John Comets 523.6 W London: Strangeways and Walden Full title is: Observations of Comets, From B.C. 611 to A.D. 1640 Extracted From the Chinese Annals Observations of Halley's Comet Made at the Khedivial Ob'y, Helwan Shaw, H. Knox Comets-observations 523.64 S Cairo: National Printing Department Observations on the Zodiacal Light from April 2,1853 to April 22,1855 Jones, George Zodiacal light 523.59 J Vol. III Washington: U.S. Navy Observations on the Zodiacal Light from April 2, 1853 to April 22, 1855. Vol III. Observing Variable Stars With Binoculars Chilton, K.E. Stars-variable
RASC-Hamilton Centre 523.844 C Copy 2 Hamilton: RASC Hamilton Centre Title Author Subject heading Out Dewey Note Publisher Lyear L.C.

42. October 1996 Observations
10/05/96 800 PM EST Comet Hale Bopp C/1995O1 1996 Oct 6.04 UT M1=5.5, DIA=15',DC=7.0 10X50B george Varros Mt airy MD still just naked eye with
October 1996 Observations
10/31/96 6:15 -> PM EDT
*1996 Oct. 31.96 UT: m1=4.6, Dia.=18', NE...George Varros (Mt Airy, MD)
[NE visible at 6:15 PM EDT(prior to ast darkness). 1/2 degree tail visible shortly after with direct vision.]
*1996 Nov. 1.00 UT: m1=4.6, Dia.=15',DC=7.0...10x50B...George Varros (Mt Airy, MD)
[3+ degree tail. :)]
Continues to brighten! :) Also observed M31, M33, M57, Double Open Cluster, with an Orion 80mm Short Tube Refractor at 16X. 10/30/96 7:00 -> PM EDT
Comet Hale Bopp
1996 Oct. 31.02 UT: m1=4.8, Dia.=18', NE...George Varros (Mt Airy, MD) Comet easier to lock on to than 10/28, seeming larger and slightly brighter! 10/28/96 7:15 -> PM EDT
Comet Hale Bopp 1996 Oct. 29.03 UT: m1=4.9, DIA=15', NE...George Varros (Mt Airy, MD) [1/2 deg tail and fairly stellar nucleus obvious with averted vision. Comet much easier viewed with direct vision than previous reports. Observation not compensated for proximity to horizon.] Viewed M31, M33. Saw -4 mag meteor. Saw two meteors thru 80mm refractor in the exact same spot 30 seconds apart. Then the moon shut down the observing for the night. A very slim window this soon after the full moon. 10/15/96 8:00 -> PM EST Comet Hale Bopp 1996 Oct 16.03 UT: m1=5.2, DIA=15', DC=7.0...10X50B...George Varros (Mt Airy, MD) What a time it has been, chasing Hale Bopp for over a year. It is now sinking low in the evening sky and within a month it will be too close to the sun. I will indeed miss this dynamic hairy monster beast of a comet until it returns in Feb 97.

43. November 97 Observations
24.99 UT m1=9.8, Dia.=2.0', DC=4 20cm L (122X,96X) .george Varros (Mt.airy Maryland) 5' tail in PA~70 with 3' brighter central thread
November 97 Observations
11/24/97 6:45 PM EST
C/1997 T1 (Utsunomiya)
1997 Nov. 24.99 UT: m1=9.8, Dia.=2.0', DC=4...20cm L (122X,96X) ....George Varros (Mt. Airy Maryland)
[5' tail in PA~70 with 3' brighter central thread] 11/18/97 7:20 PM EST
C/1997 T1 (Utsunomiya)
*1997 Nov. 19.01 UT: m1=9.8, Dia.=2.0', DC=3...20cm L (122X,96X) ....George Varros (Mt. Airy Maryland) 11/17/97 7:00 PM EST
C/1997 T1 (Utsunomiya)
*1997 Nov. 18.00 UT: m1=9.8, Dia.=2.5', DC=4...20cm L (98X) ....George Varros (Mt. Airy Maryland) 11/17/97 04:45 - 04:50 AM EST
Observed 3 Leonids. 1 was just visible. The other 2 were *very* bright, maybe magnitude -5 or -6. One left a train that lasted 20 seconds or so. These were brighter than Venus but with much larger surface area. (I then quit while I was ahead, cursed the moon and headed to work :( 11/05/97 7:00 PM EST
C/1997 T1 (Utsunomiya) *1997 Nov.06.02 UT: m1=9.8, Dia.=2.0', DC=3...20cm L (96X,122X,244x) ....George Varros (Mt. Airy Maryland)
[Definite tadpole shape. 4' ext to NE. Hints of brighter area in the tail. No hint of brighter condensation as in previous obs.] 11/04/97 7:00 PM EST C/1997 T1 (Utsunomiya) 1997 Nov.05.01 UT: m1=9.9, Dia.=2.0', DC=5...20cm L

44. British Scientists:
airy, george Sir george Bidell airy (18011892) was the director of GreenwichObservatory/Astronomer Royal of England from 1835 to 1881.
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Zoom Astronomy
British Astronomers, Paleontologists and Some Other Scientists Zoom Dinosaurs ADAMS, JOHN C.
John Couch Adams (1819-1892) was an English astronomer and mathematician who, at 24 years old, predicted the existence of the planet Neptune (Le Verrier also predicted its existence, independently). AIRY, GEORGE Sir George Bidell Airy (1801-1892) was the director of Greenwich Observatory/Astronomer Royal of England from 1835 to 1881. Airy installed a transit (a precise surveying device) at Greenwich, England, which was used to define the zero degree meridian of the Earth (zero-degrees longitude). A crater on Mars about 5 degrees south of the equator and on what is defined as Mars' prime meridian (zero-degrees longitude) is call Airy. A small crater within this crater (which is called Airy-0) is where the meridian line (zero-degrees longitude) crosses. A crater on the moon is also named for him (latitude 18.1 degrees, longitude 354.3 degrees, diameter 36 km). Airy is supposed to have stated incorrectly that Charles Babbage's new "analytical engine" (the predecessor of the computer) was "worthless," effectively ending Babbage's government funding. ANNING, MARY

45. Airy, Sir George Biddell
encyclopediaEncyclopedia airy, Sir george Biddell. airy, Sir georgeBiddell, 1801–92, English astronomer. The son of a poor farmer
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Airy, Sir George Biddell Airy, Sir George Biddell, , English astronomer. The son of a poor farmer, he distinguished himself as Senior Wrangler at Cambridge, where he was elected fellow of Trinity College (1824) and appointed professor (1826). As Astronomer Royal and director of the Royal Greenwich Observatory from 1835 to 1881, he organized the efficient and accurate observation of stellar positions. Airy wrote many governmental reports on astronomical and other subjects, published works on celestial mechanics, and made discoveries in theoretical and practical optics, including the cylindrical lens for correcting astigmatism, an eye defect he himself possessed. See his autobiography (1896).
air traffic control

46. ThinkQuest Library Of Entries
Sir george airy thought that mountains and continents moved like icebergs,floating on top of a sea of magma. He believed that the
Welcome to the ThinkQuest Internet Challenge of Entries
The web site you have requested, Plate Tectonics , is one of over 4000 student created entries in our Library. Before using our Library, please be sure that you have read and agreed to our To learn more about ThinkQuest. You can browse other ThinkQuest Library Entries To proceed to Plate Tectonics click here Back to the Previous Page The Site you have Requested ...
Plate Tectonics
click here to view this site
A ThinkQuest Internet Challenge 1998 Entry
Click image for the Site Languages : Site Desciption Who's who in plate tectonics research? Who first came up with the idea that the sea floor spreads and the continents drift? Find out at this web site, which has some drifting of its own as far as navigation goes, however the information given about this earth science phenomenon is first-rate.
Students Kasia West Hall Middle
GA, United States Larry E. West Hall Middle
GA, United States Coaches Emily West Hall Middle
GA, United States

47. Untitled
Translate this page airy, george Biddell,* 1801 in Anwick (Northumberland), † 1892 inGreenwich. Die meisten heutigen Geowissenschaftler kennen airy
Airy, George Biddell,
Schriften On the computation of the effect of the attraction of mountainmasses, as disturbing the apparant astronomical latitude of stations in geodetic surveys, Phil.Trans.Royal Soc., London, 145, 101-104, 1855. Mathematical tracts on physical astronomy, the figure of the earth, precession and nutation, and the calculus of variation, Cambridge, 1826. A treatise on magnetism, London, 1870. Intensity of light in the neighbourhood of a caustic, Phil. Soc. Royal Soc. London, 6, 1838. Airy, G. B., Autobiography, edited by Wilfrid Airy, Cambridge, 1896.
Literatur Harris, Rollin: A manual of the tides, Part I: Introduction and historical treatment of the subject, in: Report of the Superintendent of the US Coast and Geodetic Survey. Washington, 1898.

48. Encyclopædia Britannica
Price USD $395, Now with a NEW 22nd volume! Visit Britannica Store, EncyclopædiaBritannica, airy, Sir george Biddell Encyclopædia Britannica Article.

49. Encyclopædia Britannica
View Article Index Entry. airy, Sir george Biddell English scientist who wasastronomer royal from 1835 to 1881. View Article Images Index Entry. george gilbert scott&ct=eb&fuzzy=N&sh

50. OASI - G B Airy's Country Retreat
Lane, Playford. The former owner in question was no less a personthan Sir george Biddell airy, 7 th Astronomer Royal! Ed's visit
G B Airy's Country Retreat
© Kenneth J Goward
My main pleasure in the wonderful science of astronomy comes from the occasional study of its rich and colourful history. That pleasure was compounded in summer 1999 when Mr Ed O'Sullivan visited our observatory to progress his enquiries into a former owner of his cottage, Airy's , Church Lane, Playford. The former owner in question was no less a person than Sir George Biddell Airy, 7 th Astronomer Royal! Ed's visit passed all too quickly discussing Airy, his many scientific achievements, his links to this corner of East Anglia and Orwell Park. Ed has no links with astronomy and didn't purchase the cottage because of its astronomical history. All he knew when he bought the property in 1997 was what the estate agent said: Some famous scientist was supposed to have lived there
Following that fascinating meeting I sent off a package of information about Airy to Ed and was delighted to receive in return an invitation to visit the cottage. In November 1999, I was privileged to make the visit and was treated to a most interesting tour of the cottage, which still has much of Airy's influence pervading, and the adjacent St Mary's Church where the Airy family is buried and where one may see many mementos of the locally prominent Biddell family.
The visit afforded me the chance to photograph the cottage inside and out for the information of Dr Allan Chapman who visited Orwell Park in May 2001 to deliver a lecture on Airy. Anyone who has ever been privileged to hear Allan lecture will know what a treat the lecture was. Allan has for some time been researching Airy with the intention of writing his biography and has full access to both the Greenwich archive and the Airy family papers. Indeed, Allan has told me that the family papers alone take up in excess of 30 feet of shelf space - such was the prodigious output from the 7

51. OASI - President And Honourary Members, 2002
She writes I feel sure the compliment being paid to Sir george airy'sgreatgreat-granddaughter would be a source of satisfaction to him.
A President And Three New Honourary Members For OASI
By Ken Goward, for the Committee of OASI Following a unanimous vote at our 2002 AGM and the acceptance of subsequent formal invitations, it is with considerable pleasure that we are able to announce the appointment of an honourary President and three new honourary members viz Hon President: Dr Allan Chapman, MA, D.Phil, FRAS Allan Chapman is a professional historian of science at the Faculty of Modern History, Oxford and is a member of Wadham College. He obtained his BA (first class) at Lancaster University and a D.Phil in the History of Science at Oxford in 1972. His MA came at Oxford in 1983. Allan has written a number of authoritative books on the history of astronomy, including Dividing the Circle Astronomical Instruments and Their Users (1996) and The Victorian Amateur Astronomer (1998). He has also written many articles and papers for international academic journals and is popularly known for his regular articles in Astronomy Now Allan gave the Wilkins Prize Lecture in the history of science at the Royal Society in 1994, speaking on Edmond Halley. He became the Medal Lecturer at the Royal Institution in 1997. His fame goes before him on the astronomy society lecture circuit and (although he wouldn't admit it) he is very much the 'star turn' at Astrofest each year. He has also made a number of TV appearances on Open University Programmes and

52. Mount Airy Gallery Of Fine Arts ~ Ruth Ann Loving's Paintings ~ Slatyfork, WV
Mount airy Gallery HC 69 PO Box 61 Mount airy Lane Slatyfork, WV 26291, (304 BelmontShow, June 1998; King george Art Guild, 1982present (2000); The Art League
Ruth Ann Loving's Paintings
Mount Airy Gallery of Fine Arts, LLC
by Ruth Ann Loving
oil on Masonnite (18" X 24") Can be viewed at: Mount Airy Gallery
HC 69 P.O. Box 61
Mount Airy Lane
Slatyfork, WV 26291

Host: Omar Quillen RUTH ANN LOVING Ruth Ann Loving's paintings are collected privately, exhibited publicity and have won awards. ART EDUCATION:
  • Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Va., graduate art classes, 2000
  • Mary Washington College, MALS program
  • The Art League, Alexandria. Virginia
  • Synetics and Rapphannock Community College, computer graphics
  • Mary Washington College, Fredericksburg, Virginia,
  • 1989 Summa Cum Laude BLS degree in studio arts, two art scholarships
  • Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts Artist Studio Tour 2000, Oct. 7
  • Uniquely Fredericksburg Art Show, September-October 2000 (juried)
  • Art First, Inc., 1992-present including a two-man show October 1999
  • Women's Club of Fredericksburg Fine Arts Show, 1982-present, (2000)
  • First place in printmaking. March 2000. 2nd place in watercolor, 1993

53. Mt. Airy Business Association Board
airy • USA george Milite, Milite Writing Services *Gerd Naydock, Lucy’s LaundryMatt*Maureen Pearson, Pearson Group Pamela Rich-Wheeler, The Business
2003 MABA Officers and Board of Directors
Weekly Mt. Airy Biz News
Plans for card exchange underway
New Board takes office

Small Office/Home Office
Next meeting April 3
Alphabetical DirectoryUPDATED
Directory by CategoryUPDATED
MABA Benefits/
Application Form Links to related sites Home T he Mt. Airy Business Association governing structure includes five officers and 16 members of the Board of Directors. Nominations are accepted in September and October, and the membership elects the slate at the November meeting. All officers and directors of MABA are volunteers, who devote time and effort to better the community. The new 2003 officers are listed below with e-mail addresses. MABA welcomes a new President, Pete Kelly, and Vice-President, Pamela DeLissio. The Board of Directors are listed below the Officers. There are five new members of the Board. Officers: Pete Kelly, President, North by Northwest Pamela DeLissio, Vice-President DeLissio Consulting Group, LLC

54. Scientists Collection1563-1973
Couch, 18191892; Agassiz, Alexander, 1835-1910; Agassiz, Louis, 1807-1873;airy, george Biddell, 1801-1892; Audubon, John James, 1785

55. AIRY
airy. airy, SIR george BIDDELL (18011892), British Astronomer Royal,was born at Alnwick on the 27th of July 1801. He came of a
AIRY physics and astronomy. The former are for the m6st part concerned with questions relating to the theory of light? "arising out of his professorial lectures, among which may be specially mentioned his paper " On the Diffraction of an Object-Glass with Circular Aperture." In 1831 the Copley medal of the Royal Society was awarded to bin) for these researches. Of his astronomical writings during this period the most important are his investigation of the mass of Jupiter, his report to the British Association on the progress of astronomy during the rgth century, and his memon1 On an Inequality of Long Period in the Motions of the Earth and Venus. One of the sections of his able and instructive report was devoted to " A Comparison of the Progress of Astronomy in England with that in other Countries," very much to the .disadvantage of England. This reproach was subsequently to a great extent removed by his own labours. The formidable undertaking of reducing the accumulated planetary observations made at Greenwich from 1750 to 1830 was already in progress under Airy's supervision when he became Astronomer Royal. Shortly afterwards he undertook the further laborious task of reducing the enormous mass of observations of the moon made at Greenwich during the same period under the direction, successively, of J. Bradley, N. Bliss, N. Maskelyne and John Pond, to defray the expense of which a large sum of money was allotted by the Treasury. As the result, no less than 8000 lunar observations were rescued from oblivion, and were, in 1846, placed at the disposal of astronomers in such a form that

56. Hollis: Differential Equations
Abel, Niels Henrik airy, george Banach, Stefan Bendixson, Ivar Bernoulli, DanielBernoulli, Jacob Bernoulli, Johann Bessel, Wilhelm Borda, Jean Cauchy
Differential Equations
with Boundary Value Problems by Selwyn Hollis
Contents and Preface
Marketing Blurb Book Site @ Prentice Hall ... Solutions Manual Technology Mathematica Maple Java M ... ATLAB Sundry Items Problem graphics and extra graphical problems for Section 3.1.
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Professors: Please send me an email
Some Biographical References
The following are links to information on most of the mathematicians/scientists whose names appear in the book. Unless otherwise noted, each of these is a link to the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive at the University of St Andrews, Scotland.
Abel, Niels Henrik

Airy, George

Banach, Stefan

Bendixson, Ivar
... Edelstein-Keshet, Leah (U. BC) Euler, Leonhard Fourier, Joseph Frobenius, Georg Gauss, Carl Friedrich ... Hertz, Heinrich Rudolf (Google search) Hodgkin, Alan Nature Hooke, Robert Huxley, Andrew ( Jacobi, Carl Jordan, Camille Kirchhoff, Gustav Kutta, Martin Wilhelm ... Lorenz, Edward N. ( Lotka, Alfred (Google search) Lyapunov, Aleksandr Maclaurin, Colin Malthus, Thomas (Google search) Menten, Maud

57. George C. Draper
he put in Mt. airy did “come up here and make some good arrests”as did george himself on one occasion. He also recalls that
George C. Draper has been one of the leaders of the Upper Wissahickon Civic Association (UWCA) since it was founded in the early 1990s. UWCA is an association devoted to improving life in the Wissahickon Avenue / Allens Lane area. A primary goal of the group is, according to George, “to preserve the beauty of the area.” It also honors young people in the area who graduate from or do particularly well in school. It works to reduce crime in the area. And it keeps an eye on local and state government for the members of the association. As George jokingly puts it, “We are busybodies.” George has served as recording secretary of UWCA for two years and chairperson of UWCA’s fund raising project for the last four years. He is a liaison person for UWCA with other community organizations. And, given his experience as a retired sergeant of the Philadelphia Police Department, he helps his neighbors who have concerns about safety and security in the neighborhood. In addition to his work with UWCA, George served on the steering committee of Wissahickon Avenue Neighbors, a group formed to oppose the widening of Wissahickon Avenue. George says “The state wanted to cut down trees and widen the road. We convinced them to see things our way.” The road was basically unchanged but the state “improved some areas where there had been frequent accidents.” George has lived in Mt. Airy for 25 years. He says it “is the best move I ever made.” As a member of the Police Department he was not regularly assigned to Mt. Airy. But when he was in charge of the anti-crime unit he would “put two or three teams up in Mt Airy” even though Mt. Airy is “not the best place to look for criminals.” But the teams he put in Mt. Airy did “come up here and make some good arrests” as did George himself on one occasion. He also recalls that when he was the sergeant in the 35th district, the sergeant in the 14th district was sometimes out. So, for two or three weeks, “I had the 14th district as well.”

58. ROG: The Victorian Observatory
george airy's Observatory. Whatever we do, we ought to do well . The Transit Biddell airy. The Victorian Observatory. 19th Century Astronomy. Links.

Royal Observatory Greenwich:
Online Exhibits
George Airy's Observatory
"Whatever we do, we ought to do well"
4 January 2001 marked the 150th anniversary of "first light" for the Airy Transit Circle - the first observation of a star using the meridian which now defines the Prime Meridian of the World. This online exhibit explains how the transit circle was used to set Greenwich Mean Time, and gives an introduction to the Victorian observatory. The Transit Circle George Biddell Airy The Victorian Observatory 19th Century Astronomy Links Please send any comments, questions or suggestions to us via our feedback form , or e-mail Picture Library.

59. ROG: Sir George Biddell Airy, KCB
george airy's Observatory. Sir george Biddell airy, KCB (18011892)Seventh Astronomer Royal from (1835-1881). george Biddell airy

Royal Observatory Greenwich:
Online Exhibits
George Airy's Observatory
Airy's Transit Circle ... Links
Sir George Biddell Airy, KCB (1801-1892)
Seventh Astronomer Royal from (1835-1881)
George Biddell Airy in 1852, the year after the Airy Transit Circle came into use. After graduating from Trinity College, Cambridge in 1823 Airy worked as an assistant tutor in mathematics. In 1826 he became Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge, his interest in astronomy developed in this period as is reflect in his book, Mathematical Tracts on Physical Astronomy published the same year. He was elected Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Cambridge Observatory in 1828. In 1835 he became Astronomer Royal. The Observatory expanded under Airy. Although he saw the proper role of the Observatory as providing data that could be used for the Navy and Empire (rather than as a research institution) he appeared to stretch this role to its limits. He replaced and added apparatus including the altazimuth telescope in 1847 and the Airy Transit Circle (thus providing the Observatory with its 4th meridian line - it is this line on which GMT is based). He introduced specialist staff to the Observatory and he introduced new departments, including a department for magnetic and meteorological data in 1838. He also introduced photographic registration in 1848, an electric device to time transits in 1854, spectroscopic observations in 1868 and daily observations of sunspots using the Kew heliograph in 1873. Outside of his Observatory work he supervised an experiment at Harton Colliery, South Shields to measure the change in the force of gravity with distance below the Earth's surface. Like many astronomers of the time, Airy went on a number of eclipse expeditions including Turin in 1842, Sweden in 1851 and Spain in 1860.

60. A
accuracy of map computations Adams, OS Adams, Oscar Sherman airy Minimum Error Azimuthalprojection airy, george aitoff Aitoff projection 1 2 Aitoff, David
accuracy of map computations
Adams, O. S.

Adams, Oscar Sherman

Airy Minimum Error Azimuthal projection
American Polyconic projection

angle strings
converting to numbers

angle units
convention for navigation functions

converting between formats

description of formats
angledim ... angledim angles annotation antipode antipode Apian, Peter ... areaquad ASCII file converting delimiters to NaN s reading aspect defined aspect See projection aspect ... astronomical data auxiliary sphere calculating radius avhrrgoode avhrrlambert axes ... axesscale azimuth between track waypoints defined finding cross fix position in projected coordinates ... azimuthal projection
Babinet projection balthsrt Bartholomew, John base map adding to creating base projection bearing ... Buffer buffer zone defined bufferm
camposm camtargm camupm cape ... choropleth maps, example circles See great circles See small circles ... colorm colormap annotating creating for digital elevation map creating for political data creating for surface contour maps ... colormap menu in figure window colormaps creating interactively creating with GUI menu in maptool ... Conical Orthomorphic projection contour map adding legend labeling contourcmap contourfm ... contourm conversion ASCII file delimiters distance to string dms to matrix elements geographic coordinates to matrix coordinates ... vector data coordinates converting from geographic to matrix converting from matrix to geographic selecting with mouse Cossin, Jean

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